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Stories of identity growth, personal narratives, defining moments, and the ongoing journey of self-understanding in medicine.

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Power from Identity, Leading through Story

BUNDLE OF HERS is a podcast dedicated to amplifying underspoken voices and stories in medicine. Our journey is a continuous exploration of discoveries, where identity growth, defining moments, and ongoing self-understanding take center focus.

Medical residents and students Hạ Lê, Mariam Asadian, Lilly Kanishka, Laurel Hiatt, Alizah Folau, and Austen Ivey discuss how their different identities influence their experiences navigating the complexities of studying and practicing medicine. Through honest and thought-provoking conversations and personal narratives, BUNDLE OF HERS explores the diverse collection of voices and stories within the medical field.

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Hạ Lê, MD

Hạ likes to embrace many identities: clumsy roller skater, amateur journalist & film critic, avid runner, enthusiastic audiobook listener. What has not been in flux is her love for community and narratives—two constants that have followed her from her hometown in SLC to both U.S. coasts in Boston & SF. Her interest in medicine, in fact, derives from the stories of her communities navigating complex systems to assert their unique voices: from her Vietnamese immigrant mother advocating for her family’s well-being to the queer patients who found comfort when they were met with patient-centered care and education. She aspires to center health justice on the transformative power of storytelling as a means for collective movement and empowerment.

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The Scope Bundle of Hers season seven podcast host Ha
season 5 - present

Mariam Asadian, MS4

Mariam is a doting cat mother to a perfect tabby. Born in the south of Georgia to parents of Afghan and Iranian descent, Mariam's journey into medicine was shaped by her experiences in community sexual assault advocacy and outreach prior to medical school. This work instilled in her a profound understanding of healing, both on personal and community levels, and underscored the importance of forming and sustaining communities. Rooted in her purpose, Mariam's passion for exploring the complexity of identity is evident, as she seamlessly weaves Farsi words into conversations while infusing a touch of her southern accent. A fun fact about Mariam: part of her last name in Arabic translates to "lion," a fitting representation of her increasingly unapologetic existence.

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The Scope Bundle of Hers season seven podcast host Mariam
season 7 - present

Lilly Kanishka, MS4

Lilly is an avid spinner, pottery maker, dog mom, rock climber, yogi, and book lover, alongside her role as an MS4 transitioning into neurology. Born and raised in Utah to Afghan refugee parents, Lilly's childhood experiences of interpreting for her family at doctors' visits instilled in her the importance of advocacy in healthcare, particularly in addressing inequities faced by marginalized communities. Motivated by the power and privilege associated with the white coat, Lilly was drawn to medicine as a means to further advocate for her community's needs.

The Scope Bundle of Hers season seven podcast host Lilly
season 7 - present

Laurel Hiatt, MD/PhD GS3

Laurel is a transplant from Georgia to Utah, drawn to the MD/PhD program after completing bachelor's degrees in Spanish and Biochemistry/Molecular Biology. With a certificate in interdisciplinary writing, Laurel has always found themselves stretched between different fields of study, career paths, and identities. Their journey in medicine is marked by a deep connection to patients and a commitment to advocating for the safety, health, and well-being of the trans community.

The Scope Bundle of Hers season seven podcast host Laurel
season 7 - present

Austen Ivey, MS2

Austen is the second oldest of six girls. Originally from the East Coast, she has settled into Utah over the past decade and now considers it her home. Despite not anticipating a lengthy stay in Utah, Austen has embraced her time at University of Utah School of Medicine. Outside of academics, Austen enjoys spending time with friends and engaging in new experiences, particularly through hobbies like dancing, karaoke, and water-related activities. Acknowledging the equal worth of every individual's identities and experiences, Austen recognizes her own journey has shaped her perception of the world.

The Scope Bundle of Hers season seven podcast host Austen
season 7 - present

Alizah Folau, MS2

Alizah is a dedicated Swiftie, amateur doodler, and avid skier—albeit with limited recognition of her prowess on the slopes. Utah holds a special place in Alizah's heart, serving as home to her diverse family, which includes Uintah Basin ranchers and Tongan immigrants. For Alizah, medicine has become both an intellectual sanctuary and a platform for exploring profound questions about humanity. From questioning the nature of kindness and cruelty to examining power dynamics in the modern era, she finds herself drawn to the complexities of medical education, often pondering the age-old question, "Is medical school truly challenging, or is it just me?"

The Scope Bundle of Hers season seven podcast host Alizah

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