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6 Reasons Women Love Men Who Get a Vasectomy

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6 Reasons Women Love Men Who Get a Vasectomy

Feb 26, 2020

Vasectomies make men sexy. At least according to urologist and reproductive specialist Dr. Alexander Pastuszak. Dr. Pastuszak discusses six reasons why women might want men to get the procedure, as well as strategies for how a woman can start the discussion about permanent birth control with her male partner.

Episode Transcript

Interviewer: Six reasons women love men that get a vasectomy. Dr. Alex Pastuszak is a urologist and reproductive expert at University of Utah Health, and he's counseled thousands of patients through this decision. And today we're going to find out the top six reasons that women love men that get a vasectomy. Let's just start with number one.

#1: Permanent Birth Control

Dr. Pastuszak: Reason number one, they don't have to think about birth control anymore. I mean, it's one thing less on your to-do list. Instead of having to go get your birth control every month, either from the pharmacy or from your doctor, you've got your guy who's already taken care of it. Once a vasectomy is done and the lab results come back and there's no more sperm, you're good to go.

Interviewer: All right. Yeah, that's awesome, because so often the woman is responsible for birth control, and, you know, even with other long-term options, in three years you've got to go back or whatever. So it's one and done as they say.

Dr. Pastuszak: One and done.

#2: Vasectomy Effectiveness

Interviewer: Okay. Six reasons women love men that get a vasectomy, number two.

Dr. Pastuszak: All right. So a vasectomy is really reliable. I mean, just think about the financial and emotional burden that an unplanned pregnancy can have on someone's life. A vasectomy is more than 99 percent effective. It's really only secondary to abstinence, which most couples, once they're in a partner relationship, don't really want to have. You can test to see that it's been effective, and it's going to prevent you from having a pregnancy down the road.

Interviewer: So that reliability, yeah, I mean a financial hardship or a really tough decision could come if you've decided, you know, we're done having children, and then you have to deal with that. So a vasectomy, very reliable. I like that. What about number three on the top six reasons women love men that get vasectomies?

#3: No or Rare Side Effects

Dr. Pastuszak: Another great reason is that there are no side effects for the woman, and quite honestly there are almost no side effects for the men either. Remember, the risks of side effects are really about in the 1–2 percent range. So other forms of birth control can have significant side effects for women.

Just think about all the hormonal manipulation that all of these birth control options, except tubal ligation, have. And this can leave women feeling awful, gaining weight, and just in general not wanting to continue with that birth control. Why not just one and done it and get that vasectomy?

#4: Safer Than Tubal Ligation

Interviewer: All right. Six reasons women love men that get a vasectomy, number four.

Dr. Pastuszak: All right. So this kind of following on what I just said about tubal ligation, you don't need a tubal ligation as the female partner if your male partner has gotten a vasectomy. Why is that important? Because vasectomy is just as effective, safer, and cheaper. So why would a woman need to put herself through a more invasive, riskier, and more expensive procedure when a guy can just go ahead and get his done?

Interviewer: All right. And number five on the top six reasons women love men that get a vasectomy?

#5: Vasectomy Cost

Dr. Pastuszak: It's a one-time cost. That's it. And it's usually extraordinarily well covered by insurance. Insurance companies don't want people to have babies. They want them to not have babies. So they'll cover this the vast majority of the time. So pay for it once, and that's it, no more ongoing expenses.

Interviewer: All right. And number six and the final reason that women love men that get vasectomies?

#6: It Makes a Man Sexier!

Dr. Pastuszak: It makes a man sexier, Scott.

Interviewer: How's that?

Dr. Pastuszak: What is sexier than a man taking responsibility for the family's birth control? I mean, think about it. Women do so much. A woman, in today's day and age, is still very often both a career person as well somebody who takes care of the kids, raises the kids, and runs the household. A guy can step up and do his part. In no way, any evidence that a vasectomy is going to affect a man's masculinity.

You know, there's

  • no impact on testosterone,
  • no impact on sexual function,
  • no impact on an ejaculatory function,
  • no impact on cancer risk,
  • etc., etc.

There is absolutely zero reason why a man shouldn't get a vasectomy and be rewarded by being that guy who steps up.

Interviewer: How should a woman bring this topic up in a way that a man might be more open to it if he initially is not? Like if there's a woman listening, that's like, "I don't know if my husband is going to buy into this," and she's already laid out it's going to make you sexier, is there anything else that you would recommend?

Dr. Pastuszak: So I would find that a very compelling reason, but . . .

Interviewer: Yeah, I would think so. I think we should be done really, but, you know, maybe there's that one stubborn guy out there, because, you know, we do exist.

Dr. Pastuszak: You know, it may be a process. You know, but ultimately knowledge is power. I think the facts speak for themselves, and, you know, quite honestly, like getting a man in front of somebody who can actually tell him what the experience is going to be like, either somebody who's had a vasectomy or a urologist who does these day in and day out, is a start.

Interviewer: Got you. What's the next step after you get that buy-in from your man?

Dr. Pastuszak: Go see your urologist. Go see somebody who can give you the facts.