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50: Lessons, Reflections, and Pandemic Realizations

Jun 23, 2020

Reflection is powerful. It allows you to check your progress, celebrates accomplishments, and recommit to your goals. Troy, Scot, and producer Mitch look back at the last season and share the lessons they’ve learned and the progress they’ve made.

Episode Transcript

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Looking Back on the First Half of 2020

With the end of the season upon us Scot, Troy, and Mitch take a look back at the past six months, discussing their favorite episodes of the season, their accomplishments, and the big realizations they've come to about their health and life in general.

Troy's Favorite Episodes:

Scot's Favorite Episodes:

Mitch's Favorite Episodes:

The Big Lessons
Mitch learned that you don't have to do health like anyone else. He can do health his own way and doesn't need to do it the same way as the men he sees on the internet.


Troy is coming to the realization that there is no "magic bullet" or "secret sauce" to health. After speaking with guests over the past two seasons, he's learning it's all about holding to a core set of simple principles and keeping consistent to the health behaviors where you can.

Scot has learned how to eat again. He used to weigh food and scheduled eating times every day with a very strict macronutrient breakdown By speaking with Thunder about nutrition, he's letting go of a lot of the "baggage" he's gained over years of not so practical diet advice.

Pandemic Realizations
After learning how easy it is for him to just keep working without the physical break of commuting, Scot is realizing he needs a more firm schedule in his days that he can write down and commit to. It's created a routine and ritual to his day that has not only improved his mental well-being but brought him closer to his wife.


For Mitch, the shelter in place has forced a lot more self-reflection in his day to day, especially taking stock of his mental health. This has led to an improvement in communication and relationship with his partner that he works alongside all day since the shelter-in-place.

Troy has seen the impacts of COVID-19 first-hand in the ER. The only real defense against the disease right now is being generally healthy. While this podcast often speaks about health and the benefits that will pay off in 30 years, the pandemic is making the immediate importance of health very apparent.

Celebrating Accomplishments and Progress
The past 6 months have been life-changing for Mitch. He was able to quit smoking and stay quit after 10 years. He then spent months working towards getting his cardiovascular health back by working towards running a 5k.


Keeping consistent with your health can be just as hard as making big changes. Despite the stresses that come from being an ER physician during COVID-19, Troy has stuck to his daily running routine and is celebrating 5 years of running every single day.

Sometimes accomplishments aren't obvious until you take a look back at where you've come from. While Scot originally felt he had nothing to celebrate, after looking back and reflecting, he realized he has done quite a bit in the past 6 months. Whether it be completing another class towards his Master's Degree, converting his classes online, learning to speak in front of a camera, or just getting out and working on his photography with his wife.

The Who Cares About Mitch's Health 5K

A special thank you to all the friends and listeners of the show that participated in the 5k last weekend. It was a long journey for producer Mitch. Even with the setback of a major injury, he reached his goal of going from couch to running a 5k. He shares his experience and what the event meant to him.

See more photos of the event and the listeners who participated on our Facebook page.

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