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44: Putting Runner Controversies to Rest

May 12, 2020

Want to see debate break out between runners? Ask if they stretch before their run or their thoughts about strength training. Laura Lamarche and Shane Thoreson from the U of U Health Runner’s Clinic set the record straight about stretching and strength training for runners.

Episode Transcript

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Two Top Tips for Beginning Runners

Runners, like with any hobby or activity, can be a little enthusiastic about their methods and strategies. That enthusiasm can lead to some rather lively and sometimes heated controversy and debate. In an effort to settle a few of these debates once and for all, the Who Cares team has invited Laura Lamarche and Shane Thoreson, a pair of physical therapists from the University of Utah Health Orthopedic Runner's Clinic.

To Stretch or Not to Stretch. That is the Question
Scot and Troy have often debated whether stretching before or after a run is actually effective. Is a more dynamic stretching warm-up better for you than the traditional static stretching? Does it prevent injury? Does stretching do anything at all for a runner? It's one of the most debated topics in not only the running community but the scientific literature as well.

Shane Thoreson's answer: "It depends."

Shane shares what the research says about the benefits of stretching as well as his professional recommendations for all runners to avoid injury, maintain strength, and keep your form its best.

Should Runners Strength Train?
Another hotly debated topic is the role of strength training for runners. Some say if you want to get better at an activity, do that activity. Others say strength training will help a runner's performance.

"I think all runners should do some form of strength training," says Laura Lamarche.

She explains that even a little bit of training can reduce the chance of injury. All runners can benefit from improving their glute and core strength, whether it's a beginning runner or a marathoner. She also talks about how much and what kind of strength training helps a runner improve.

Laura explains that strength training for runners doesn't need to be anything "too complicated." Simple bodyweight exercises and plyometrics can be done at home. No need for heavy weights or a gym membership. She highly suggests runners check out the MYRTL Routine created by coach Jay Johnson for a great program you can do at home.

Whatever level of runner you are, the specialists at the Orthopedic Runner's Clinic have all the tools, tips, and toys to help you improve your running game today.

ER or Not: Panic Attacks

Troy says sometimes symptoms of other life-threatening conditions can be similar to a panic attack. So, if you've never experienced a panic attack before, you might want to consider a trip to the ER.

Odds and Ends

The Who Cares guys have hit a few major milestones they wanted to celebrate.

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Second, Producer Mitch has surpassed 200 days without smoking or vaping after quitting last fall. It's been a journey, but he's staying strong and looking forward to celebrating a whole year of being nicotine-free this September. Learn more about his journey with quitting as well as tips that may help you on episode 26, Trying to Quit for the 7th Time.

Finally, Troy has run every single day for the past 5 years. He shares how he's stayed motivated and what it means to him and his health to keep his commitment regardless of what obstacles arose.

The Who Cares About Men's Health 5K has been moved to June 20. We encourage anyone who wants to join this virtual race and show support for Mitch as he gets closer to his goal of going from couch to 5K. The virtual race can be completed any way you'd like, whether it be running, biking, walking, skipping, whatever you can do to get in your physical activity that day. Stay tuned to our Facebook for updates with the event.

Just Going to Leave This Here

On this episode's Just Going to Leave This Here, Scot's new work-from-home routine has disrupted his daily hydration. Troy has been having a new and peculiar, stress dream, and he's not the only one who works in the ER having them.

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