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E32: 7 Domains of Crying

Jun 16, 2022

Humans are the only species that cry emotional tears, and we don't make them until around two months old—around the same time the "social smile" appears. As humans age, we often keep the emotional tears but leave the crying out loud behind. Some cry more than others. Some don't cry at all. Anthropologist Polly Wiessner, actress-turned-reverend Carolyn Swift Jones, and Scot Singpiel and Mitch Sears—hosts of Who Cares About Men's Health?— join this episode of 7 Domains of Women's Health to talk about why we cry, what it signals to others, and crying's effects and impacts on our health.

Listen to Dr. Jones talk with the Who Cares guys about how emotional availability can improve your life on Who Cares About Men's Health.