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Therapy, Support Groups, & Counseling

To stay healthy, you need to care for not just your physical health—but your emotional and mental health too. This is especially important for trans and gender diverse people because of stigma and bias.

Our team has developed a mental health provider list based on referrals to our program and specialists in the area. Please email us at for the list to cross reference with your insurance company. 

U of U Health patient in a virtual care appointment

Crisis Services

Huntsman Mental Health Institute (formerly UNI) offers free community crisis response through their:

  • crisis line available 24/7,
  • mobile outreach team, and
  • the SafeUT app

View our crisis intervention services or call 801-213-2195, option 9 to be connected from our line.  

Mental Health Therapy

Beyond Binaries Support Group for U of U Students

View the Support Group

Encircle Therapy

Visit Encircle Therapy