Helping You Become Your Happiest, Healthiest Self

At University of Utah Health we focus on providing a customized and integrated approach to empower patients, employees, trainees, and health care professionals to live a healthy life. We are an integral part of the health care solution that maximizes preventive care—the health in health care.


Build a Bone

Build a Bone is a four-part series of two-hour classes where you learn how to care for your bone health.

Corporate Wellness Programs

The Corporate Wellness Program aspires to help organizations create an environment to empower their employees to make healthy choices that promote a healthy lifestyle.

Diabetes Prevention

Find informational videos, handouts, and local programs to help you learn more about prediabetes, diabetes, your risk, and how you can prevent diabetes.

Driving Out Diabetes: A Larry H. Miller Family Wellness Initiative

In partnership with the Larry H. and Gail Miller Family Foundation, University of Utah Health is launching an interdisciplinary initiative to battle diabetes in the state of Utah and across the region.

Intensive Lifestyle Program

Our Intensive Lifestyle Program offers a 12-week medically supervised lifestyle change program, including exercise and diet activities.

The NEW You

The NEW You program focuses on Nutrition, Exercise, and Wellness. Join us to change your lifestyle behaviors, see real results, and become a new you! 

One Day Wellness

Our One Day Wellness Program provides an executive physical that helps employers and community members meet their health and wellness goals in a fast-paced, exciting, one-day program.

Supervised Wellness Gym Membership

Our monthly Wellness Gym Membership includes a 60-minute initial consult with an exercise physiologist, plus supervised access to the L.S. Skaggs Patient Wellness Center gym.

Recreation Services

We offer one-on-one leisure consultations that teach you about leisure and recreation activities that will help you stay both physically and mentally healthy.


Driving Out Diabetes

Driving Out Diabetes is a Larry H. Miller Family Wellness Initiative to Reduce Diabetes in Utah.

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Resiliency Center Now Available

The Resiliency Center is designed to foster wellness and resilience for all faculty and staff within University of Utah Health.

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Proactive Solutions for a Healthier Life

We have a range of customized solutions to help you succeed in your quest for a higher level of physical and mental well-being.

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An Investment In Your Company's Most Important Asset

Are you an employer? We offer employee wellness programs so your company has less downtime, greater productivity, and motivated senior staff.

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Give the Gift of Wellness

We sell customized wellness packages so your friend or loved one can make positive health and lifestlyle changes.

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