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Health Hack: 3 Servings of Vegetables Per Day

Feb 8, 2019

Three or four servings of fruit and vegetables may be all you need in a day for significant health benefits. Dr. Troy Madsen shares some easy ways to get your daily recommended servings on this Health Hack.

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Family Planning: Vasectomy as an Effective Form of Birth Control

Feb 7, 2019

Women are often responsible for birth control in most relationships. After having all the kids you've planned for, it may be time to consider permanent contraception. Is it his turn to take on the responsibility? Women's health expert Dr. Kirtly Parker Jones talks about what you and your partner need to know about a vasectomy and whether or not it's the right form of permanent contraception for you.

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Vasectomy: Before, During and After

Jan 29, 2019

You’ve decided to take responsibility for your family’s birth control and get a vasectomy. As a man, you may understandably have some concerns about the procedure. Urologist Dr. Alex Pastuszak talks through every step of the surgery, from start to finish, to help relieve any fears or concerns you may have.

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Does Gargling Salt Water Help a Sore Throat?

Jan 28, 2019

One of the more common home remedies for a sore throat is gargling salt water. Is this actually true? Dr. Tom Miller discusses whether or not this folk remedy is useful and examines a few other possible ways to alleviate the symptoms of a sore throat.

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