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Evaluation Process for Admission

We strive to get a full understanding of each patient’s unique circumstances and needs. Upon arrival, a therapist will gather information regarding the patient’s history to assess their:

  • preexisting diagnosis,
  • family life,
  • developmental history,
  • related stressors or trauma,
  • school history, and
  • any previous psychological or academic testing.

One of our psychiatrists will also conduct a psychiatric evaluation, which may include assessments in the following areas:

  • diagnostic impressions,
  • medical interventions,
  • psychosocial,
  • education,
  • nutrition (as needed),
  • substance abuse and urine drug screens (as needed), and
  • psychological history and needs (as needed).

Other consultations or assessments may be ordered by the physician.

Admittance Criteria

Admittance criteria for the program includes engaging in unsafe or maladaptive behavior at home that raises serious concerns about a teen’s ability to remain safe and function effectively. Behavioral signs include:

  • suicidal ideation,
  • self-harming,
  • substance use,
  • refusing to participate in daily activities,
  • lying in bed all day,
  • refusing to go to school, or
  • running away from home.

Admittance Exclusions

Patients may be excluded from admission to the program for reasons including:

  • a sexual offense,
  • a history of significant physical aggression,
  • a primary diagnosis of conduct disorder or substance abuse,
  • intellectual functioning that prevents them from benefitting from programming and treatment,
  • patient’s medical/psychiatric condition requires a higher level of care, or
  • comorbid medical diagnosis requiring 24-hour care.

How to Admit Your Teen to Residential Treatment

We serve both in-state and out-of-state clients. Many of our patients are transferred directly from HMHI’s Youth Inpatient Services program or are referred from another treatment center. If you're a parent, you can also call our center directly at 801-587-2370 to request admittance for your teen. You will be asked to provide previous treatment information for review. You will then bring your teen in for an assessment to see if they meet the program’s clinical criteria.

If you are using your insurance benefits to cover payment for your child's residential treatment, our utilization team will submit a request for authorization. Once this occurs, your teen will be admitted. Self-payment is also an option if your insurance coverage doesn't include residential treatment or if you're not using insurance.

Admission Preparation

In order for us to begin assessing your teen efficiently, please gather the following records (if available):

  • past assessment results,
  • school evaluations,
  • 504/IEP records,
  • medication trials, and
  • treatment history.

Obtaining these records for us will give our team more time to review prior evaluations rather than spending time retrieving them.

Due to HIPAA laws, other facilities cannot send us records they did not generate. This means that your teen's last placement facility can only send their own records even if they have copies of an individual's records from elsewhere.

How Much Does Residential Treatment Cost?

The cost of our program is designed as a set daily rate that includes all common services from your treatment team, which include:

  • psychological/neuropsychological assessment.
  • psychiatric evaluation,
  • psychotherapy,
  • medications,
  • labs, and
  • professional fees, etc.

Financial Information

We contract with many commercial insurance companies.

Our office support coordinator will be your point of contact for financial questions as we intentionally keep the treatment team focused on providing the best clinical care for our clients. Please call 801-587-2370 for billing-related questions in regards to the YRT program.

Virtual Tour of Our Treatment Center

Our residential treatment center provides a friendly and inviting environment for patients. Our facility features:

  • double occupancy rooms to encourage peer support and positive social interactions,
  • meals served family style with staff, and
  • bright and sunny day rooms and classrooms to create a peaceful and safe healing space.

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Patient & Family Testimonials

"The groups and how welcoming, fun, caring the staff is here. Honestly, they made being here more easy to accept...I feel [my mom and I] both got to be heard and I feel like [our relationship] is going to get stronger."

“Staff were kind, knowledgeable, and had the best interests of my child at heart.” 

"YRT, thank you so much for everything. My daughter is comfortable in her own skin now and has taken her tools and teachings to heart. Thank you from the bottom of my heart.”

“I thought this site was well organized and kept us up-to-date with how our child was doing. The staff all seemed to care about our child’s well-being. The therapists were great. My child was able to keep up with schoolwork." 

“The treatment team was amazing. They communicated well with us. Dr. Samdura went above and beyond to help us and make sure my daughter was getting the treatment she needed. Everybody we encountered was amazing, helpful, and answered all of our questions.” 

“I could tell that their therapist really cared about my child’s well-being and progress. She had support at all hours. When she was having a hard time, there was always someone there for her to talk to. They were patient with her and never gave up. It seems like they thought of everything that they could do to help her succeed. The teacher in school was very caring about her learning and was wonderful and intuitive about individualized learning and working with my child’s strengths."

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