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Internal Medicine at Madsen Health Center

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555 S. Foothill Blvd
Salt Lake City, UT 84112

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Care for the Whole Family: Wellness Exams, Screenings, and More

The internal medicine providers at Madsen Health Center help their patients better understand and manage their health. They do this through regular check-ups and screenings that include the following:
  • periodic health examinations
  • screening for hypertension, hyperlipidemia and common, treatable malignancies
  • help in identifying risk factors
  • health management counseling along with interventions, such as lipid-lowering diets, smoking cessation programs and exercise regimens
  • adult immunizations

Our doctors and specialists also work to have one-on-one relationships with patients to help them improve their health and stay healthy. Madsen Health Center providers have a wide range of resources through the specialists at University of Utah Health.


Our Internal Medicine Residents:

  • Browne, Addie 
  • Kalsbeek, Anya 
  • Selko, Sean 
  • Poth, Austin 
  • Stinson, Leah 
  • Baudoin, Morgan 
  • Battiola, Tess 
  • Clifton, Alekses 
  • Rizzi, Scott 
  • Arabi, Saeed 
  • Smith, Jeremy 
  • Taylor, Analisa 
  • Rubnitz, Zachary 
  • Fenlon, Luke 
  • Gwiazdon, Matt 
  • McCarron, John 
  • Gow-Lee, Ben 
  • Marsiglio, John 
  • Holton, Daniel 
  • Brauer, Alex 
  • Ching, Chris 
  • Cox, Daniel 
  • Peana, Deborah 
  • Zheutlin, Alex 
  • O'Sullivan, Maddie 
  • Gaumnitz, John 

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