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The Miners Hospital

The Miners Hospital at University of Utah Health

The Miners Hospital was established in 2004 to provide health care to disabled Utah miners with mining-related illnesses or injuries. A mining-related illness or injury is a disability, illness, or injury associated with working in a coal, metal, or non-metal mine. A mining-related injury also significantly affects a miner's or former miner's daily activities and/or significantly affects his or her ability to work, reasonably requiring medical treatment.

If you are a disabled miner, we will provide services at our Miners Clinic at the Parkway Health Center in Orem. The Miners Clinic coordinates care with other University of Utah Health departments to provide specialized care when you need it.

The Miners Hospital is a division of the Craig H. Neilsen Rehabilitation Hospital. If you have questions about services at the Miners Hospital, or if you would like to request an application for our services, call 801-581-2251. You can also call our toll-free number, 866-UMINERS.

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Health Care Services

We provide medical evaluation and treatment for mining-related illnesses or injuries. Miners can choose different clinics that focus on their medical needs:

Outreach & Education Services

We offer education and community outreach services for miners and their families, including the following:

We also have an advisory council that oversees our services.

Paying for Medical Services

If you have health insurance, we will bill your health insurance first. If your insurance doesn't cover the total cost of services, the Miners Health Trust will cover the balance of your health service fees that are authorized by the Miners Hospital.

If you have no health insurance, the Miners Hospital will cover expenses that are authorized by the Miners Hospital for a mining-related illness or injury.

You can read our Frequently Asked Questions to learn more about our services.

Am I Eligible for Services?

To be eligible for services covered by the Miners Health Trust Fund, a miner must meet the following three criteria:

  1. Has worked in a Utah coal, metal, or non-metal mine for at least two years
  2. Have been a resident of the state of Utah for a period of two years immediately prior to seeking medical care.
  3. Is experiencing symptoms associated with a mining-related injury or illness

You can also read our Frequently Asked Questions to learn more about whether you may be eligible for our services.

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Miners Hospital staff meet with representatives from the mining community, mining associations, health services, senior centers, and local governments to discuss services of the Miners Hospital. Staff also visit with mine operators and employees.

If you would like staff to visit your organization, please contact the Miners Hospital at 866-864-6377.

We've also presented health education programs related to miners' health issues in Price, Helper, Magna, and Delta, Utah.

Contact Us

Shawn Shipley, RN
Clinical Outreach & Development Coordinator
Phone: 801-581-2251