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Stroke Care 24/7

The American Heart Association awarded University of Utah Health in 2020 for our commitment to quality of stroke care and treatment.

Our Stroke Center is a national, DNV GL-accredited leader in comprehensive stroke care. We are a dedicated team specializing in stroke treatment and available 24/7 for our patients. Our center offers an accredited specialty stroke rehabilitation program as well as providing care to rural and underserved areas via Telestroke (telemedicine).

To learn more about the division that specializes in stroke care, the research that makes their success possible, and the faculty and fellows involved, visit the Division of Vascular Neurology.

If you recognize signs of a stroke, call 911 immediately.

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Stroke Treatment

Treatment for stroke includes medications and/or life support treatments, like machines to assist breathing, IV fluids, blood pressure control, and others applied by emergency-trained personnel.

Sometimes surgery may be performed to prevent a stroke or after it has occurred. The best treatment that we can apply ourselves is preventive treatment. Consult a doctor and study the signs of stroke to be prepared.

Stroke Center Partnerships & Accreditations

Clinical Study

RFVIIA for Acute Hemorrhagic Stroke Administered at Earliest Time (FASTEST) Trial

University of Utah Health is conducting a research study of the emergency treatment of patients with bleeding in the brain also called intracerebral hemorrhage. We are asking community members to think about this research and let us know what you think about the FASTEST study.

Meet Our Patients

Watch Whitney's Story

When Whitney Meyers got to the top of her stairs, she felt dizzy and needed to lay down. She couldn't get off the floor and asked her children to get her sister for help. When her sister arrived, Whitney's face had drooped to one side — a telltale sign of a stroke.

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