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What Is Jaw Asymmetry?

The shape of your jaw can affect how your face looks. If your child’s face looks asymmetric (or uneven), he or she may have under-developed jaws on one side of their face or misaligned teeth and jaw (also called malocclusion). This facial imbalance may cause difficulties with:

  • biting and chewing,
  • the growth and development of upper and lower teeth, or
  • an appearance that makes your child uncomfortable.

Fortunately, surgeons can correct this jaw imbalance so your child’s face looks more even. Our pediatric plastic surgeons have the experience and specialty training to help you evaluate your child’s condition and advise you on possible surgical options.

Treatment Procedures

  • Mandible distraction—This type of surgery increases the length of your child’s jaw
  • LeFort I osteotomy—During this surgery, doctors reposition your child’s upper jaw so it’s in a more normal place on your child’s face
  • Double jaw surgery—During this surgery, your child's upper and lower jaw bones are moved and sometimes grafted

To evaluate your child’s condition and your options, request a consultation today.

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