Article Date
Huntsman Mental Health Institute celebrates $7 million in public and private funds to expand mental health services for Utahns 11/23/2022
Gene that Guides Earliest Social Behaviors Could be Key to Understanding Autism 11/23/2022
Study: COVID May Increase Risk of Stroke in Kids 11/21/2022
Media Statement on Suspicious Package at University of Utah Hospital 11/15/2022
Las temperaturas frías aumentan el riesgo de intoxicación por monóxido de carbono 11/14/2022
Cold Temperatures Bring Higher Risk of Carbon Monoxide Poisoning 11/14/2022
Michael L. Good, MD, Named Chair of AAMC Alliance of Academic Health Centers 11/14/2022
Physicians at University of Utah Health Mark Significant Milestone 11/10/2022
Miller Family Gift Expands U of U Health Efforts to Diagnose Rare Childhood Disorders 11/02/2022
University of Utah Health Receives Achievement Through the 2022 Digital Health Most Wired Survey 10/31/2022
New Digital Health Initiative to Create Next Generation of Medical Apps, Games, and Technologies 10/24/2022
mRNA Vaccines Significantly Reduce Severity of Delta, Omicron COVID-19 Infections 10/20/2022
University of Utah breaks ground on innovative new Spencer Fox Eccles School of Medicine building 10/19/2022
Increased Risk for Stillbirth Passed Down Through Fathers, Male Relatives 10/17/2022
Gina R. Hawley, Dr.P.H., M.H.A., Named Chief Operating Officer, University of Utah Health Hospitals and Clinics 10/17/2022
University of Utah Health Announces “First Year Free” Scholarship Initiative for Pharmacy Students Entering the Program in Fall 2023 10/12/2022
Survey Finds More Than 40% of Americans Misled Others About Having COVID-19 and Use of Precautions 10/10/2022
Brain-Like Organoids Grown in a Dish Provide Window into Autism 10/06/2022
U of U Health ahora ofrece el portal para pacientes “MyChart” en español 10/05/2022
U of U Health Now Offers Spanish-Language Version of MyChart Patient Portal 10/05/2022
Donor Immune Cells Accelerate Recovery of Muscle Strength in Older Mice 10/03/2022
New Department of Otolaryngology (Head and Neck Surgery) Established at University of Utah Health 09/30/2022
University of Utah Health Ranked Top 10 in the Nation for 13 Years in a Row 09/22/2022
Physician Leader Karyn Springer, MD, Named Assistant Dean for Intermountain Population Health Clinical Learning 09/19/2022
Clínica de Acceso Rápido a la Anticoncepción disponible para los pacientes de University of Utah Health 09/19/2022
Rapid Access Contraception Clinic Available to University of Utah Health Patients 09/19/2022
U of U Health Lands Key Role in $10 Million Landmark Study on Aging in Autistic Adults 09/16/2022
From White Coat to White House: University of Utah Health Doctor Joins Prestigious Fellowship Program 09/14/2022
10th Year of Continued Growth in U of U Health Research Funding 09/14/2022
College of Nursing Initiative Strives to Diminish Opioid Abuse in Rural Utah 09/12/2022
This Fungus Shrinks in Size to Better Infect the Brain 09/12/2022
University of Utah Health Ranked #1 Best Employer in Utah by Forbes 08/24/2022
Bolstering the Blood-CNS Barrier Could Lead to New Treatment Approach for Multiple Sclerosis 08/23/2022
University of Utah Health to Host International Stillbirth Alliance (ISA) Conference 08/15/2022
Detection of Rare Genetic Mutation in One Family Could Lead to Better Diabetes Treatments 08/15/2022
U of U Health-Led Research Awarded $28 Million to Explore HIV’s Inner Workings and Vulnerabilities 08/08/2022
Professor and Researcher Robert S. Fujinami, PhD, Named Associate Vice President of Faculty 08/08/2022
Renowned Scholar William Smith, Ph.D., Appointed Chief Executive Administrator for Justice, Equity, Diversity, and Inclusion at Huntsman Mental Health Institute  07/27/2022
U of U Hospital Ranked No. 1 in SLC Metro Area for 9th Consecutive Year by U.S. News & World Report 07/26/2022
Científicos rastrean los primeros casos de COVID-19 hasta el mercado de Wuhan, China 07/26/2022
Scientists Trace Earliest Cases of COVID-19 to Market in Wuhan, China 07/26/2022
How Robotic Pets Can Help With Memory Care 07/22/2022
New COVID-19 Antibody Test Helps Keep Track of Immunity to Variants 07/15/2022
National 988 Suicide and Crisis Hotline Launches on July 16, 2022 07/15/2022
The University of Utah and University of Vermont Join the Osher Collaborative 07/14/2022
Genetic Discovery Could Lead to Early Detection, Treatment for Osteoarthritis 07/12/2022
NIH Supports U of U Health Effort to Develop Online Dementia Advance Care Planning Tool 07/06/2022
Public Health Leader Christy Porucznik, Ph.D., M.S.P.H., Named Vice Dean for Faculty 07/05/2022
R. Scott Ward, PH.D. Named the Interim Dean for University of Utah College of Health 06/30/2022
Doctors Overestimate Success of Multi-Step Medical Procedures 06/27/2022
Long-Time Emergency Medicine Professor Christy Hopkins, M.D., M.P.H., M.B.A., Named Inaugural Department Chair 06/22/2022
Ceramide Levels Predict Diabetes Remission Following Gastric Bypass Surgery 06/15/2022
University of Utah Health Biochemist Matt Miller Named Pew Scholar 06/14/2022
Renowned Physician/Scientist Rachel Hess, M.D., M.S., Named AVP for Research at U of U Health 06/08/2022
U of U Health Leads Effort to Improve Emergency Response in Rwanda 06/02/2022
$8 Million Collaborative Project Aims to Prevent TBI in Military Personnel 05/26/2022
Scientists Find Soft Sea Corals Are Source of Sought-After “Anti-Cancer” Compound 05/23/2022
Searching for Solutions to Prevent and Treat Epilepsy 05/17/2022
University of Utah Health nominado por Forbes como uno de los mejores empleadores para la diversidad 2022 05/13/2022
University of Utah Health Named a Forbes Best Employer for Diversity 2022 05/13/2022
U of U Health Neurologist Receives NINDS Outstanding Investigator Award 05/12/2022
Life after Death for the Human Eye: Vision Scientists Revive Light-Sensing Cells in Organ Donor Eyes 05/11/2022
U of U Health Facilities and Providers to be Added to SelectHealth’s Medicare Advantage Network 05/05/2022
Older Men with High Body-Mass Index Have More Sperm Cell Irregularities 05/02/2022
Huntsman Mental Health Institute at the University of Utah Launches National “Grand Challenge” to Eliminate Mental Health and Substance Use Disorder Stigma    04/25/2022
La Facultad de Enfermería de la Universidad de Utah lleva el programa de apoyo COVID-19 a los trabajadores sanitarios de la comunidad 04/22/2022
University of Utah College of Nursing Brings COVID-19 Support Program to Community Health Workers 04/22/2022
La dosis de refuerzo de las vacunas MRNA disminuye el riesgo de desarrollar COVID-19 04/14/2022
Booster Dose of mRNA Vaccines Dampens Risk of Developing COVID-19 04/14/2022
Nuevas iniciativas con $4,7 millones de dólares para fomentar las pruebas de COVID-19 en comunidades y escuelas desatendidas 04/13/2022
New Initiatives Awarded $4.7 Million to Encourage COVID-19 Testing in Underserved Communities and Schools 04/13/2022
Fiemu Nwariaku, M.D., appointed chair of the Department of Surgery at University of Utah Health 04/13/2022
Preventing Web-like NETs from Clogging Blood Vessels Could Improve Stroke Outcomes 04/12/2022
2022 Bench to Bedside Competition Returns to State Capitol 04/12/2022
La facultad de enfermería de la Universidad de Utah incrementará sus matrículaciones en un 25% para hacer frente a la escasez de personal de enfermería 04/01/2022
University of Utah College of Nursing to Expand Enrollment by 25% to Address Nursing Shortage 04/01/2022
Convalescent Plasma Could Lower Hospitalization Risk for Newly Infected COVID-19 Patients 03/31/2022
Five University of Utah Health Hospitals Earn Top Score in Human Rights Campaign Foundation’s 2022 Healthcare Equality Index 03/28/2022
Innovative AI Technology Aids Personalized Care for Diabetes Patients Needing Complex Drug Treatment 03/25/2022
New Potentially Painkilling Compound Found in Deep-Water Cone Snails 03/23/2022
Study Provides Clues on Why Some Bad Infections Persist 03/23/2022
U of U School of Medicine Class of 2022 Celebrates Match Day 03/18/2022
Utah Poison Control Center Marks National Poison Prevention Week 03/18/2022
Marine Snail Inspires Fast-Acting Injectable Insulin for Better Diabetes Control 03/14/2022
Dos años de pandemia de COVID-19 en la Universidad de Utah 03/11/2022
Two Years Into the COVID-19 Pandemic at University of Utah Health 03/11/2022
University of Utah Health Designated Age-Friendly Health System – Committed to Care Excellence 03/11/2022
Huntsman Mental Health Institute Celebrates $5 Million Donation and Unveiling of the Kem and Carolyn Gardner Mental Health Crisis Care Center 03/10/2022
Parental Control: How Genes from Mom or Dad Shape Behavior 03/08/2022
Clinical and Translational Science Institute Announces New Master’s Degree Emphasis Focused on Global Health Innovation and Technology 03/07/2022
A Heartfelt Campaign to Raise Awareness and Promote Research into Heart Disease 03/04/2022
U of U Health to Receive Staffing Support From Department of Defense 03/02/2022
Research Team Outlines New Methods to Identify Personalized Drug Treatments for Breast Cancer 03/01/2022
Nationwide Study Led by U of U Health Tests New Treatment for “Brain on Fire” Disease 03/01/2022
Kavish Choudhary, Pharm.D., MS, Named Chief Pharmacy Officer for University of Utah Health 02/17/2022
U of U Health Granted Nearly $3 million to Promote Resilience and Mental Health among Health Care Workforce 02/14/2022
It’s Healing to Talk About Mental Health – A Student Social Media Film Contest 02/14/2022
Huntsman Mental Health Institute recognized as "Center of Excellence" for education, research, and treatment of mood disorders   02/08/2022
Emergency Medicine Achieves Department Status at University of Utah Spencer Fox Eccles School of Medicine 02/02/2022
University of Utah Health AirMed Crews Announce Two Recent ‘Laser Strike’ Incidents in the SLC Area; Asks for Help with Public Awareness 01/27/2022
Artificial Intelligence Identifies Individuals at Risk for Heart Disease Complications 01/20/2022
U of U Health Testing New Male Contraceptive Gel 01/20/2022
HMHI Releases Community Crisis Intervention 2021 Annual Report 01/11/2022
Low Birth Weight Among IVF Children Not Linked to Infertility Treatments 01/06/2022
Amit Maity to Lead Department of Radiation Oncology at University of Utah Health 01/06/2022
New Ronald McDonald Family Room Program Launches at U of U Health for NICU Families 12/17/2021
Young People Recover Quickly from Rare Myocarditis Side Effect of COVID-19 Vaccine 12/07/2021
Autism in Utah 8-Year-Olds Far More Prevalent than Previously Reported 12/02/2021
U of U Health and Intermountain Healthcare Taking Part in International Study to Slow Parkinson’s Disease Through Exercise 12/01/2021
University of Utah Health Statement in Support of COVID-19 Vaccine Booster Doses for all Adults in Utah 11/19/2021
University of Utah Health Recognized for Achievement in Patient Experience 11/18/2021
New Grant to Help Early-Career Scientists Mesh Research with Family Caregiving During COVID 11/17/2021
Division of Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation Achieves Department Status 11/09/2021
Larry H. & Gail Miller Family Foundation Announces Challenge Grant 11/09/2021
Human History and Migration of Disease: Study Tracks Spread of Young-Onset Heart Arrhythmia Across Continents 11/08/2021
U of U Health Designated as Rare Disease Center for Excellence 11/05/2021
Carbon Monoxide Poisoning Risk Increases in Winter 11/04/2021
U of U Health Leads National Studies of “Long COVID” in Adults and During Pregnancy 10/28/2021
Children, Adults Equally Vulnerable to Coronavirus Infection, But Children Less Likely to Become Sick 10/27/2021
Study: In Much of the U.S., Virtual School Did Not Lower COVID-19 Case Rates in Surrounding Communities 10/27/2021
Can Salivary Glands Infected With COVID-19 Increase Risk for Relapse or Reinfection? 10/26/2021
U of U Health Scientists Lead Multidisciplinary Effort to Better Predict and Respond to Future Pandemics 10/26/2021
Scientists Enable Blind Woman To See Simple Shapes Using Brain Implant 10/21/2021
University of Utah Health Ranked Top 10 in the Nation for 12 Years in a Row 10/20/2021
Artificial Intelligence-Based Technology Quickly Identifies Genetic Causes of Serious Disease 10/14/2021
Newly Discovered Molecule Could Eventually Reduce Surgical Complications Caused by Reduced Blood Flow 10/11/2021
Eight U of U College of Nursing Faculty and Alumni Named American Academy of Nursing Fellows 10/09/2021
U of U Health Earns 2021 "Most Wired" Recognition 10/07/2021
Three U of U Health Scientists Receive Prestigious NIH Director’s New Innovator Awards 10/05/2021
New Endowed Chair in University of Utah Department of Pathology Honors Renowned Immunologist and ARUP Cofounder Harry R. Hill 10/04/2021
Gene Found in Monkeys and Mice Could Work as a New Type of Antiviral to Block HIV, Ebola, and Other Deadly Viruses in Humans 09/30/2021
Safe UT Annual Report Released 09/27/2021
U of U Health Evolutionary Geneticist Named HHMI Investigator 09/23/2021
Utah Awarded Center of Excellence for Total Worker Health 09/20/2021
U of U Health Research Funding Reaches New High 09/20/2021
Early-Stage Drug Candidate Diminishes Deficits in Parkinson’s Disease 09/20/2021
First-of-its-Kind Translational Research Building for Mental Health Receives Full Funding 09/16/2021
Statement on Industrial Accident at University of Utah Hospital 09/15/2021
U of U Health Professor Receives Pew Charitable Trust Innovation Award 09/15/2021
Valley Fever More Common in Utah Than Previously Thought, Researchers Find 09/07/2021
Dan Lundergan Named CEO of University of Utah Health Hospitals and Clinics 09/01/2021
COVID-19 Vaccine Requirement for Medical Staff 08/31/2021
University of Utah Health, Salt Lake County Evaluating Household Air Quality 08/31/2021
COVID-19 Vaccine Effectiveness Dips, But Remains Potent Disease Deterrent 08/26/2021
University of Utah Health’s Sheri McPhee Named to Modern Healthcare’s 2021 Class of Top 25 Innovators 08/23/2021
On the Origins of COVID-19: Report Provides Evidence that Lab Leak Theory Unlikely 08/19/2021
CRISPR-based Technology to Speed Identification of Genes Involved in Health, Disease 08/19/2021
SafeUT: New Look and More Life-Saving Services 08/19/2021
Utah Clinical and Translational Science Institute Advances Efforts to Translate Discoveries to Impact Human Health 08/03/2021
Heart Cell Protein Could Lead to New Treatments for Heart Failure and Recovery 07/28/2021
University of Utah Hospital Ranked First in Utah for Eighth Year in a Row by U.S. News & World Report 07/27/2021
Chair of Department of Health & Kinesiology Named at University of Utah 07/15/2021
Fungi That Live in the Gut Influence Health and Disease 07/14/2021
NIH Grant Supports Clinical Trial to Determine if Video Games Can Relieve Late-Life Depression 07/09/2021
University of Utah Health Awarded on Newsweek’s World’s Best Smart Hospitals 2021 List 07/08/2021
University of Utah Health y ARUP instan a los habitantes de Utah a donar sangre 07/06/2021
University of Utah Health and ARUP Urge Utahns to Donate Blood 07/06/2021
mRNA Vaccines Slash Risk of COVID-19 Infection by 91 Percent in Fully Vaccinated People 07/06/2021
University of Utah Health Announces Launch of New Center for Health Ethics, Arts, and Humanities (CHeEtAH) 07/01/2021
Chair of Department of Physical Therapy and Athletic Training Named at University of Utah 06/28/2021
University of Utah Health and Salt Lake City Fire Department Partner to Train the Next Generation of Physicians 06/28/2021
People With Back Pain Miss Far Fewer Workdays When They Receive Recommended Treatments 06/17/2021
Dr. Valerie Flattes Named as Inaugural Associate Dean for Equity, Diversity, and Inclusion at the University Of Utah College of Nursing 06/16/2021
Chair of Department of Orthopaedics Named at University of Utah 06/15/2021
University of Utah Announces ‘Landmark’ $110 Million Gift from Eccles Foundations for School of Medicine 06/03/2021
U of U Health abre Clínica Integral para efectos a largo plazo de COVID-19 06/03/2021
Comprehensive COVID-19 ‘Long-Hauler’ Clinic Opens at U of U Health 06/03/2021
U of U Health and the Army Join Forces to Recruit Soldiers, ROTC Cadets for Possible Employment After Service 06/02/2021
Blacks and Native Americans More Likely to Have COVID-19 Complications Than Whites with Similar Medical Histories 06/01/2021
AGA welcomes new president John M. Inadomi, MD, AGAF 05/26/2021
$2.7 Million Grant Supports Study of Impact of Unmet Social Needs in Health Care During COVID-19 05/26/2021
A Place for Healing and Hope: Huntsman Mental Health Institute Breaks Ground on Mental Health Crisis Care Center 05/26/2021
First-of-Its Kind Mental Health Translational Research Building Receives $90M in Funding from Utah State Lawmakers 05/21/2021
COVID-19 “Test to Play” and “Test to Stay” Kept Utah Students in Sports and School 05/21/2021
Will COVID-19 Eventually Become Just a Seasonal Nuisance? 05/20/2021
Mask Mandate to Continue at University of Utah Health 05/19/2021
How the Body Builds a Healthy Relationship with “Good” Gut Bacteria 05/12/2021
El Wellness Bus y Community Nursing Services, ofrecen la vacuna COVID-19 05/11/2021
The Wellness Bus and Community Nursing Services Provide Free COVID-19 Vaccinations 05/11/2021
Research Outlines a Critical Driver in an Immune Cell's Defense against Melanoma 05/11/2021
University of Utah Health Named One of Forbes’ Best Employers for Diversity 2021 05/10/2021
Revised Visiting Policy at University of Utah Health Hospitals and Clinics 05/10/2021
Suspected VITT Blood Clotting Case After Johnson & Johnson COVID-19 Vaccination 05/05/2021
Housing Subsidies Reduce Health Care Costs for Vulnerable Veterans 05/03/2021
University of Utah, ARUP AND TECHCYTE Develop NanoSpot.AI, A New Ultra-Fast Test For COVID-19 Antibodies 05/03/2021
Three School of Medicine Faculty Awarded the Honor of Benning Presidential Endowed Chair 04/29/2021
Preeclampsia During Pregnancy Increases Stroke Risk Later in Life 04/26/2021
2021 Bench to Bedside Grand Prize Winners Create Smaller Asthma Inhaler 04/21/2021
New Appointments at University of Utah School of Medicine 04/19/2021
COVID-19 in Combination with Hemorrhagic Stroke Doubles Death Risk 04/14/2021
Protein Linked to ALS/Ataxia Could Play Key Role in Other Neurodegenerative Disorders 04/14/2021
Real Salt Lake Announces Historic Partnership with University of Utah Health 04/14/2021
U of U Health Statement on the Johnson & Johnson COVID-19 Vaccine 04/13/2021
Eccles Library at The University of Utah Awarded Another $10M Grant 04/08/2021
Intermountain Healthcare Partners With the University of Utah to Create Academic Program to Help Keep People Healthy 04/08/2021
Health and Academic Professionals With Dependents at Greatest Risk of Quitting After COVID-19 04/02/2021
Cone Snails Use Sexual Enticements to Lure Prey Out of Hiding 03/30/2021
COVID-19 Vaccines as Effective in Real-World Settings as in Clinical Trials 03/29/2021
University of Utah Health Research Plays Major Role in New CDC Guidelines 03/19/2021
Utah Poison Control Center Commemorates 59th Annual National Poison Prevention Week 03/19/2021
Huntsman Mental Health Institute to Expand Mental Health Care in Rural Utah Communities 03/17/2021
Differences Deep Within Cells May Explain Why Some Patients Recover from Heart Failure 03/16/2021
One Year of COVID-19 Observed at University of Utah Health 03/05/2021
“da Vinci” of Cardiac Surgery to Deliver Ninth Annual U-CARS Keynote Address 03/04/2021
Utah Researchers Illuminate Potential Precursors of Blood Cancers 03/03/2021
U of U Health Begins COVID-19 Vaccinations for High-Risk Patients 03/01/2021
Research Points to New Hope for Treatment-Resistant AMD 02/26/2021
The Wellness Bus Resumes Community Health Screenings After Testing for COVID-19 02/25/2021
Seed Grants Will Support Diabetes, Obesity, and Metabolism Research 02/22/2021
Experimental Treatment Subdues Type 1 Diabetes in Laboratory Mice 02/22/2021
Decision-support Tool Could Reduce Unnecessary Antibiotic Prescriptions for Child Diarrhea 02/02/2021
University of Utah Health Biochemistry Professors Receive NIH MERIT Awards 02/02/2021
New Research Finds Severity of COVID-19 Determines Likelihood of Pregnancy Complications 01/28/2021
Hormonal IUDs Are a Viable and Underutilized Method for Emergency Contraception 01/27/2021
HMHI and University of Utah Address Rising Mental Health Concerns Among Students 01/26/2021
U of U Health Announces Virtual Wellness Hub as Official Partner of Sundance Film Festival 01/26/2021
Partners in Crime: Genetic Collaborator May Influence Severity of the Rare Disease, NGLY1 01/25/2021
State Extends Funding for University of Utah Contact Tracing and Deployment Program 01/25/2021
Most COVID-19 Maps Fail to Improve Public Understanding of Pandemic 01/22/2021
A New Era in Mental Health Care: University of Utah Dedicates Huntsman Mental Health Institute 01/14/2021
Systemic Racism is a Public Health Crisis 01/12/2021
More Than Half of COVID-19 Healthcare Workers at Risk for Mental Health Problems 01/12/2021
U of U Health Begins Administering Second Dose of COVID-19 Vaccine 01/07/2021
Newborn Screening in Utah Identifies First Baby Born with GAMT 12/30/2020
U of U Health Administers First COVID-19 Vaccine to Frontline Staff 12/15/2020
Vitae 2020: People and Stories that Drive Our Research 12/14/2020
Unexpected Discovery Leads to Better Understanding of Migraine 12/14/2020
Targeting T Cell Protein Could Prevent Type 1 Diabetes, Study Suggests 12/09/2020
U of U Health Names New AVP for Clinical Affairs and Chief Clinical Officer 12/04/2020
U of U Health Prepared to Distribute COVID-19 Vaccines 12/04/2020
Research Finds Little Progress on Worldwide Blindness in a Decade 12/02/2020
Amy Locke, MD, Named Chief Wellness Officer at U of U Health 11/30/2020
Genetic Discovery Could Lead to Better Prediction of Suicide Risk Within Families 11/25/2020
U of Utah Health Neurologist Stefan Pulst Honored As 2020 AAAS Fellow 11/24/2020
U of U Health Names New Chair of Biomedical Informatics at School of Medicine 11/23/2020
Marika V. Jones Named Chief Philanthropy Officer at University of Utah Health 11/20/2020
Exploring Potential Adverse Effects of Marijuana Use During Pregnancy 11/18/2020
University of Utah to Speed Process of Bringing New Therapeutics to Patients 11/18/2020
University of Utah Health Names CEO of Huntsman Mental Health Institute and New Chair of the Department of Psychiatry 11/16/2020
U of U Health Biomedical Informaticist Appointed to Second Term on National Health Information Technology Advisory Committee 11/12/2020
Center for Medical Innovation Expands to Korea as Part of University of Utah Asia Campus 11/11/2020
U of U Health Celebrates Veterans Day with First-Ever Triple Organ Transplant Surgery 11/10/2020
Grand Opening of South Jordan VA Clinic 11/10/2020
University of Utah Health Transitions COVID-19 Testing Indoors 11/10/2020
University of Utah Health Statement on Rice-Eccles COVID-19 Testing Site Incident 11/05/2020
Carbon Monoxide Poisoning Risk Increases in Winter 11/04/2020
Study Reveals Unexpected Protective Role for Brain Swelling After Injury 11/02/2020
Two of the Nation’s Top Public Health Officials Visit U of U Health 10/31/2020
Emerging Treatment Helps Reverse Heart Failure in Some Patients 10/26/2020
Program Nationally Recognized for Setting American Indian Students on Career Paths in Science and Medicine 10/21/2020
COVID-19 Testing Available at Rice-Eccles Stadium 10/12/2020
Low Back Pain Research 10/09/2020
HIV Up Close: Unprecedented View of Virus Reveals Essential Steps for Causing AIDS 10/08/2020
A Genius in Our Midst: U of U Health Geneticist Awarded Prestigious MacArthur Fellowship 10/06/2020
Three U of U Health Scientists Receive High-Risk High-Reward Grants Recognizing Innovation and Impact 10/06/2020
U of U Health System Remains Fully Operational During Vice Presidential Debate 10/05/2020
Back Pain with Sciatica More Likely to Improve with Immediate Physical Therapy 10/05/2020
COVID-19 Testing Available at University of Utah Health Redstone Health Center 10/05/2020
SCALE-UP Utah Awarded $5 Million to Improve COVID-19 Testing Among Underserved and Vulnerable Populations 09/30/2020
U of U Health Moves to Appointment-Only COVID-19 Testing 09/25/2020
College of Nursing’s LIFT Simulation Design Lab Receives Funding from Josiah Macy Jr. Foundation 09/23/2020
Tweets Show Vapers Rarely Use E-cigarettes to Quit Smoking or Improve Health 09/17/2020
2020 Bench to Bedside Grand Prize Winner Could Streamline Physical Therapy 09/16/2020
$12 Million in NIH Grants Propel Congenital Cardiovascular Disease Research at U of U Health 09/16/2020
University of Utah College of Nursing Provides Hope and Comfort in COVID-19 Support Groups 09/15/2020
Novel Discovery Challenges a Current Kidney Cancer Paradigm 09/10/2020
Moran Eye Center Lab Produces World’s First ‘Pathoconnectome’ 09/10/2020
Population Health Sciences Associate Professor Selected as National Academy of Medicine Fellow 09/08/2020
COVID-19 Deaths Among Black Essential Workers Linked to Racial Disparities 09/02/2020
Chair of Department of Dermatology Named at University of Utah 09/01/2020
U of U Health earns “LGBTQ Health Care Equality Top Performer” Designation 08/31/2020
U of U Health Research Sees Continuous Growth in Funding for Seventh Year in a Row 08/26/2020
College of Health Professor Recognized for Outstanding Contributions in Parks and Recreation 08/25/2020
Vaping Injuries More Difficult to Diagnose During Time of COVID-19 Pandemic, New Study Finds 08/23/2020
Long-acting, Injectable Drug Could Strengthen Efforts to Prevent, Treat HIV 08/21/2020
ARUP/U of U Health Study Finds Self-Collected Saliva and Deep Nasal Swabs Are Equally Effective for the Diagnosis of COVID-19 08/20/2020
U of U Health Offers Reserved Testing Times for COVID-19 08/19/2020
Distinguished University of Utah Professor Named Director of the National Institute of Dental and Craniofacial Research 08/13/2020
COVID-19 Prompts U of Utah Health, VA to Evaluate Use of Endoscopy 08/05/2020
Study on Veteran Experience in VA, Community Care Finds High Ratings Overall 08/03/2020
University of Utah Hospital Ranked First in Utah for Seventh Year in a Row by U.S. News & World Report 07/28/2020
Cardiologist Rashmee Shah Earns Doris Duke Charitable Foundation Clinical Scientist Development Award 07/20/2020
Epidemiologist Matthew Samore Receives Under Secretary's Award for Outstanding Achievement in Health Services Research 07/20/2020
Utah Health & Economic Recovery Outreach (HERO) FAQ 07/17/2020
Study: Follow-Up Appointments for Children Hospitalized for Bronchiolitis May Not Be Needed 07/14/2020
Pathologist June Round Awarded $1M From the W.M. Keck Foundation to Expand Research on the Microbiota 07/13/2020
University of Utah Health Names Two Faculty as Benning Scholars 07/13/2020
Utah Hero Project Announces Phase One Findings 07/02/2020
Clues to COVID-19 Complications Come from NET-like Inflammatory Response 06/29/2020
COVID-19 Causes ‘Hyperactivity’ in Blood-Clotting Cells 06/29/2020
University of Utah Health and Community Nursing Services Announce New Partnership 06/26/2020
Hospital Systems Join Forces to Encourage all to #MaskUpUtah 06/23/2020
University of Utah Health Updates Entry Requirements at All Clinical Facilities 06/19/2020
The Rate We Acquire Genetic Mutations Could Help Predict Lifespan, Fertility 06/19/2020
University of Utah School of Dentistry is a Leader Among Dental Schools Providing Clinical Care During the COVID-19 Pandemic 06/18/2020
Moriel Zelikowsky Receives Klingenstein-Simons Award in Neuroscience Research 06/15/2020
University of Utah Division of Public Health Partners with UDOH to Trace COVID-19 Contacts 06/12/2020
New Dean of Nursing Named at University of Utah 06/11/2020
University of Utah Health Notifies Patients About Data Security Incident 06/05/2020
University of Utah Health Accepting Cloth Face Coverings to Slow the Spread of COVID-19 06/05/2020
University of Utah Health Leads National Study of COVID-19 Effects on Pregnancy 06/05/2020
University of Utah Health and ARUP Conduct Saliva Testing for COVID-19 Study 06/02/2020
Sea Snail, Human Insulin Hybrid Could Lead to Better Diabetes Treatments 06/01/2020
University of Utah Hospital Opens “B-50 COVID-19 Unit" 05/29/2020
University of Utah Hospital Opens “B-50 COVID-19 Unit" 05/29/2020
Electronic Health Records Fail to Detect Up to 33% of Medication Errors 05/29/2020
Study Could Suggest a New Way to Control Epstein-Barr Virus 05/28/2020
Craig H. Neilsen Rehabilitation Hospital Opens at University of Utah 05/28/2020
U of U Health Updates Hours of Operation at COVID-19 In-Car testing Sites 05/27/2020
Genome-wide Pattern Found in Tumors from Brain Cancer Patients Predicts Life Expectancy 05/15/2020
University of Utah Health Tests for COVID-19 Antibodies Through ARUP Laboratories 05/12/2020
University of Utah Health Collaborates with Utah Legislators to Organize COVID-19 Testing for Underserved Communities 05/08/2020
University of Utah Health and Intermountain Healthcare Relocate COVID-19 Curbside Testing Site 05/07/2020
University of Utah Embarks on Ambitious COVID-19 Testing Effort 05/06/2020
U of U Health and Intermountain Healthcare to Postpone Certain Non-Urgent Medical Procedures 05/06/2020
University of Utah Health Will Resume Elective Surgeries 04/29/2020
Dr. José E. Rodríguez Appointed AVP, Health Equity, Diversity & Inclusion 04/27/2020
U of U Health Biochemist Hill Honored as 2020 American Academy of Arts and Sciences Member 04/23/2020
Evidence Suggests COVID-19 Isn’t Sexually Transmitted 04/22/2020
University of Utah Invests $1.3 million in COVID-19 Research 04/20/2020
A Global Initiative Born in Utah — ProjectProtect — Enlists Thousands of Volunteers to Produce Millions of Medical-Grade Masks for COVID-19 Pandemic 04/17/2020
Center for Medical Innovation Designs Reusable Respirator System to Protect Health Workers During COVID-19 04/16/2020
Volunteer for U of U COVID-19 Research From Home 04/15/2020
Temperature Screening Added to Wellness Check Protocol at University of Utah Health 04/15/2020
Neurologist Jennifer Majersik Selected for Fulbright Scholar Award 04/10/2020
University of Utah Health and Intermountain Healthcare Launch COVID-19 Clinical Trials 04/08/2020
U of U Health “Wellness Bus” Provides Testing for COVID-19 04/06/2020
Center for Medical Innovation at U of U Health Responds to Global COVID-19 Crisis 04/06/2020
U of U School of Medicine Students Organize PPE Donation Drives 04/03/2020
University of Utah Health and Intermountain Healthcare Join Together for COVID-19 Curbside Testing in Summit County 04/02/2020
Empowering Rural Doctors to Treat Advanced Heart Failure Improves Patient Outcomes 03/30/2020
Revised Visitor Policy at University of Utah Health Hospitals and Clinics 03/25/2020
University of Utah Health and Intermountain Healthcare Provide Guidance on Masks 03/25/2020
University of Utah Health and Intermountain Healthcare Provide Guidance on Masks 03/25/2020
University of Utah Health and ARUP Announce Expanded COVID-19 Testing 03/23/2020
University of Utah Health Data Security Announcement 03/20/2020
What to Expect When You Come to University Hospital 03/20/2020
Media Statement Regarding Earthquake Assessment 03/18/2020
Updated Visitor Policy at University of Utah Hospitals and Clinics 03/13/2020
Utah Poison Control Center Commemorates 58th Annual National Poison Prevention Week 03/12/2020
Negative Pressure Tents Set Up in Preparation for COVID-19 Cases 03/12/2020
Lack of Information Impedes Access to Food Pantries and Programs in Utah 03/10/2020
U of U Health Launches Digital Credentials for Online Volunteer Emergency Response Training Program 03/05/2020
No Benefit Found in Using Broad-spectrum Antibiotics as Initial Pneumonia Treatment 02/26/2020
Wearable Sensor Powered by AI Predicts Worsening Heart Failure Before Hospitalization 02/25/2020
New Radiology Area Opens at University of Utah Hospital 02/24/2020
Robert Fujinami Appointed as New Vice Dean for Faculty and Academic Affairs 02/20/2020
U of U Hospital Launches Rapid DNA Testing of Critically-ill Infants for Faster Diagnosis, Better Care 02/18/2020
“A researcher to watch”: Neurobiologist Moriel Zelikowsky Awarded Sloan Fellowship 02/12/2020
Discovery Paves Path Forward in the Fight Against the Deadliest Form of Malaria 02/07/2020
Dr. Christopher Hill Appointed Vice Dean for Research 01/31/2020
Two HCI Researchers Receive Prestigious Grant to Study Liver Cancer 01/24/2020
New Chair of Internal Medicine Named at University of Utah Health 01/21/2020
U of U Health is Official Health & Wellness Sponsor of Sundance Film Festival 01/21/2020
Best for Moms, Best for Babies: Controlling Diabetes Before Pregnancy 01/17/2020
Zinc, Folic Acid Supplements Fail to Enhance Male Fertility 01/07/2020
U-CARS 2020 Assembles Global Experts to Discuss and Debate Issues in Heart Recovery 01/06/2020
Dr. Robin Shaw Named Director U of U Health's Nora Eccles Harrison Cardiovascular Research & Training Institute 01/02/2020
NIH Awards U of U Health $10 Million to Lead International Clinical Trial to Evaluate Treatment Options for Hydrocephalus in Children 12/27/2019
South Main Clinic Awarded Grant to Build Health Equity 12/20/2019
NIH Grant Could Lead to Better Understanding of How Air Pollutants Aggravate Asthma in Children 12/18/2019
Yoshimi Anzai Receives the Marie Slodowska-Curie Award from the American Association for Women Radiologists 12/17/2019
Mountain West Mothers’ Milk Bank Celebrates Grand Opening 12/13/2019
Why People Buy, Trade, Donate Medications on the Black Market 12/06/2019
U Chemist and Pediatrician Named Fellows of the National Academy of Inventors 12/04/2019
Hibernating Mammals Arouse Hope for Genetic Solutions to Obesity, Metabolic Diseases 11/27/2019
Robyn Reynolds Named Chief Marketing and Communications Officer 11/25/2019
Launch of Primary Children’s Center for Personalized Medicine Ushers in New Era for Medicine and Wellness for Children Throughout Intermountain West 11/24/2019
Seed Grants Awarded to Accelerate Novel Research in Diabetes, Obesity and Metabolism 11/21/2019
University of Utah Health Celebrates Sugar House Grand Opening 11/18/2019
One-Third of Reproductive Age Women Have Health Conditions That May Complicate Pregnancy 11/07/2019
Risk for Carbon Monoxide Poisoning Increases in Winter 11/07/2019
$150 Million Commitment from Huntsman Family Will Establish Mental Health Institute at the University of Utah 11/04/2019
Kristen Carroll Awarded Endowed Chair in Pediatric Orthopaedics 11/04/2019
Catherine B. Soehner Appointed Director of the Spencer S. Eccles Health Sciences Library 10/31/2019
In the Wake of Mass Shootings, a Reluctance to Talk About Gun Safety 10/28/2019
NIH Awards Support Projects that Tackle the Opioid Crisis 10/27/2019
Scientists Discover Link Between Specialized Brain Cells and OCD and Anxiety-like Behaviors in Mice 10/23/2019
Center for Medical Innovation Names Interim Co-Directors 10/14/2019
7th Annual Firefighter Chili Cook Off to Benefit Burn Camp Programs 10/10/2019
New World Health Organization Report on Vision Shows Need for Sustainable Global Outreach Programs 10/10/2019
Brain Scans May Provide Clues to Suicide Risk 10/10/2019
University of Utah Health Announces Affiliation with Mountain West Medical Center 10/03/2019
University of Utah Health Neuroscientist Receives Transformative Research Award 10/01/2019
We Are All Mutants, More or Less 09/24/2019
University of Utah Hospital Opens New Wing to Provide World-Class Care for Patients 09/24/2019
University of Utah Health Ranked Top 10 in the Nation for 10 Years in a Row 09/20/2019
University of Utah Health Researchers Among Teams Funded by Pew to Pursue Scientific Discoveries 09/19/2019
Experts Issue Standards on Mild Cognitive Impairment 09/18/2019
U of U Health names Willard H. Dere, MD, as Associate Vice President for Research 09/17/2019
University of Utah Health and VA Salt Lake Break Ground on New Clinic 09/13/2019
John A. Moran Eye Center Researcher, Patients, Play Key Role in Genetic Discovery Linked to Rare Eye Disease 09/11/2019
First Marker for Mysterious Vaping Illness Identified 09/06/2019
University of Utah Hospital Joins Healthcare Anchor Network 09/04/2019
U’s Genetic Science Learning Center Awarded $1.7 Million from the All of Us Research Program 08/28/2019
Changes Associated with Autism Risk May Be Detected as Early as the Second Trimester 08/16/2019
Kensaku Kawamoto named Top 25 Innovator by Modern Healthcare 08/16/2019
Up to Half of Patients Withhold Life-Threatening Issues from Doctors 08/14/2019
Foraging for Information: Machine Learning Decodes Genetic Influence Over Behavior 08/13/2019
U.S. News and World Report Names University of Utah Hospital No. 1 07/30/2019
Wendy L. Hobson-Rohrer, M.D., M.S.P.H. named associate vice president, Health Sciences Education at University of Utah Health 07/26/2019
These Gut Bacteria Prevent Obesity in Mice. What Could That Mean for Us? 07/25/2019
Prosthetic Arm Can Move and Feel 07/24/2019
Gut Microbes Protect Against Neurologic Damage from Viral Infections 07/16/2019
Team Approach to Cardiac Care Increases Chance of Surviving Severe Complications from Heart Attack 07/10/2019
Men Who Avoid Teen Parenthood Through Partners’ Use of Abortion Gain Long-Term Economic Benefits, First of Its Kind Study Says 07/09/2019
University of Utah Names Six Additional Recipients of the Jon M. Huntsman Presidential Chairs 07/08/2019
Tiny Change Has Big Effects, Reverses Prediabetes in Mice 07/04/2019
Study in Mice Suggests Possible Treatment Approach for Multiple Sclerosis in Humans 07/02/2019
Freeze Frame: Researchers Solve How Cells Unfold Proteins 06/27/2019
NIH Grant Funds Research into New Approaches to Tackle Opioid Epidemic 06/20/2019
Through Telehealth, University of Utah Health Partners with Salt Lake County Jail to Provide Care to Pregnant Inmates 06/06/2019
University of Utah Health's Stroke Center has been re-certified by the DNV GL 06/04/2019
Researchers Identify Genetic Switch that Controls Conversion of Bad to Good Fat 05/22/2019
Maia Hightower as One of the Most Powerful Women in Healthcare IT 05/22/2019
The Healing Power of a Smile: A Link Between Oral Care and Substance Abuse Recovery 05/20/2019
Children Who Use Asthma Tracking App Have Better Disease Control and Fewer Hospital Visits 05/16/2019
Opioids: Leading Cause of Pregnancy-Associated Death in New Utah Moms 05/09/2019
Javits Award Funds New Research into Role of Infection in Epilepsy 05/06/2019
Induced Labor Not More Expensive to Health Care System than Waiting for Spontaneous Labor 05/03/2019
University of Utah Hospital recognized by Becker’s as “Top 100 Great Hospitals in America” for 2019 04/25/2019
University of Utah Health recognized by Forbes as “America’s Best Employer” for the second year in a row 04/25/2019
VA clinic to open in South Jordan 04/24/2019
Winners Announced in Annual Bench To Bedside Competition 04/09/2019
Bench to Bedside 2019: Presenting Technological Innovation at the Utah State Capitol 04/04/2019
Pairing Music with Medication Offers Potential Therapeutic Strategy to Manage Pain 03/27/2019
Giving Intravenous Therapy to Children at Home is Costly, Lowers Parents’ Quality of Life 03/24/2019
University of Utah Health and Medical Marijuana 03/19/2019
University of Utah Health Recognized as Center of Excellence by the Hypertrophic Cardiomyopathy Association 03/18/2019
Frontiers in Precision Medicine Symposium Features National Experts in Artificial Intelligence, Large Cohort Assembly and Population Data 03/17/2019
Utah Poison Control Center Celebrates the 57th Annual National Poison Prevention Week 03/14/2019
Best Graduate Schools Recognized 03/13/2019
Touch a Human Brain and Learn About the Wonders of the Mind During Brain Awareness Week 03/10/2019
Moran Eye Center CEO Randall J Olson, MD, to Receive Governor’s Medal 03/08/2019
Novel Treatments Offer New Hope for Patients with Autoimmune Disease 03/04/2019
New Clinical Study Tests Pharmacotherapy Selection System that Aims to Improve the Impact of Diabetes Treatment 02/27/2019
University of Utah Health Awarded NIH Grant to Study Early Origins of Health and Disease 02/26/2019
U of U Health's Department of Orthopaedic Surgery Ranked 1st in the Nation by BRIMR 02/22/2019
University of Utah School of Dentistry to Host Annual 'Give Kids A Smile' Event 02/22/2019
Tracking Cholera in a Drop of Blood 02/20/2019
Gory, Freaky, Cool: Marine Snail Venom Could Improve Insulin for Diabetic Patients 02/12/2019
University of Utah Health Announces Candlelight Vigil in Remembrance of Sarah Hawley, MD 02/04/2019
Cancer Drug Shows Promise in Mitigating Concussive Brain Injuries 02/02/2019
U of U Health-Produced Short Film One in a Million Premieres During Sundance Film Festival 01/31/2019
Information About the Shingrix Shortage 01/29/2019
Statement Regarding the Death of Sarah Hawley, MD 01/28/2019
U of U Health to Provide Assistance to Federal Employees 01/25/2019
Researchers Conduct First Population-based Study of Suicide Risk in People with Autism 01/21/2019
States with Fewer Melanoma Diagnoses Have Higher Death Rates 01/17/2019
University of Utah Health Awarded CDC Funding to Expand Knowledge About Children with Autism Spectrum Disorder 01/11/2019
CMS Administrator Seema Verma Commends University of Utah Health for its Commitment to Price Transparency 01/11/2019
University of Utah Health Verified Again as Level I Trauma Center 01/11/2019
Utah Cardiac Recovery Symposium Convenes: Advancing the Field of Heart Recovery 01/10/2019
Researchers Identify Genes Associated with Polycystic Ovary Syndrome 12/20/2018
Distinguished Professor Kopeček Named to National Academy of Inventors for Innovating Drug Delivery 12/13/2018
Big Datasets Pinpoint New Regions to Explore the Genome for Disease 12/10/2018
Shepherd Receives $2.5M to Study Alzheimer’s Disease from Chan-Zuckerberg Initiative 12/05/2018
Report Reveals Link between Air Pollution and Increased Risk for Miscarriage 12/05/2018
Why Patients Lie to Their Doctors 11/30/2018
Two U Professors Honored as 2018 AAAS Fellows 11/27/2018
Exploring the Genetic Contribution to Suicide Risk 11/19/2018
New Blood Pressure Guideline Could Prevent 3 Million Cardiovascular Events Over 10 Years 11/19/2018
When Your Brain Won’t Hang Up: Sustained Connections Associated with Symptoms of Autism 11/16/2018
Risk for Carbon Monoxide Poisoning Increases in Winter 11/13/2018
Caring Connections Presents: "Grief and the Holidays...Bearing One Another's Burdens" 11/08/2018
White House Names University of Utah Bioethicist Maureen Condic to Six-Year Term on National Science Board 11/08/2018
Silicon Slopes and University of Utah Health Plans Announce Partnership 11/08/2018
University of Utah Receives NIH Funds to Screen New Drugs for Pain 10/31/2018
University of Utah Health Announces Family Planning Elevated, a Statewide Contraceptive Initiative 10/29/2018
University of Utah Health's Diabetes Prevention Program Receives Full Recognition from the Centers for Disease Control 10/17/2018
Dr. Charles Saltzman Elected Vice President of the American Board of Orthopaedic Surgery 10/15/2018
First Genetic Risk Factor for Erectile Dysfunction Identified 10/08/2018
Reimagining Evolution Education: Free, Multimedia High School Curriculum Brings New Life to Old Concepts 10/08/2018
University of Utah Hospital Receives 2018 HealthInsight Quality Award 10/08/2018
U of U Health Top 10 in Quality for 9th Year in a Row 10/05/2018
A Mission to Solve Medical Mysteries: University of Utah Health Joins National Undiagnosed Disease Network 09/24/2018
University Hospital Newborn Intensive Care Unit Celebrates 50th Anniversary 09/12/2018
ADHD May Increase Risk of Parkinsons Disease and Similar Disorders 09/12/2018
Following Twitter Conversations Around Hacked Diabetes Tools to Manage Blood Sugar 09/10/2018
Finding That Links ALS/Ataxia to Cellular Stress Opens New Approaches for Treatment 09/07/2018
University of Utah Health ranked 4th in the Nation on the Consumer Loyalty list 09/04/2018
U Research Awards Pass $500 Million Milestone 09/04/2018
Fourth Street Clinic Procures Epic, a Leading Electronic Health Record System, with University of Utah Health's Support 08/28/2018
U Of U Rocky Mountain Center for Occupational and Environmental Health Receives $8.4 M for Training and Research 08/23/2018
U.S. News and World Report Names University of Utah Hospital Top in Utah; List Also Includes High National Rankings for Gynecology, Huntsman Cancer Institute, & ENT Specialty 08/14/2018
Genetic Tools Uncover Cause of Childhood Seizure Disorder Missed by Other Methods 08/13/2018
Inducing Labor at 39 Weeks Decreases Need for Cesarean Section 08/08/2018
Utah Poison Control Center Welcomes New Medical Director 08/08/2018
Proof-of-Concept Technique Makes Nanoparticles Attractive for New Medications 08/08/2018
Lessons from Flies: Genetic Diversity Impacts Disease Severity 08/06/2018
Opening Ceremonies for the 2018 Donate Life Transplant Games of America to be held August 3rd at Smith's Ballpark 08/02/2018
Wilson To Serve as Interim Dean of College of Nursing 08/02/2018
José E. Rodríguez, MD Appointed Interim Associate Vice President for Health Equity and Inclusion 08/02/2018
University of Utah Health Announces New Chief of Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation 07/31/2018
Hutchinson Named First Aaron A. Hofmann, MD, and Suzanne T. Hofmann Endowed Chair for Humanitarianism in Orthopedics 07/23/2018
Biomedical Informaticist Kawamoto to Co-chair National Task Force on Health Information Technology 07/19/2018
Doctors say pharmaceutical firms are top cause of high medical costs, University of Utah Health study reveals 07/10/2018
University of Utah Health Recognized by Vizient as a Top Performer in 2018 for Supply Chain Management Excellence in Sourcing and Resource Management 06/29/2018
University of Utah Health Announces Creation of Dr. Russell M. Nelson and Dantzel W. Nelson Presidential Chair in Cardiothoracic Surgery 06/20/2018
University of Utah Announces Creation of Jon M. Huntsman Presidential Chairs 06/19/2018
Malaria-Fighting Biochemist Paul Sigala Named Pew Scholar 06/14/2018
$5 Million to Fund Tools that Encourage Doctors and Patients to Make Medical Decisions Together 06/13/2018
Former University of Utah Inventor Robert Jarvik Receives Lifetime Achievement Award for Artificial Heart 06/12/2018
Safety Protocol Breaches: Ways to Prevent Infection Transmission In Health Care Setting 06/11/2018
Returning to Sound Science: Join the 2nd Annual Research Reproducibility Conference 06/07/2018
University of Utah Health Ranks 19 Among Health Care Institutions for Scientific Research, According to Nature Index 06/07/2018
Larry H. & Gail Miller Family Foundation and University of Utah Health Take the Fight Against Type 2 Diabetes On the Road 06/04/2018
A Notification to Our Patients Regarding Information Contained on Stolen Ophthalmology Devices 06/02/2018
Theft at John A. Moran Eye Center Causes Potential Disclosure of Patient Information 06/02/2018
Common Antidepressents Are Less Effective at High Altitudes, Rodent Study Suggests 05/24/2018
University of Utah Health Announces Fred W. & Christine A. Fairclough Endowed Chair in Neurology 05/23/2018
Precision DNA Editing Tools Earn Biochemist Dana Carroll Utah's Top Science & Technology Honor 05/22/2018
The Opioid Epidemic Has Boosted the Number of Organs Available for Transplant 05/16/2018
University of Utah Hospitals & Clinics Named to the List of “100 Great Hospitals in America” 05/07/2018
University of Utah Researchers Seek to Improve Low Back Pain Treatment with Help From $9.7 Million PCORI Grant 05/04/2018
University of Utah Health Ranked #35 in the Nation by Forbes as “America’s Best Employer” 05/01/2018
Music Activates Regions of the Brain Spared by Alzheimer’s Disease 04/27/2018
University of Utah Health Receives Workplace of the Year Award from Advisory Board 04/25/2018
Grant Paves Way for U of U Researchers to Use Brain-Imaging Technology to Study Effects of Cannabinoids 04/25/2018
CCTS Renewal Continues Translation of Research from Bench to Bedside 04/23/2018
Gissen Recognized for Impressive Contributions in Medical School Planning 04/23/2018
2018 Bench-to-Bedside Awards Grand Prize to Real-time Fertility Device 04/19/2018
Angelo P. Giardino, MD, PhD appointed Chair, Department of Pediatrics 04/19/2018
University of Utah Health Hosts 2nd Annual Sex & Gender Health Education Summit 04/06/2018
Robert M Silver, MD, to Head Department of Obstetrics & Gynecology 04/04/2018
Bench to Bedside 2018: Presenting Technological Innovation at the State Capitol 03/27/2018
What Is the Cost of Interrupting a Radiologist? 03/26/2018
Funding Opportunities Help Scientists Explore the Genetics Behind Disease 03/22/2018
Utah Poison Control Center Celebrates the 56th Annual National Poison Prevention Week 03/16/2018
Pharmacotherapy Selection System Supports Shared Clinician-Patient Decision-Making in Diabetes Treatment 03/12/2018
Mapping the Genome Jungle: Unique Animal Traits Could Offer Insight into Human Disease 03/06/2018
With Cost Removed, Women Choose More Effective Contraceptive Methods 02/22/2018
Intermountain Healthcare Gifts $15 Million for New University of Utah Medical School 02/16/2018
Statement from the Division of Maternal-Fetal Medicine Regarding Maternal Sleep Practices and Late Stillbirth 02/07/2018
Cascading Inflammation Associated with Lyme Arthritis Linked to Overactive Immune Response 02/05/2018
Catheter Ablation Better Than Pharmacological Atrial Fibrillation Therapies 01/31/2018
All Utah Newborns Now Tested for Spinal Muscular Atrophy 01/31/2018
University of Utah researchers find novel way to treat opioid addiction 01/30/2018
Technology Milestone: Scientists Sequence Human Genome with Pocket-Sized Device 01/29/2018
Newly Awarded III Seed Grant Projects Explore the Role of Immune System in Disease 01/19/2018
University of Utah Health Receives Moore Foundation Award 01/19/2018
University of Utah Health to Celebrate Organ Donation at Superhero Snowshoe Shuffle 01/18/2018
Surprise: A Virus-Like Protein is Important for Cognition and Memory 01/11/2018
New App Motivates Type 2 Diabetes Patients to Be More Active 01/10/2018
Wasatch Front Inversions Could Cause More Than 200 Cases of Pneumonia Each Year 01/09/2018
Utah Cardiac Recovery Symposium Convenes: Exploring New Treatments & Evaluating Outcomes for Heart Recovery 01/08/2018
University of Utah Hospital Earns CMS’s 5-Star Rating for Overall Quality 01/04/2018
University Of Utah Health Sets New Records For Organ Transplants In 2017 01/03/2018
Meet the Tiny Machine in Cells that Massacres Viruses 12/21/2017
Utah Poison Control Center warns about “SPICE” product sold at local smoke shops 12/20/2017
University of Utah Health’s Cardiologist Stavros Drakos, MD, Named On Forbes’ “Physician Honor Roll” 12/05/2017
Marking World AIDS Day: U of U Health to Provide Free HIV-Prevention Meds & Counseling Starting January 12/01/2017
First-of-its-Kind Survey Reveals Significant Disconnects in How Three Key Stakeholders—Patients, Physicians, Employers—Perceive the Health Care Experience 11/29/2017
People with High-Deductible Plans Aren’t Acting Like Savvy Consumers 11/27/2017
In Search Of: Researchers Explore the Ocean for Alternatives to Opioids 11/27/2017
College of Nursing Receives American Association of College of Nursing’s (AACN) Inaugural “New Era Award" 11/21/2017
U of U Health Professor Kurt Albertine Named AAAS Fellow 11/20/2017
University of Utah Receives $5.3 Million Gift from Larry H. & Gail Miller Family Foundation to Fight Diabetes 11/13/2017
The Piano Guys’ Jon Schmidt to Speak at "Grief and the Holidays" 11/10/2017
Risk for Carbon Monoxide Poisoning Increases in Winter 11/08/2017
University of Utah Receives $47.5 Million Gift from Craig H. Neilsen Foundation for New State-of-the-Art Rehabilitation Hospital 11/01/2017
Hey, Wanna Go to the PechaKucha on November 10? 10/27/2017
Researchers Identify Protein that Plays Key Role in Diabetic Blindness 10/23/2017
U of U-Sponsored SACNAS Explores Health Disparities in the Hispanic Community 10/23/2017
Care for the Smallest Patients Earns Carrie Byington a Spot in National Academy of Medicine 10/19/2017
$24 Million NIH Grant Funds HIV Research at U of U Health-Led CHEETAH Center 10/17/2017
U of U Health Biomedical Informaticist Wendy Chapman Earns Spot in National Academy of Medicine 10/16/2017
David Turok awarded a five-year Mid-Career Investigator Award in Patient-Oriented Research 10/13/2017
University of Utah Hospitals and Salt Lake City Police Department Policies 10/11/2017
U.S. Olympians at the 2016 Rio Games Were Infected with West Nile Virus, not Zika 10/07/2017
Joint statement between David W. Pershing and Peter R. Huntsman 10/05/2017
Bariatric Surgery Offers Long-term Weight Loss & Diabetes Benefits 09/21/2017
U of U Health Part of Large NIH Research Into Pain Management 09/21/2017
New Student Hotspotting Hub Aims at Improving Patient Care & Value 09/20/2017
U of U Health Top 10 in Quality for 8th Year in a Row 09/15/2017
Treating CMV, a Virus More Prevalent than Zika, Could Prevent Hearing Loss in Children 09/13/2017
In-utero Treatment Reverses Cleft Palate in Mice 09/13/2017
University of Utah Announces a Transformational Gift for Oral Patient Care 09/11/2017
University of Utah Health Collaborates with Janssen Research & Development to Investigate the Genetics of Suicide 09/08/2017
Music and the Mind: Opera Diva Renée Fleming & U Neurologists Explore the Healing Power of Music 09/05/2017
Boosting a Lipid Fuel Makes Mice Less Sensitive to the Cold 09/05/2017
Remarks from University of Utah Hospital press conference on Sept. 4, 2017 regarding the Alex Wubbels incident 09/04/2017
Nurse Alex Wubbels: Reaction & Message from Nursing & Hospital Administration 09/01/2017
Catheter Ablation Better Than Traditional Drug Therapies for Treating Atrial Fibrillation 08/27/2017
Hormonal IUDs Have No Effect on Lactation or Breastfeeding 08/25/2017
Given the Choice, Zebrafish Willingly Dose Themselves with Opioids 08/25/2017
Manipulating a Single Gene Defines a New Pathway to Anxiety 08/24/2017
Two Studies Support Intensive Blood Pressure Control for Long-term Health, Quality of Life 08/23/2017
An Almost Four-Decade Odyssey to Find the Cause of a Rare Muscle Disease 08/18/2017
University of Utah Health Plans Prepares to Enter Its Third Year in the Marketplace; Will Expand Coverage to Every County in the State 08/15/2017
Eclipse Glasses Recalled 08/14/2017
University of Utah Among Top 20 Institutions in the World for Innovation & Technology Transfer 08/09/2017
Reversing a Genetic Mutation to Restore Smiles 08/09/2017
U.S. News and World Report Names University Of Utah Hospital Top In Utah; List Also Includes High National Rankings For Huntsman Cancer Institute & ENT Specialty 08/08/2017
Scientists Restore Youthful Plasticity to the Brains of Adult Mice 08/07/2017
Kawamoto Named to National Committee to Improve Health Information Technology 08/07/2017
John A. Moran Eye Center Giving Away Protective Eyewear for Eclipse Viewers 08/01/2017
University of Utah Health Receives American Hospital Association’s ‘Most Wired’ Recognition 07/13/2017
Advancing Patient Bedside Monitoring 07/05/2017
Researchers Propose New Approach to Identify Genetic Mutations in Men with Prostate Cancer 06/28/2017
Study Highlights Role of Rare Genetic Mutations in ALS 06/22/2017
From DNA to Decision-making: University of Utah Health Awarded $4 Million Toward a Comprehensive Look at Heart Birth Defects 06/22/2017
Yarraman Flu or Horse Flu? Words & Graphics Influence Willingness to Vaccinate 06/21/2017
Finding the Perfect Match: A New Approach to Battle Drug-Resistant Bacteria 06/20/2017
University of Utah Biochemist Erhu Cao Named Pew Scholar 06/15/2017
Huntsman Cancer Institute at the University of Utah Selected to Join National Cancer Institute’s Systems Biology Consortium 05/30/2017
University of Utah School of Medicine to Honor Body Donors, Families at Annual Memorial Service 05/25/2017
Historic Graduations for the Schools of Medicine & Dentistry at the University of Utah 05/22/2017
University of Utah Health Honors Professors for Excellence 05/09/2017
A. Lorris Betz Tapped as Interim Leader of University of Utah Health 05/03/2017
University of Utah Biochemist Dana Carroll Elected to National Academy of Sciences 05/02/2017
Young to Speak at Seeds of Rememberance 05/01/2017
Get Ready: Your Future Surgery May Use an Automated, Robotic Drill 05/01/2017
Dr. Vivian Lee Message to Faculty & Staff 04/28/2017
Mice that are Social & Active Survive Cancer Longer 04/25/2017
Science Fiction Horror Wriggles into Reality with Discovery of Giant Sulfur-powered Shipworm 04/17/2017
Treatment Reverses Signs of Two Degenerative Brain Diseases, ALS & Ataxia, in Mice 04/12/2017
Utah Awards 04/12/2017
Ana María López, MD, MPH, FACP, Named President-Elect of National Doctors’ Group 04/06/2017
Becker's Hospital Review Names University of Utah Hospital to its list of 100 Great Hospitals in America 04/06/2017
University of Utah Health to Provide Care to USOC Speed Skating Athletes at Newly-Opened High Performance Center 04/04/2017
Cardiac Cath Cam Crowned Champion of B2B 2017, 13 Others Win Funds to Advance Projects 04/04/2017
Pushing New Frontiers: U Awarded $2.5 Million to Visualize Life's Building Blocks 04/04/2017
Piece of Mind: Pictures of the Brain Captured with a Surgical Needle and Laser Light 03/22/2017
Piece of Mind: Pictures of the Brain Captured with a Surgical Needle & Laser Light 03/22/2017
Utah Poison Control Center Celebrates 55th Annual National Poison Prevention Week 03/15/2017
U School of Medicine Jumps 20 Spots on U.S. News Annual Rankings 03/14/2017
Two Common Tests Aren’t Effective in Predicting Premature Births, According to National Study 03/14/2017
Common Yeast May Worsen IBD Symptoms in Crohn’s Disease 03/08/2017
Relief at Their Fingertips: Phone Monitoring Program Reduces Suffering of Chemotherapy Patients 02/28/2017
Playing Favorites: Brain Cells Prefer One Parent’s Gene Over the Other’s 02/23/2017
Health Equity Physician-Researcher Named Chair of University of Utah Department of Family & Preventive Medicine 02/21/2017
An Alternative to Opioids? Compound from Marine Snail Is a Potent Pain Reliever 02/20/2017
Intensive Blood Pressure Control Could Prevent 100,000 Deaths Each Year 02/13/2017
Genomes in Flux: New Study Reveals Hidden Dynamics of Bird & Mammal DNA Evolution 02/06/2017
Routinely Prescribed Antibiotic May Not Be Best for Treating Severe C. diff Infections 02/06/2017
University of Utah Health Care Clinics Earn HealthInsight Quality Award 01/30/2017
University of Utah Organ Transplant Patients Enjoy Some of Best Outcomes in Country, Data Shows 01/25/2017
Huntsman Cancer Institute Scientists Identify Bone Degradation Process Within Metastatic Breast Cancer 01/25/2017
Body cooling vs. active fever prevention: Similar outcomes for children after in-Hospital cardiac arrest 01/24/2017
Standard of Care Anti-Clotting Drugs May Be Unnecessary for Most Surgery Patients 01/24/2017
University of Utah Health Care Receives Prestigious Pulmonary Hypertension Association Accreditation 01/18/2017
Biomarker Could Identify Patients With Potential to Recover From Advanced Heart Failure 01/17/2017
How Safe is That Driver Next to You? A Trucker’s Poor Health Could Increase Crash Risk 01/17/2017
University of Utah Health Care CEO Vivian S. Lee Awarded Governor’s Medal for Science & Technology 01/06/2017
Fixing Failing Hearts: Leaders in Heart Recovery to Convene at Utah Cardiac Recovery Symposium 01/04/2017
Shoulder Pain Linked to Increased Heart Disease Risk 12/26/2016
Huntsman Cancer Institute Leads International Colorectal Study 12/19/2016
ARUP Laboratories Announces New Chief Medical Officer, Julio Delgado, M.D. 12/16/2016
Voices in Precision Medicine: Speaking on the Law, Ethics, and Science 12/13/2016
University of Utah Hospital chosen for national pilot program studying methods of quality monitoring in kidney transplant 12/09/2016
A Quiet Man, Towering Scholar and Gifted Physician: John M. Opitz, M.D., Awarded Federal Decoration from Republic of Germany 12/03/2016
Virus-Inspired Delivery System Transfers Microscopic Cargo Between Human Cells 11/30/2016
This Is Your Brain on God 11/28/2016
Rory Hume Named New AVP for Academic Affairs and Education 11/21/2016
U College of Pharmacy’s Program Awarded $19.5M Contract Renewal To Identify Compounds for Treating Therapy-Resistant Epilepsy 11/18/2016
U Symposium on the Law, Ethics, and Science of Precision Medicine 11/18/2016
Unmasking a “Silent Killer”: A Culprit Behind Polycystic Kidney Disease 11/08/2016
Why Are Some Obese People at Higher Risk for Diabetes Than Others? 11/03/2016
University of Utah Health Plans (UUHP) to Expand Market Presence to 16 Counties Statewide 11/01/2016
...Is More Better? Finding the Balance Between Nutritional Supplements and Eye Health 10/27/2016
Risk for Carbon Monoxide Poisoning Increases in Winter 10/27/2016
UUHC named an Anticoagulation Center of Excellence 10/26/2016
UNI chief wins Distinguished Hospital Executive Award 10/24/2016
Drosophila Study Hints at Diet-Based Treatment for NGLY1 Deficiency 10/20/2016
“That pizza was #delish!” What Do Tweets Say About Our Health? 10/17/2016
Genome Engineering Paves the Way for Sickle Cell Cure 10/12/2016
University of Utah Health Care Opens New Farmington Health Center 10/03/2016
University of Utah Health Care Ranks No. 1 Nationally in Quality, Accountability After 6 Years in Top 10 09/30/2016
Case Study Reports Details of Mysterious Utah Zika-Related Death 09/28/2016
HHS announces winners of challenge to improve the medical bill for patients 09/28/2016
U. Doctors Demonstrate New Laparoscopic Device in Mongolia in Front of Live Worldwide Audience 09/27/2016
Huntsman Cancer Institute Investigator Jody Rosenblatt Selected as HHMI Faculty Scholar 09/22/2016
University of Utah and Utah Families to Partner in a National Initiative to Study Children’s Health 09/21/2016
Super Sleepers or Dangerously Drowsy? 09/15/2016
U Launches Large-Scale Study to Understand How Teens' Experiences Impact the Brain 09/15/2016
Moving the Needle on Health Care Quality and Costs 09/13/2016
Cheerful Homecoming for Health Sciences Development Office 09/12/2016
Snails’ Speedy Insulin 09/12/2016
Orthopaedic Center Opens New After Hours Injury Clinic 09/07/2016
Factor Isolated From Babies’ Cord Blood Could Treat Harmful Inflammation, Sepsis 09/06/2016
Simple Saline Spray Could Be As Effective As Drug Therapy for Treating Chronic Nosebleeds 09/06/2016
Alzheimer’s Drug Shows Promise, Testing to Continue in Clinical Trials at the University of Utah 09/01/2016
Be Well Utah Week to Culminate with Family Health Fair Saturday, August 27th at Rice Eccles Stadium 08/26/2016
Pioneering Drug Researcher Named Dean of College of Pharmacy 08/25/2016
Rare Perfect Score Leads to $2.25 Million Grant for University of Utah College of Nursing Professor 08/10/2016
New Clinical Trial for Atrial Fibrillation Patients 08/04/2016
Huntsman Cancer Institute One of the Top in the Nation; University of Utah Hospital Best in Utah, according to latest U.S. News & World Report Rankings 08/02/2016
Data Center Wins $25 Million NIH Grant to Find Ways to Improve Clinical Trials 07/29/2016
University of Utah Receives Top Ranking in Hospital Compare Survey 07/28/2016
NantHealth and University of Utah Establish Heritage 1K Project to Discover Genetic Causes of 25 Rare and Common Diseases 07/25/2016
Size Matters: Advance Could Increase Sensitivity of Liquid Biopsies 07/18/2016
University of Utah Health Care Offers World's Smallest Pacemaker 07/18/2016
University of Utah Health Care and Primary Children’s Hospital named “Center of Excellence” for Food Allergy Research & Education (FARE) Clinical Network 07/15/2016
New L. S. Skaggs Patient Wellness Center Opens July 11; Takes Interprofessional Approach to Serving Patients With Chronic Disease and Disability 07/11/2016
Next Gen Healers 07/07/2016
NIH Funds Zika Virus Study Involving U.S. Olympic Team 07/05/2016
DNA Fest Highlights Utah Genetics, Precision Medicine 07/04/2016
'Renaissance Man' in Understanding, Treating Neurofibromatosis 06/30/2016
Surgical Simulation Center Receives National Accreditation 06/29/2016
Excellent Outcomes for Liver and Kidney Transplants at University of Utah Health Care 06/24/2016
When Doctors Admit Bias, Patients Are More Likely to Trust Them 06/21/2016
Living Organ Donors Honored at New Event 06/16/2016
Gordon Crabtree Named “CFO to Know” by Becker's Hospital Review 06/09/2016
A New Piece of the Type 2 Diabetes Puzzle 06/09/2016
Get to Know Rory Hume, New Dean of the University of Utah School of Dentistry 06/08/2016
Welcoming A New Generation of Native Americans to Medicine and Research 06/06/2016
Oliver Sacks’ Rare Eye Disease Gives Rise to New Strategy for Treating Difficult Cancers 06/02/2016
A new approach to heart failure? Backed by AHA, University of Utah researchers eye future innovations 06/01/2016
UCEER Awarded $4 Million to Tackle Ethical, Legal and Social Impacts of Genomic Information 06/01/2016
University of Utah School of Medicine to Honor Body Donors, Families at Memorial Service 05/26/2016
Metagenomics Pathogen Detection Tool Could Change How Infectious Diseases Are Diagnosed 05/26/2016
Brit Accents Vex U.S. Hearing-Impaired Elderly 05/25/2016
Families Will Have Fun Exploring the Mysteries of their Biological Blueprints at new Natural History Museum of Utah Exhibit: Genome: Unlocking Life’s Code 05/23/2016
Becker's Hospital Review Names University of Utah Hospital to its list of 100 Great Hospitals in America 05/19/2016
Even Frail, Older Adults Could Benefit From Intensive Blood Pressure Reduction 05/19/2016
U Students Collect Accolades for Catheter Innovation 05/17/2016
Study Fiinds COPD-like Respiratory Symptoms Common Among Smokers Despite Lack of COPD Diagnosis 05/12/2016
RedMed Clinic Taking Appointments 05/11/2016
U.S. Olympic Committee adds the University of Utah to National Medical Network to s\upport elite U.S. athletes 05/11/2016
HHS Announces Challenge to Redesign the Medical Bill for Patients 05/09/2016
22nd Annual Honors Nursing 05/09/2016
Study Contradicts Belief that Cancer Protects Against Alzheimer’s 05/05/2016
Rena D'Souza, D.D.S., M.S., Ph.D., Receives Birnberg Award from Columbia University Dental School Alumni 05/03/2016
Infants Much Less Likely to Get the Flu if Their Moms Are Vaccinated During Pregnancy 05/03/2016
Utah Naloxone: Battling Opioid Overdoses 04/28/2016
Seasoned USC Fundraiser John Baker to Join University of Utah Health Sciences as Chief Development Officer 04/27/2016
Military Sexual Trauma Associated With Higher Risk for Veteran Homelessness 04/20/2016
Proper Drug Disposal Safer and Easier Than Ever 04/14/2016
A Transplant Success in Panama 04/11/2016
Making Much Needed Surgery Accessible to Billions Across the Globe 04/06/2016
Utah Poison Control Center Reminds Public to Discard Infant Acetaminophen Drops 04/06/2016
Bench-to-Bedside grand-prize Winner Could Prevent Infant Death 04/05/2016
College of Health Gets New Look 04/04/2016
Cell Therapy May Mend Damaged Hearts, Study Says 04/04/2016
U. Students to Unveil Medical Innovations at Bench-to-Bedside Competition at State Capitol 04/04/2016
Autism Prevalence Among 8-Year-Olds Holds Steady From 2010-2012 03/31/2016
STAAMP Study to Assess Use of Blood-Clotting Agent in Trauma Patients Flown by Helicopter to Hospital 03/29/2016
Catalyzing Advances in Diabetes, Metabolism, and Obesity Research 03/28/2016
New Treatment Reduces Precancerous Polyps in Hereditary Cancer Patients 03/25/2016
Clinical Trial to Test Whether Antibiotic Slows Growth of Abdominal Aortic Aneurysms 03/23/2016
Utah Poison Control Center Celebrates the 54th Annual National Poison Prevention Week 03/17/2016
Internationally Renowned Scholar, Academic Leader, Wyatt Rory Hume, Named Dean of School of Dentistry 03/16/2016
Within Six Families, a Path to Personalized Treatment for an Immune Disorder 03/16/2016
Want to Touch a Brain? 03/14/2016
Well-Known Drug Could Yield New Treatment for Herpes Viruses 03/14/2016
University of Utah Infectious Disease Expert to Lead U.S. Olympic Committee Infectious Disease Advisory Group 03/04/2016
Ancient Viral Invaders in Our DNA Help Fight Today’s Infections 03/03/2016
Governor Herbert declares March 2016 Eye Donor Month in Utah 03/02/2016
Vice President Biden Calls for Cancer Collaboration 02/26/2016
Shaping Precision Medicine: The White House Looks to Utah 02/25/2016
University of Utah Biochemist Is 1 of 4 Researchers Globally to Receive JDRF Grants to Develop ‘Smart’ Glucose-Responsive Insulin 02/25/2016
White House Highlights University of Utah-led Project to Help Patients with Rare, Untreatable Diseases at Precision Medicine Summit 02/25/2016
Confused About Cancer Screening? Guidelines May be to Blame 02/24/2016
U. of Utah performs living-donor liver transplant for Logan family 02/18/2016
Alzheimer’s Caregivers Need Support, Too 02/11/2016
Advances Being Made in Treatment of Cholangiocarcinoma 02/05/2016
Macula Society Honors Moran Clinician-Scientist 02/04/2016
Tool Decreases Lab Over-Testing, Cuts Health Care Costs 02/04/2016
College of Nursing ranks 2nd for NIH funding 01/26/2016
Clearing a Path for Others: Native American Research Internship 01/22/2016
HPV Vaccination Rate Highest in High-Poverty, Hispanic Communities 01/21/2016
Moran Receives Grant to Study Blindness Prevention 01/19/2016
What Can Florida and Vermont Learn from Utah about High Quality, Low-Cost Health Care? 01/11/2016
Can a Hike a Day Keep the Doctor Away? 01/08/2016
World of Heart Recovery Medicine to Focus on Latest Advances at U of U Symposium 01/07/2016
Top Five Most Memorable Science Moments of 2015 12/31/2015
International Study Reveals New Genetic Clues to Age-Related Macular Degeneration 12/28/2015
Wired for Gaming: Brain Differences Found in Compulsive Video Game Players 12/21/2015
Advancing the BRAIN Initiative 12/17/2015
Comprehensive Mentoring Program Builds Foundation for Success 12/11/2015
Children Are Being Evaluated at a Younger Age for Autism Spectrum Disorder 12/10/2015
Rena N. D’Souza, D.D.S., Ph.D., Elected Vice President of the International Association for Dental Research 12/10/2015
A Molecular Noose Caught in the Act 12/03/2015
Value Drive Outcomes (VDO) 12/03/2015
Why Online Doctor Ratings are Good Medicine 12/01/2015
Possible New Mechanism for Aspirin’s Role in Cancer Prevention 11/23/2015
Advances in Precision Medicine and Translational Research: PPH and CCTS Pilot Award Symposium 11/19/2015
Research Shows Promise for Drug to Treat Rare Neurodegenerative Disorder 11/14/2015
ER visits, hospitalizations decline in elderly patients evaluated by DNA testing and predictive medication analytics system 11/12/2015
University of Utah Launches Value University, New Online Learning Platform for Health Care Professionals 11/11/2015
How Low to Go for Blood Pressure? Lower Target Could Affect Millions of Americans 11/09/2015
Study Shows Benefits of Intensive Blood Pressure Management 11/09/2015
Internationally Regarded Oncologist, Kathleen A. Cooney, M.D., Named Chair of Internal Medicine 11/05/2015
Utah Author Shares his Story of Loss as Part of “Grief and the Holidays" 11/05/2015
University of Utah School of Medicine Wins Spot on National Consortium With Plan to Improve Quality, Reduce Costs for Undergraduates 11/04/2015
Top Researcher Angela Fagerlin, Ph.D., Named Chair of Department of Population Health Sciences 11/03/2015
Cancer-Killing Herpes Cold Sore Virus OK'd as Therapy for Late-Stage Melanoma 10/29/2015
AirMed Medical Director, Eric Swanson, M.D., Honored on National Stage by Peers 10/28/2015
Crash Risk: Study Highlights Lifestyle, Occupational Factors That May Put Truck Drivers in Danger 10/21/2015
Building Immune System Memory 10/20/2015
High Honor for the U of U Medical School’s Vivian S. Lee, Mario R. Capecchi: Election to the National Academy of Medicine 10/19/2015
Celebrating 60 Years of Cardiac Surgery in Utah With Russell M. Nelson, M.D. 10/19/2015
Peter R. Huntsman Named CEO 10/14/2015
Why Elephants Rarely Get Cancer 10/08/2015
Charlton Park named UUHC’s new Chief Analytics Officer 10/05/2015
University of Utah Joins CDC in Effort to Stop Spread of Ebola, MRSA and Other Infectious Diseases in Health Care Settings 10/05/2015
University of Utah Health Care Continues to Make the List 6 Years Running 10/01/2015
Johnson Foundation Gives $100,000 to Support Moran Center for Translational Medicine 09/30/2015
Faculty and Staff Awards and Recognitions for September 2015 09/30/2015
Technology to Crowdsource Complex Triggers of Pediatric Asthma 09/28/2015
National Panel Makes Recommendations to Prevent Medical Diagnostic Errors 09/24/2015
University of Utah, Dixie State partner to offer PA program in Southern Utah 09/24/2015
Extreme Makeover of the Heart: Matrix Therapy is First FDA-approved Procedure of its Kind 09/21/2015
Zubieta Named Chair of the Department of Psychiatry 09/10/2015
Improving patient care while lowering costs: How Utah is leading the way 09/08/2015
John A. Moran Eye Center Ranked in Top 10 Ophthalmology Residency Programs 09/04/2015
Faculty and Staff Awards and Recognitions for August 2015 08/31/2015
Mom's Better Diet Could Mean Fewer Birth Defects 08/26/2015
Vets Who Leave Military Because of Misconduct More Likely to Be Homeless 08/25/2015
Why Do So Many Children Born With Heart Defects Have Trouble in School? 08/23/2015
Join Us for Utah’s Largest Free Family Health Fair 08/21/2015
The University of Utah Ranks High Among World Universities 08/20/2015
Senator Rand Paul Joins Moran Outreach Mission to Haiti 08/20/2015
HHS Secretary Sylvia M. Burwell Discusses Health Care Reform During Visit to University of Utah Health Care 08/13/2015
Moran Eye Center Surgical Mission in Haiti 08/13/2015
Pelvic Pain May be Common Among Reproductive-Age Women, Study Finds 08/12/2015
Grant Aids Dental School in Providing Care for Overlooked Population: Substance Abusers 08/05/2015
Viruses Thrive In Big Families, In Sickness and In Health 08/04/2015
Coordinated Effort Critical for Stopping Spread of Hospital-Acquired Infections 08/04/2015
Explorations Grant 07/31/2015
Genetic Tug of War in the Brain Influences Behavior 07/30/2015
New Utah Geriatric Education Center to Improve Geriatric Care Across Utah 07/29/2015
Stem Cell Delivery Method Shows Promise for Treating End Stage Heart Failure 07/27/2015
Poor Survival in Multiple Myeloma Patients Linked to Genetic Variation 07/22/2015
University of Utah Named Number One Health Care System in Utah 07/21/2015
Health Care Providers A Major Contributor to Problem of Antibiotic Overuse 07/20/2015
Study Highlights Burden of Pneumonia Hospitalizations Among US Adults 07/14/2015
Milk Prep Room Ribbon Cutting 07/13/2015
University of Utah Hospital Celebrates 50 Golden Years of Serving the Intermountain West 07/10/2015
University of Utah Health Care Named 2015 Most Wired Advanced 07/09/2015
National Cancer Institute Awards Huntsman Cancer Institute Elite Comprehensive Cancer Center Designation 07/08/2015
University of Utah Names Two News Faculty Members as Benning Scholars 07/07/2015
Carnegie’s BioEYES Expands to the University of Utah 07/06/2015
Genetic Testing in Kids is Fraught with Complications 07/02/2015
University of Utah Announces Inaugural Round of Grants to Advance Precision Medicine and Translational Research 06/30/2015
Faculty and Staff Awards and Recognitions for July 2015 06/30/2015
Faculty and Staff Awards and Recognitions for June 2015 06/30/2015
Stopping Ebola Before It Spreads: Identify Incoming Infected Travelers 06/25/2015
Long-Time Faculty Member Talmage Egan Named Chair of Anesthesiology 06/18/2015
Patients Less Likely to Die if Readmitted to Same Hospital 06/17/2015
David Perry, M.B.A., Named Chief Marketing Officer 06/15/2015
Genomics England Selects Omicia and University of Utah Technology for 100,000 Genomes Project 06/11/2015
U.S. News & World Report Ranks Primary Children’s Hospital and The U’s Department of Pediatrics in 7 Specialties for Its 2015-2016 Rankings 06/09/2015
University of Utah Designated as Center of Excellence for Tourette Syndrome at Annual Education Day 06/05/2015
University of Utah Neuroscience Initiative Announces Inaugural Round of Grants to Understand the Brain in Disease and in Health 06/03/2015
Pediatrician Ed Clark, M.D., Honored by the Utah Chapter of the American Academy of Pediatrics 06/03/2015
Utah Center for Reproductive Medicine Receives Optum® Center of Excellence Designation 06/03/2015
Faculty and Staff Awards and Recognitions for May 2015 05/31/2015
Nation’s research funding squeeze imperils patient care, say top medical school deans 05/27/2015
U of U School of Medicine Graduation Exercises 05/23/2015
U of U School of Medicine to Honor Body Donors, Families at Memorial Service 05/22/2015
Newly Launched Utah Parkinson Disease Registry To Provide Insights Into Disease’s Causes 05/21/2015
Innovative Approaches to Preventing Muscle Loss Earns Micah Drummond, Ph.D., AGS Investigator Award 05/20/2015
Seminal Discoveries in Metabolism Earn Biochemist Jared Rutter, Ph.D., HHMI Investigator Appointment 05/19/2015
Odd Genetic Syndrome Suggests Increased Blood Vessel Resistance Could Cause Hypertension 05/11/2015
Faculty and Staff Awards and Recognitions for April 2015 04/30/2015
Walking an Extra Two Minutes Each Hour May Offset Hazards of Sitting Too Long 04/30/2015
Road Less Traveled Leads to National Academy of Sciences for Biochemist Brenda L. Bass, Ph.D. 04/28/2015
Study Calls Into Question Inducing Hypothermia to Treat Cardiac Arrest In Childen 04/25/2015
Team of U. Student-Innovators Rake in Big Bucks at Rice 04/22/2015
Mario Capecchi Recognized With AACR Lifetime Achievement in Cancer Research Award 04/17/2015
Biochemist Adam Hughes Named 2015 Searle Scholar for Research into Age-related Disease 04/16/2015
Friend or Foe? Enzyme Discerns Whether RNA Is Viral or Not 04/16/2015
What Do You Want #AtTheEnd? 04/15/2015
New Method Increases Accuracy of Ovarian Cancer Prognosis and Diagnosis 04/15/2015
Tim Hynes Foundation Names 2015 SMTA Scholarship Recipient 04/13/2015
Cinluma wins Grand Prize at Bench-2-Beside Competition 04/09/2015
AMSSM Launches New Sports Medicine Website Geared Toward Parents and the Public 04/08/2015
Bed to Bedside Competition April 8 04/08/2015
Opening School of Dentistry 04/07/2015
Severe Malaria Marked by Unique Biochemical Changes: Finding Could Lead to Better Treatments 04/06/2015
Pulitzer Prize Winner Nicholas Kristof to Kick Off Global Health Conference 04/06/2015
Noted UCSF Scientist Joins Research Team at Huntsman Cancer Institute 04/06/2015
University of Utah Study Links Rates of ADHD to Altitude 04/03/2015
University of Utah Center on Aging Welcomes Ken Rockwood, M.D., as Keynote Speaker for 9th Annual Research Retreat 04/03/2015
Business Insider Ranks University of Utah Medical School Among the 25 Best 04/02/2015
Bench-2-Bedside Competition to Showcase U. Students’ Medical Innovations at State Capitol, April 8 04/02/2015
Amyloidosis Clinic Opens in Utah, Third in the Country Specializing in Treatment of the Rare Disease 03/26/2015
Study Links Thin Air, Higher Altitudes to Depression in Female Rats 03/25/2015
New Insights Into Little Known But Common Birth Defect: Congenital Diaphragmatic Hernia 03/25/2015
University of Utah Health Plans Selected for Green & Healthy Homes Pay for Success Project 03/25/2015
A Call for Caution Before Genetically Engineering Humans 03/19/2015
New College of Public Health Opens in Ghana 03/13/2015
Want to Touch a Brain? 03/11/2015
Improving Data Quality to Equalize Patient Care 03/10/2015
US News Ranks U of U Health Sciences Programs Among Best in the Country: Significant Jump in Nursing Rankings 03/10/2015
Rare Disease Day Organizers to Raise Awareness at Symposium and Statehouse Event 02/26/2015
Largest Study of Its Kind Documents Causes of Childhood Community-Acquired Pneumonia 02/25/2015
Utah’s Newest, Modern Health Center Opens its Doors 02/23/2015
AirMed Is Moving on Up--To Layton! 02/20/2015
New Insights Into Causes of ALS 02/19/2015
Meth Damages Adolescent Brains Far More than Those of Adults, Study Finds 02/11/2015
Novel "Smart" Insulin Automatically Adjusts Blood Sugar in Diabetic Mouse Model 02/09/2015
Karen Wilcox, Ph.D., Named Chair of Pharmacology and Toxicology 02/06/2015
Identification of a Much-Needed Drug Target Against MRSA, Gram-Positive Infections 02/02/2015
Cell Mechanism Discovered That May Cause Pancreatic Cancer 01/28/2015
Louisa Stark Wins Award From the Genetics Society of America 01/23/2015
Honoring a Career of Excellence 01/22/2015
Immune System Promotes Digestive Health by Fostering Community of “Good” Gut Bacteria 01/22/2015
Woodward Honored as Outstanding Educator 01/20/2015
A Glimpse at the Future of Heart Care 01/19/2015
University of Utah Health Care Welcomes Chad Westover as New Health Plans CEO 01/16/2015
U of U School of Medicine Welcomes Thought Leaders from Around the World 01/15/2015
New Study Findings Help Physicians and Patients Determine Prostate Cancer Risk 01/09/2015
Defying Textbook Science, Study Finds New Role for Proteins 01/01/2015
American College of Medical Informatics Honors Dr. Julio Facelli 12/19/2014
Cardiologist Awarded Master Clinician Award 12/19/2014
Meth Users Face Higher Risk for Parkinson's Disease 12/17/2014
Human DNA Shows Traces of 40 Million-Year Battle For Survival Between Primate and Pathogen 12/11/2014
Utah Jazz Announce Exclusive Partnership with University of Utah Health Care 12/10/2014
New Research Shows Fewer Deaths Related to RSV than Previously Thought 12/09/2014
University of Utah Spin-Off to Speed Discovery of Orphan Drugs 12/08/2014
Research on a Rare Cancer Exposes Possible Route to New Treatments 12/02/2014
Bam.iobio: An Interactive, Real-Time, Sequence Alignment Inspector App 11/25/2014
Genetic Variation Protects Against Major Cause of Strokes--Cervical Artery Dissection 11/24/2014
U of Utah Students Win 2nd at National Inventor Competition 11/19/2014
Are Ear Infections Overtreated in White Children? 11/17/2014
Games4Health Challenges Awarding More Than $30,000 11/13/2014
Treating the Transgender Community 11/11/2014
Harvard Business Review Highlights UUHC's Transparency Efforts 11/10/2014
University of Utah Doctors on Team to Study Genetic Causes of Male Infertility 11/07/2014
University of Utah Hospital Among First Selected for American College of Cardiology Patient Navigator Program 11/07/2014
Professor Honored as Health Care Ambassador by Danish Princess 11/06/2014
'Rewriting' the Way to Make Natural Drug Compounds 11/05/2014
Success of University of Utah Center for Medical Innovation Draws Impressive Grant Support 11/04/2014
Changes in Scores of Genes Linked to Autism 11/01/2014
Willard H. Dere, M.D., to Lead Program in Personalized Health 10/31/2014
Rewiring Metabolism Slows Cancer Growth 10/30/2014
University of Utah Health Care to be Inducted in 2014 Healthcare Internet Hall of Fame 10/28/2014
University of Utah Health Care Best in Class Five Years Running 10/24/2014
Pituitary Tumors Signal Risks for Other Cancers in Extended Families 10/23/2014
Huntsman Cancer Institute Receives $1MM Funding to Study Triple Negative Breast Cancer 10/23/2014
University of Utah Health Care Summit on Transgender Health Seeks to Improve Relationships Between Health Care Providers and Transgender Population 10/22/2014
University of Utah Welcomes Several New Health Care Leaders 10/21/2014
On/Off Switches for Inflammation 10/21/2014
Resetting the Circadian Clock: Shift Workers Might Want to Skip High-Iron Foods at Night 10/21/2014
Health Fair for Our Diverse Neighbors 10/11/2014
Researchers Look Inside to Reveal Workings of Powerful Biochemical Switch 10/09/2014
University of Utah Health Plans and Molina Healthcare of Utah Partner to Offer New Advantage Product 10/09/2014
Clinical Neurosciences Center Honored 10/09/2014
Not Your Average Groundbreaking 10/08/2014
University of Utah Surgeons Perform World's Smallest Liver-Kidney Transplant to Save Toddler's Life 10/07/2014
A Universal Ebola Drug Target 10/07/2014
White House Highlights New Neuroscience Initiative for Supporting Goals of Obama's BRAIN Initiative 09/30/2014
U Neurologist Receives Seven-Year Research Grant Towards Neurodegenerative Diseases 09/30/2014
Benzodiazepine sedatives linked to higher rates of mortality compared to propofol 09/29/2014
University Joins Network to Study Rare Liver Diseases in Children 09/29/2014
University of Utah Health Sciences Names Satoshi Minoshima as New Chair of Radiology 09/29/2014
Utah Doctor of the Year 09/26/2014
A Throwback to House Calls: Doctors from University of Utah Health Care Making the Rounds to New Moms at Home 09/26/2014
Looking Beyond the Diagnosis: U. of U. Nursing Professor Seeks Grassroots Approach to Health Care 09/25/2014
Huntsman Cancer Institute Adds Distinguished New Members to External Advisory Board 09/22/2014
Simple Changes Give Clinic's Immunization Rates a Booster Shot 09/22/2014
When Mitochondria Don't Get Moving, Motor Neuron Disease May Develop 09/19/2014
U of U Doctors Perform First of its Kind in Utah Aortic Valve Surgery 09/17/2014
A Better Way to Teach Evolution? There's an App for That 09/12/2014
Get to Know Gordon Crabtree 09/12/2014
Scalpel or Scope? Cutting Health Care Costs One Appendix at a Time 09/11/2014
Sublette County Rural Healthcare District and University of Utah Health Care Team Up to Improve Access to Medical Specialists in Wyoming 09/02/2014
Mouse Model Provides Window into the Working Brain 08/28/2014
The Flight of a Lifetime 08/27/2014
Making of Mirror-Image Protein Has Applications for Drug Discovery, Synthetic Biology 08/25/2014
8,000-Year-Old Mutation Key to Human Life at High Altitudes 08/17/2014
Utes Football Team Helps Save Lives 08/06/2014
Discovery of Protein's Role in Making Platelets May Aid Multiple Myeloma Patients 07/27/2014
Huntsman Cancer Institute Receives Funding to Establish a National Clinical Trials Network Site 07/17/2014
University of Utah Hospitals and Clinics Named Top in Utah 07/15/2014
University of Utah Health Care Statement in Support of Governor Herbert's Healthy Utah Plan 07/11/2014
University of Utah Health Care Named 2014 Most Wired 07/09/2014
Renowned Scholar, Educator, David H. Perrin, Ph.D., Named New Dean of College of Health 07/08/2014
NeuroVersity Launches Pilot Project for Students with Autism 07/08/2014
Partnership with Spinoff Company May Soon Lead to Clinical Trials of Metabolic Syndrome Drug 07/03/2014
$5,000,000 Gift Cancer with Women 07/02/2014
Do Fireworks Lead to Poor Air Quality? 07/01/2014
Making a Difference in the Fight Against Infectious Diseases for Kids 06/27/2014
Study Shows Early Post-Surgical Visits to Primary Care Physicians Help Reduce Hospital Readmissions 06/25/2014
A New Tool to Confront Lung Cancer 06/19/2014
UUHC Marketing Recognized as Top in Nation 06/17/2014
UDOH Campaign Urges HPV Vaccine 06/13/2014
Two Utah Doctors Selected for ELAM Fellowship 06/10/2014
USTAR Chemical Biologist Is Developing Tactics to Outsmart Diabetes 06/09/2014
Huntsman Cancer Institute Breaks Ground for New $105 Million Research Expansion 06/09/2014
Four New Genes Confirmed to Increase Familial Breast Cancer Risk 06/04/2014
Pew Foundation Features Nels C. Elde, Ph.D., in Interview on His Research 06/03/2014
Harvard Business Review Praises University of Utah Health Care as Leader in Physician Engagement 06/02/2014
Restored Funds for CPR Training May Keep Your Heart Beating Someday 06/02/2014
University Hospital Listed as 100 Best Hospitals for Patient Engagement 05/30/2014
Reduced Kidney Function Linked to Higher Risk of Renal, Urothelial Cancer 05/30/2014
Powerful New Tool Combs Family Genomes to Identify Disease-Causing Variations 05/29/2014
University of Utah PA Wins Award for Humanitarian Work 05/22/2014
The Young Sperm, Poised for Greatness 05/18/2014
Mice With MS-Like Condition Walk Again After Human Stem Cell Treatment 05/15/2014
Researchers Show Gene Variation Associated with Rare Heart Problem in Children 05/14/2014
Happy Hospital Week 05/14/2014
The Politics of Nursing 05/12/2014
Dianne Fuller Wins 2014 Dare to Care Award 05/12/2014
Utah Population Database Helps Glaucoma Researcher Learn More About Disease 05/07/2014
University of Utah's M.E. Hartnett Presents on ROP at ARVO 05/07/2014
New Information about Usher Syndrome 05/06/2014
Stop Shouting at Me: Why Clear Speech Can Sound Angry 05/06/2014
Randall J. Olson Receives 2014 Rosenblatt Prize 05/02/2014
University of Utah Health Care Named Corporate Volunteer of the Year by Utah Food Bank 04/25/2014
University of Utah Health Care and Staff Honored With Several Prestigious Awards 04/25/2014
Grant to Support Software for Tailored Cancer Treatments 04/25/2014
University of Utah Biochemist Awarded Prestigious Herbert Sober Lectureship 04/24/2014
Findings From Lippert Investigation Released 04/23/2014
University of Utah Moran Eye Center Research Team Helps Identify Drug That Restores Sight to Patients With Obesity-Linked Blindness 04/22/2014
University of Utah Health Care Online Physician Reviews Continue to Lead Transparency Efforts in Academic Medicine 04/22/2014
Robert Marc of University of Utah's Moran Eye Center Given 2014 Paul Kayser International Award in Retina Research 04/22/2014
Diagnosed at Last: Phevor Software IDs Disease-Causing Gene Mutations in 3 Children 04/21/2014
University of Utah Ophthalmologist to Receive Top Honor for Vision Research 04/17/2014
U. Hosts International Stroke Genetics Conference 04/16/2014
Student Inventors Win More than $71,000 at Bench-to-Bedside Competition 04/11/2014
Study: At 1 in 54 Children, Utah Autism Prevalence Rate Holds Steady at 2 Percent 04/09/2014
Air Pollution's Dirty Secret: Higher Risk for Suicide in the Salt Lake Valley 04/08/2014
University of Utah Hosts Second Annual Air Quality Retreat 04/07/2014
University of Utah Center for Medical Innovation Bench-to-Bedside Competition Highlights Student Entrepreneurship 04/02/2014
A Brain Region for Resisting Alcohol's Allure 04/02/2014
University of Utah Personalized Health Care Symposium Highlights Changing World of Medicine, Fosters Discussion on Solutions for Challenging Times 04/01/2014
Catherine R. deVries Honored at Annual National Physician of the Year Awards 03/31/2014
A Way to End Recurrent Urinary Tract Infections? Study Gives Hope 03/25/2014
Colonoscopy Isn't Perfect: About 6% of Colorectal Cancers Are Missed 03/20/2014
Center on Aging Retreat: A 'Life Course' Approach to Understanding How People Age Healthily 03/18/2014
From DNA to Diagnosis: U of U, USTAR Center for Genetic Discovery to Integrate Genome Data into Patient Care 03/18/2014
Sloan Research Fellowship awarded to U of U Researcher Adam Douglass 03/18/2014
Khan Academy competition 03/17/2014
Utah Poison Control Center Celebrates National Poison Prevention Week 03/14/2014
Poor Antibiotic Prescribing Putting Hospital Patients at Risk for Deadly Infections 03/10/2014
Utah Brain Awareness Week: Touching Brains and Captivating Minds 03/10/2014
Loss of Antioxidant Protein Nrf2 Represses Regeneration of Muscle Lost from Aging 03/08/2014
University of Utah to Host Lecture on Genetic Basis and Patient Treatment of Epilepsy 03/05/2014
National Drug Shortages Threatening Patient Care 02/27/2014
More Patients Turning to University of Utah Health Care for Life-Saving Liver Transplants 02/27/2014
ARUP CEO Selected as Trustee to American Board of Pathology 02/25/2014
Our View - Utahns Need Access to Affordable Health Insurance 02/24/2014
Building a Better Mouse (Model) to Study Pancreatic Cancer 02/23/2014
Utah Study Shows MRI Heart Imaging Improves Treatment of Atrial Fibrillation 02/05/2014
New Religious Brain Project Seeks to Uncover Brain Activation During Religious and Spiritual Experiences 02/04/2014
National Poll Shows Public Divided on Genetic Testing to Predict Risk 02/04/2014
Researchers Seek Patient Input for Study on Improving Surgical Care Coordination 02/04/2014
Update on Brazilian Olympic Athlete Lais Souza 01/29/2014
University of Utah Program for Air Quality, Health and Society receives $40,000 grant from UCAIR to develop video game app 01/17/2014
Golden Celebration: University of Utah Center for Clinical and Translational Science Observes 50th Anniversary of Clinical Services Core 01/13/2014
University of Utah Program for Air Quality, Health and Society Announces inaugural Round of Grants to Study Air Pollution Issues 01/07/2014
New Cell Mechanism Discovery 01/03/2014
Huntsman Cancer Institute Discovery Translates into Clinical, FDA-Cleared Breast Cancer Test at ARUP Laboratories 12/24/2013
Mole Crowdsourcing: There Could Be an App For That 12/23/2013
Renegades of Cell Biology: Why K-Ras Gene Mutations Prove So Deadly in Cancer 12/19/2013
Gene Variant Exacerbates Inflammatory Arthritis in Mice 12/16/2013
Vitae 2013: People and Stories that Drive Research 12/13/2013
Innovative Approach, Reveals New Public Attitudes About Access to Medical Information and Bio Tissue for Research 12/13/2013
Stroke Center Among an Elite Group of Institutions to Help Revolutionize Stroke Clinical Research Through New NIH Network 12/12/2013
Inventors, Entrepreneurs: 3 Health Sciences Researchers Named Fellows in National Academy of Inventors 12/10/2013
Value Driven Outcomes - A New Tool for Knowing Our Costs 12/09/2013
Carrie Byington Named Health Sciences Associate VP for Faculty, Academic Affairs 12/06/2013
Waiting for the Next Shoe to Drop: Healthcare Reform and Academic Pediatrics 12/05/2013
Saving Graduate Medical Education Keeps Tomorrow's Doctors in Utah 12/05/2013
Study Connects Dots Between Genes and Human Behavior 11/27/2013
Meet Trish Morton- New Dean of the College of Nursing 11/22/2013
Targeting Different Forms of Enzymes Gives Hope for New Heart Medications 11/20/2013
South Jordan Emergency Department Receives Prestigious Award 11/20/2013
University of Utah Doctor Honored for Advancements in Patient Safety 11/13/2013
Spotlight: The Future of Regenerative Cell Therapy 11/07/2013
Pathologist June Round, Ph.D., Wins 2nd National Award for Studying 'Good' Bacteria 11/06/2013
Children's and Families' Cancers Target of New Research Initiative at Huntsman Cancer Institute 11/05/2013
University of Utah Hospital CIO Discusses Value Driven Outcomes 11/01/2013
New Study Examines Link Between Pregnancy Weight Gain, Autism Spectrum Disorders 10/28/2013
Colon Cancer Screening Guidelines 10/25/2013
Forth Year in a Row Top 10 Quality Ranking 10/18/2013
In Wide-Ranging Collaboration, Researchers Identify Gene Mutation That Causes Hard-to-Diagnose Immunodeficiency Disorder CVID 10/17/2013
C.H. Hardin Branch Auditorium Dedication 10/16/2013
University of Utah Palliative Care Nurse Practitioner Holli Martinez Wins $50,000 Sojourn Award to Pursue Innovative Ideas in Care 10/14/2013
Disrupting an Antioxidant Pathway Prevents Heart Disease Caused by Reductive Stress 10/11/2013
Health Sciences Names Associate VP for Development, Harold A. "Jay" Vogelsang 10/03/2013
University of Utah Researchers Receive NIH Director's New Innovator Award 09/30/2013
Researcher Helps to Discover New Risks for Age-Related Macular Degeneration 09/24/2013
Hospitals and Clinics CEO David Entwistle Named Chair of Community Advisory Board For David Eccles School of Business Masters of Healthcare Administration Program 09/19/2013
Alumnus Who Achieved Remarkable Life After Spinal Cord Injury, Craig H. Neilsen, Honors U with Presidential Endowed Chair 09/16/2013
Magnet Resonance Imaging Before Ablation of Atrial Fib Helps Predict Success of Treatment 09/10/2013
Groundbreaking Event: The Ray and Tye Noorda Oral Health Education Building 08/23/2013
Wendy W. Chapman Named New Chair of Biomedical Informatics 08/20/2013
Center for Occupational, Environmental Health Wins $6.5 Million Grant for Research and Training 08/15/2013
Researchers Debunk Myth of "Right-brain" and "Left-brain"Personality Traits 08/14/2013
Major Birth Defects Associated with Moderately Increased Cancer Risk in Children 08/09/2013
University of Utah Research Could Lead to New Methods of Immunizing Populations 08/02/2013
Pioneering Insights into Platelets Earn Andrew S. Weyrich, Ph.D., Prestigious Dameshek Prize 08/01/2013
When Writing Antibiotic Prescriptions, Doctors Favor Strongest Drugs 08/01/2013
University of Utah Cardiologist's Research in Heart Failure Earns Prestigious Doris Duke Grant 07/30/2013
Surgical Anesthetic Appears to Treat Drug-Resistant Depression 07/29/2013
University of Utah Researcher Uncovers New Information About "Retina Building" Gene 07/26/2013
Value Driven Outcomes Costing Tool Wins University of Utah 2013 Most Wired Innovator Award 07/25/2013
Algorithms for Innovation Wins National Awards From Top Communications Firm 07/15/2013
Neurosurgery Chair, William T.M.D., Ph.D., Named President of American Association of Neurological Surgeons 07/09/2013
Health Sciences Announces Appointments in Research, Finance, Curriculum and HR 06/21/2013
U of U Pathologist's Study of 'Good' Bacteria Earns Her Selection as a Pew Scholar in the Biomedical Sciences 06/13/2013
Groundbreaking Brain Imaging Research May Change Treatment for Down Syndrome, Other Genetic Disorders 06/10/2013
University of Utah School of Medicine receives $1 million grant from Donald W. Reynolds Foundation to Strengthen Training in Geriatric Medicine 06/07/2013
Rena N. D'Souza, D.D.S., Ph.D., Named 1st Permanent Dean of New Dental School 05/30/2013
U Startup Invited to Esteemed Entrepreneurial Forum 05/29/2013
Patricia G. Morton Named Dean of College of Nursing 05/29/2013
U of U School of Medicine to Honor Body Donors, Families at Memorial Service 05/24/2013
University of Utah Pediatric Fellow Publishes Study on Organ Allocation 05/23/2013
School of Medicine Names New Chair of Surgery 05/17/2013
University of Utah Health Sciences Launches Genome Board to Treat Undiagnosed Patients 05/16/2013
New Research Shows Pelvic Organ Prolapse Surgery Less Effective Than Expected 05/15/2013
New Strain Of Influenza Requires Funding, Studies To Understand Possible Pandemic Risks 05/13/2013
At Fertilization Dad's Genome More Ready Than Mom's, But Mom's Catches Up on Its Own 05/13/2013
University of Utah Receives Award from Patient-Centered Outcomes Research Institute to Study Asthma Monitoring in Children 05/10/2013
Israel's Ben-Gurion University Honors U of U Nobel Laureate, Mario Capecchi, With Honorary Doctorate Degree 05/09/2013
Researchers: Omega-3 fatty acids don't reduce the risk of macular degeneration 05/07/2013
U Surgeon Named as ELAM Fellow 05/07/2013
Utah Study Pegs Wood Smoke as a Contributor to Winter Inversions 05/06/2013
One Bad Gene: Mutation that Causes Rare Sleep Disorder Linked to Migraines 05/01/2013
A Powerful, More Accurate, Genetic Analysis Tool Opens New Gene-Regulation Realms 04/22/2013
"Living Fossil" Sheds Light on How Land Vertebrates Evolved from Marine Life 04/18/2013
New Traffic System Gives Green Light to Safer Patient Transport 04/17/2013
Legacy of Giving Lives as L. S. Skaggs Pharmacy Institute Opens at University of Utah 04/15/2013
University of Utah Hospital Named in List of "100 Great Hospitals in America" 04/12/2013
James Fang, M.D., Named Chief of Cardiovascular Medicine at University of Utah 04/11/2013
U Students Inventing Tomorrow's Medical Devices 04/08/2013
Mary Beckerle, Named to AACR Board 04/04/2013
University Hospital Among the Safest Teaching Hospitals in the Nation 03/28/2013
New Medical Director Named at the University of Utah's Huntsman Cancer Institute 03/27/2013
U of U Nursing School Calls on Community to Thank Utah Nurses 03/26/2013
University of Utah Academy of Medical Science Educators Names Inaugural Fellows 03/25/2013
U of U to Host Program on Improving Care for Veterans Facing Illness, Death 03/22/2013
University of Utah Health Care Awarded Prestigious LEED® Green Building Certification 03/20/2013
Long-Suspected Cause of Blindness from Eye Disease Disproved 03/11/2013
Hope in Stopping Melanoma From Spreading 03/06/2013
For Some, Surgical Site Infections Are in the Genes 02/25/2013
Utah Elementary Students Help Launch Kohl's Healthy Kids Program 02/21/2013
Moran Eye Center Researcher Recognized for 'Audacious Ide' in Vision Research 02/13/2013
Mouse Model of Clear Cell Sarcoma Improves Understanding of Rare, Deadly Cancer 02/11/2013
Nurse Midwife Jane Dyer Selected as 2013 University Neighborhood Partners' Hartland Scholar 02/07/2013
Proven Leaders Magill, Strong Assume New Health Sciences Roles 02/06/2013
University of Utah Health Plans Ranks #1 in Overall Health Plans 01/29/2013
U of Utah Researchers Improve Genetic Understanding of Autism 01/17/2013
Women's Sports Medicine Program Aims to Keep Female Athletes in Top Form 01/09/2013
Statin Therapy May Prevent Mental Deterioration Associated with Malaria 01/03/2013
New Discovery about DNA Packaging 12/13/2012
Accidental Exposures of Children to Drug that Treats Opioid Addiction Alarms Utah Poison Control and Health Officials 12/13/2012
University of Utah Health Care First Hospital System in Country to Post Online Physician Reviews and Comments 12/10/2012
Migraine Auras 'Turn Up the Volume' of the Senses 12/06/2012
Possible New Treatment for a Childhood Cancer 11/26/2012
First Two Grants for U's New School of Dentistry Will Focus on Drug Addiction, Pain Regulation and Reward Systems 11/09/2012
University of Utah and Memorial Hospital Sign Master Affiliation Agreement 11/02/2012
Advancing Genetics on a Global Scale 10/31/2012
Weight, Age, and Gender Affect Duration, Intensity of Toxicity for Stem Cell Donors 10/29/2012
University of Utah Dental School Unveils Building Name and Location 10/25/2012
U.S. News Ranks University of Utah Hospital Among The Highest Performing Hospital's In The Nation 10/02/2012
Physician Receives Top Award from NIH 09/14/2012
Two Faculty Members Named to Benning Chairs 09/14/2012
Wnt Signaling Pathway Plays Key Role in Adult Nerve Cell Generation 09/10/2012
Genetic Association Between Parkinson's Disease and Prostate Cancer Uncovered 09/06/2012
HIF Gene Mutation Found in Tumor Cells Offers New Clues about Cancer Metabolism 09/06/2012
New Health Sciences Leadership Positions to Focus on Inclusion and Strategy 08/20/2012
Muscle-building Supplement Creatine Vastly Improves Response Time, Quality of Recovery in Women with Major Depressive Disorder 08/06/2012
Next-Generation Sequencing Technology Provides Key in Identifying Genetic Cause of Rare Disorder-Alternating Hemiplegia of Childhood 07/30/2012
University Blood and Marrow Transplant Program receives FACT Accreditation 07/12/2012
Gene Controls How the Body Responds to Influenza Virus, Helps To Reduce the Impact of Infection 06/28/2012
U of U Human Geneticist Named One of 22 Pew Scholars in Biomedical Sciences 06/14/2012
Hormones, Music, and Human Emotion 06/13/2012
HealthGrades ranks University of Utah Hospital as top Salt Lake City Hospital in Overall Patient Experience 05/24/2012
Mom's Poison Purse 05/09/2012
Kathleen Digre, Michael Varner Receive 2012 Rosenblatt Prize 05/04/2012
U of U Liver Transplant Program marks 101st Transplant 04/27/2012
University of Utah IT Services Unveils New, High-efficiency Data Center in Salt Lake City 04/09/2012
Found: A New Leukemia Drug and a New Approach 04/09/2012
Autism Rates in Utah, U.S., Reach All-Time High in 2008 03/29/2012
Lorris Betz Receives Distinguished Service Award From AAMC 03/27/2012
Beyond the Microscope: Identifying Specific Cancers Using Molecular Analysis 03/19/2012
Mental Health Services Hits the Road with New Mobile Crisis Unit 03/13/2012
U.S. News Ranks U Programs Among The Best In Physician Assistant, Pharmacy, Nursing, Primary Care and Physical Therapy 03/13/2012
Lifesaving Lung Cancer Screening Now Offered at Huntsman Cancer Institute 03/09/2012
U of U Dental Education Program Provides Free Dental Care to Nearly 100 Kids in Need 02/21/2012
Gene-Targeting Breakthrough Earns Biochemist National Award for Extraordinary Creativity from Genetics Society of America 01/19/2012
Bacterial Toxin Plays Role in Most Common Types of Urinary Tract Infections 01/19/2012
New Neighbors Have Arrived; U of U Health Care's South Jordan Health Center Delivers High Tech Healing with a Neighborhood Touch 01/17/2012
Wild Medicine: New Program Teaches Emergency Responders Backcountry Rescue Skills 01/12/2012
Study Assesses Pain Relieving Benefits from Music 01/06/2012
University of Utah Health Care Opens One-of-a-Kind Faint and Fall Clinic 11/30/2010
Utah Researchers, Families Part of First Large-Scale Genome Sequencing Study 11/10/2010
U of U Health Care Ranks No. 1 in Prestigious National Quality Study 10/05/2010
Michael W. Deininger, M.D., Ph.D., Named Chief of Hematology 09/27/2010
Higher Altitudes Hide Deadly Problem: Increased Risk for Suicide 09/15/2010
The Brain Speaks Sept 7--2010 09/07/2010
Potential HIV Drug Keeps Virus Out of Cells 08/18/2010
U of U Health Care Ranks Among U.S. News & World Report's Best Hospitals...Again 07/15/2010
University Stroke Center Recognized for Excellence in Stroke Care 07/13/2010
UNI Expansion to Greatly Increase Access to Mental Health Services, Treatment 07/02/2010
U of U Health Care TRAILS X-Country Ski Program Gets A Boost From U.S. Paralympics 06/15/2010
Tibetans Evolved Genes to Live at High Elevations 05/13/2010
Study of Williams Syndrome Patients Reveals Gene's Role in Intelligence 04/22/2010
Landmark Study Is First to Sequence Genome of Entire Family 03/17/2010
U's Norman Foster Honored for Pioneering Work in Battle Against Alzheimer's Disease 03/05/2010
UTAH Cardiac Transplant Program Celebrates 25th Anniversary 03/04/2010
Study Shows Drug Is Effective Alternative for Emergency Contraception 02/19/2010
Utah Scientists Report on Promising Therapy for Relapsing Multiple Sclerosis 02/16/2010
Vetter Named Chair of Neurobiology and Anatomy 02/12/2010
Genetically Superior Web Sites: Learning Center Wins Science Award 01/29/2010
University of Utah Health Care Celebrates Expanded Rehabilitation Center 01/26/2010
Dr. Randall J. Olson Receives Prestigious Governor's Medal 01/11/2010
Med-Into-Grad Program Fills Gap in Training Ph.D.s for Translational Research 12/10/2009
U Center of Excellence Will Improve Public Health Response to Outbreaks of Disease 10/20/2009
Researchers Land $8.2 Million Grant in Major NIH Initiative to Cure Congenital Heart Defects 10/13/2009
Former U Biochemist Awarded Nobel Prize in Chemistry 10/07/2009
U Cardiologist Ivor J. Benjamin, M.D., Wins $2.5 Million NIH Pioneer Award 09/24/2009
Gene Variation That Lets People Get by on Fewer Zees Is Transferred into Mice 09/11/2009
University of Utah Health Care Again Ranked Among America's Best 08/28/2009
U of U College of Pharmacy Breaks Ground on Skaggs Pharmacy Institute 08/11/2009
A New Era in Patient Care: University of Utah Hospital Opens New Pavilion 07/16/2009
Dad's Role in Shaping Healthy Baby 06/14/2009
U of U Pediatrics Department to Lead Utah in National Effort to Address Child Brain Injuries 06/08/2009
Gene Alterations May Contribute to Autism Susceptibility 05/28/2009
Autism Linked to Moms Who Give Birth at 35 or Older or Being Firstborn or Breech 04/28/2009
US News Ranks Medicine, Pharmacy, Nursing, and Health Programs Among Best 04/24/2009
Pelvic Floor Disorders May Have Genetic Link 04/23/2009
Novel Imaging Technique Holds Promise for Predicting Treatment Outcomes for Patients with Atrial Fibrillation 04/07/2009
U of U Neurosciences Earns Top Designation 03/23/2009
U Stroke Center Reaccredited As Advanced Primary Care Stroke Center 02/23/2009
Rothstein Honored for Work with Elderly Dementia Patients 02/17/2009
Statement on the Death of Dr. Willem J. Kolff 02/12/2009
New Test for Breast Cancer 02/09/2009
Statins May Prevent Blood Vessel Disorder that Can Lead to Fatal Strokes 01/26/2009
University Hospital Becomes First 'Baby Friendly' Hospital in Utah 12/10/2008
University Health Care to Open Multi-Specialty Center in South Jordan's Daybreak Community 11/17/2008
Longevity, Cancer and Diet Connected: New Research in Worms Could Apply to Humans 09/18/2008
DNA "Tattoos" Link Adult, Daughter Stem Cells 09/11/2008
Sexually Transmitted Disease, Urinary Tract Infections May Be a Bad Combination for Severe Birth Defect 06/20/2008
U of U Will Use $22.5 Million NIH Award To Speed Research Findings For Treating Patients 06/06/2008
U Public Health Program To Award First 3 Doctorates, 40 Master Degrees At May 23 Graduation 05/22/2008
Mary Beckerle, Huntsman Cancer Institute Executive Director, Elected to the American Academy of Arts and Sciences 04/29/2008
Study Finds Human Antibody Can Replace Prednisone To Treat Rare Blood Disorder 03/18/2008
New Class of DNA Sequences Expands The Possibilities Of 'Reprogramming' Adult Cells Into Embryonic Ones 02/20/2008
Colon Cancer Risk in U.S. Traced to Common Ancestor 01/02/2008
Mario R. Capecchi, University of Utah Gene-Targeting Pioneer, Wins 2007 Nobel Prize 10/07/2007
Utah Research Shows Gastric Bypass Surgery Reduces Mortality Risk in Severely Obese Patients 08/22/2007
Update on University Health Care Policy Regarding Treatment of Inmates 06/26/2007
Utah's First Laser Based Cornea Transplant Performed at Moran Eye Center 05/01/2007
Utah Ophthalmologists Continue Tradition of Service in Africa 04/02/2007
Fat Molecule That Plays an Important Role in Insulin Resistance 03/05/2007
U Researchers Find Possible Autism Gene 02/17/2007
Study Shows New Psoriasis Treatment Effective 02/06/2007
U of U College of Pharmacy Receives $20 Million Gift for New Building 01/07/2007
Utah Poison Control Center Saves Rural Residents More Than $1 Million In Hospital Costs 11/27/2006
New CEO Named for Hospitals & Clinics 11/19/2006
Good, Bad Blood Cells: Form Clots, Fight Inflammation, Trigger Heart Attacks 10/04/2006
Noted Cell Biologist Selected as New Leader of the Unversity of Utah's Huntsman Cancer Insititute 08/15/2006
College of Nursing Benefits from Multi-Million Dollar Gift from Intermountain Healthcare 02/27/2006
Study Suggests Glucosamine & Chondroitin Sulfate Efficacy May Depend on Level of Osteoarthritis Pain 02/21/2006
University of Utah Names Four Researchers to Hold Benning Endowed Chairs at Medical School 01/08/2006
Gene Increases Risk of Precursor of Macular Degeneration 11/28/2005
An Alzheimer's Program for the 21st Century: Top Expert to Open Clinic at U of U, Join New Brain Institute 11/16/2005
U of U to Celebrate Opening of New Health Sciences Education Building 08/31/2005
Internationally Regarded U of U Neurologist, Jack H. Petajan, Dies of Cancer 06/23/2005
Close Relatives of Men with Prostate Cancer at Greater Risk for Other Types of Cancer, Too, U Researchers Report 03/13/2005
U Researcher Briefs Bush Adviser, Congressional Staff on Study of Medicare Reimbursement for Chemotherapy 02/17/2005
Surgical Alternative to Hysterectomy for Women with Symptomatic Uterine Fibroids 02/03/2005
U Hospital's Stroke Services Named Region's First Primary Stroke Center 01/11/2005
U Genetic Science Learning Center Named Among Top 50 Web Sites for Second Year in a Row 10/12/2004
Many Hispanic Immigrants Afraid to Drink Tap Water, Says Medical School Study 06/29/2004
Natural Selection at Work in Genetic Variation to Taste or Not to Taste Bitter Compound, U Researchers Say 06/22/2004
Department of Family and Preventive Medicine Ranked No. 3 in Country in National Institutes of Health Grants 05/25/2004
U Hospital Opens South Jordan Health Center, New Patient-Visit System 02/22/2004
Genetic Groupings, Not Race, A Better Way to Study Disease 12/09/2003
How AIDS Destroys Immunity—Biologist Finds HIV Gene Makes a Human Gene Bad 08/20/2003
U Study Shows Benefits of Mothers and Daughters Exercising Together 07/01/2003
U Hospital Ranks 7th in Nation for Organ Donation Consent 06/18/2003
Professor's Work in Radiation Oncology Earns American Cancer Society's 'Sword of Hope' Award 06/03/2003
U of U Breaks Ground for Orthopedic Center 06/02/2003
U Hospital to Open Doors to $42.5 Million Eccles Critical Care Pavilion 03/20/2003
Is Eight Enough? U Researcher Says Drink Up and Tells Why 01/14/2003
New Generation of Defibrillators, Pacemakers Save Lives 01/07/2003