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Progressive Systemic Sclerosis Clinic

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What Is Scleroderma?

Progressive systemic sclerosis (SSc), also known as scleroderma, is a connective tissue disease. Symptoms of SSc are:

  • thickening and hardening of the skin and internal organs,
  • vascular abnormalities, and
  • abnormalities of the immune system.

Raynaud’s Phenomenon

The most common symptom of this disease is a color change in your hands and feet when they are exposed to the cold. This is known as Raynaud's phenomenon. Raynaud's phenomenon can be life threatening if the lung and kidney organs are involved.

Find A Scleroderma Specialist

To Make an Appointment

Our clinic can assess patients with a diagnosis of SSc or Raynaud's phenomenon. To make an appointment, please call 801-581-7724 and request a new patient assessment.

At your first appointment, your doctor will determine whether you also need to be examined by one of our SSc lung specialists. Our physicians can also introduce you to SSc clinical trials if you are interested.

Our clinic supports the Scleroderma Foundation (phone: 800-722-4673) and the Arthritis Foundation (phone: 800-283-7800). We are also a member of the Scleroderma Clinical Trials Consortium.