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43: Fighting COVID-19 in New York City

May 05, 2020

Doctors all over the world are going to New York to lend a hand against the pandemic. Dr. Scott Aberegg was one of these volunteer pulmonologists who served on the frontlines in NYC. Hear his story about the reality of what New Yorkers are facing as well as the extraordinary efforts being made to save lives.

Episode Transcript

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One Doctor's Story from the Frontlines

New York City has been one of the hardest-hit communities in the United States during the pandemic. Doctors from around the world have been volunteering to travel to New York and help out where they can. Pulmonologist Dr. Scott Aberegg from University of Utah Health has just returned home from his voluntary tour in one of Manhattan's intensive care units battling COVID-19 on the frontlines.

"When somebody says they need help, I just go help them," says Dr. Aberegg. He volunteered despite the fear that comes from knowing the high rate of infection facing doctors treating patients suffering from coronavirus.

Dr. Aberegg explains what the situation is like in New York City. From the eeriness of empty streets to the varying degrees of chaos healthcare institutions are facing. He shares his perspective and gratitude for the extraordinary efforts being made from everyone helping out on the frontlines: from the newly retrained ICU nurses to the construction workers making building adaptations necessary to meet the demand and save lives.

In this episode, learn the reality of what the doctors in New York are facing and the bright successes they have achieved.

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Why do some people seem to recover from adversity better than others? Scot shares an article from Brad Stulberg that claims resilience lies in how we frame events and incorporate those into the story of who we are.


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