Jul 25, 2019


Interviewer: Do you have a hernia? Dr. Rodney Barker is a surgeon and a hernia expert. What are the signs a person might have a hernia?

Dr. Barker: A hernia is a defect in the abdominal wall. It causes a bulge just under the skin, and patients can often feel it or they can see it. If they see or feel that bulge, that's usually a hernia.

Interviewer: Is it going to go away on its own?

Dr. Barker: It won't. Sometimes you can live with them for a while if they're relatively pain-free and small, but, eventually, it'll have to be repaired if it's going to resolve.

Interviewer: And if it is bothering a person, what's the next thing they should do?

Dr. Barker: They should make an appointment with their doctor so they can have it checked and see if it indeed is a hernia. The physician will then discuss options with them. Usually, it's a referral to a surgeon who specializes in hernia repair.

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