Jun 24, 2021

Interviewer: How and when should you use those automatic defibrillators? Dr. Troy Madsen, what should I know?

Dr. Madsen: So the first thing to know is that these are designed for people who don't have a pulse. So if someone goes down, feel for a pulse. If they don't have one, number one, call 911. Get help there. Number two, start chest compressions. That's really the most important thing you can do right then. Number three, get someone to get the defibrillator for you, bring it over, open it up. It's going to walk you through the steps, or walk that person through the steps to set it up. It has pictures, where to put the pads on their chest. It reads their heart rhythm. If they need a shock, it'll tell you to push the button to shock them.

Interviewer: Could I actually do the person harm if I used it incorrectly?

Dr. Madsen: You won't because it will know when you need to shock them. It will tell you what to do, and it's not going to shock them unless it tells you to shock them.

updated: June 24, 2021
originally published: July 18, 2017

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