Sep 3, 2020

Hi, this is Scot from Who Cares About Men's Health. Troy and I are going to be back next week with some brand new episodes. Really excited about that. But in the meantime, I want you to check out a podcast that I think you're going to really love. It's called Clinical, and it takes you on a deep, deep dive into the heart of University Hospital and tells the stories of the people that make a hospital a hospital.

Clinical's current series is called Unit on the Brink: Voices from the COVID Frontline. And it's the stories of seven medical professionals and how the virus is impacting their patients, their community, and their lives.

And by the way, you're going to hear a familiar voice on this podcast. Producer Mitch not only produces it, but he's also one of the co-hosts of Clinical along with Stephen Dark, who is an amazing writer and amazing storyteller. I listened to Episode 3 three times, twice because I had to for my job and the third time for me.

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