Apr 8, 2021


Interviewer: Today, on ER or Not, your kid got something stuck in their ear. Do you need to go the emergency room to get that taken care of? Dr. Troy Madsen is an emergency room physician. What do you say?

Dr. Madsen: Well, in my experience things that are stuck in the ear are really hard to get out, and I've seen things in the ear from cockroaches to beads that are stuck in the ear. I think probably part of the reason these things are tough to get out is because it irritates the kid. They've probably been pushing on it and pushing it in there further.

So you could try something simple at home if you had something where you can squirt some water in there. Try to get some water, maybe behind it, to flush it out. It might work, but it's probably not going to work. Don't try tweezers. Once you start pushing tweezers in there, you could push that thing down further. So I generally recommend, if your kid has something stuck in their ear, don't work hard to get it out on your own, go to the ER.

updated: April 8, 2021
originally published: September 8, 2017

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