Sep 1, 2016

Interview Transcript

Announcer: Need reliable health and wellness information? Don't listen to the guy in the cube next to you, get it from a trusted source, straight from the doctor's mouth. Here's this week's listener question, on The Scope.

Interviewer: Today's listener question is for Dr. Kirtly Parker Jones, We've got a question here. Any tips for getting pregnant? This person says, "My husband and I have been trying to get pregnant for a while, with no luck." What advice do you have for them, Dr. Jones?

Dr. Jones: Well, the question is, how long is a while? If it's been a year, you need some help. What's trying? Is trying having sex once a month, or it should be three times a week, and how old are you? You didn't say if you're over 35, and you've been trying 6 months, you should try now. If you're 20, and in otherwise good health with regular periods, you can wait another 6 months or so.

We have a lot more on this topic and how to get pregnant and who to see on The Scope Radio. Check out the 7 Domains of Women's Health, and just plug in "infertility" and read some more.

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