Apr 15, 2020

Interviewer: Is it still safe to go outside for a walk with friends? Dr. Richard Orlandi from University of Utah Health says getting outside with others is a great idea if you follow a few rules.

Dr. Orlandi: I think as long as your friends are healthy, they're not coughing, they're not short of breath other than it depends on how fast you're walking, but they're not normally short of breath, and they don't have a fever and you don't touch one another and you stay six feet apart, I would say that that's okay. A lot of conditions in that.

Interviewer: According to Dr. Orlandi, exercise, whether alone or socially with precautions, has a positive impact on the immune system along with a lot of other health benefits.

Dr. Orlandi: It helps us deal with stress. It helps us with our emotional state. Helps us in many physical ways. So continuing to exercise now, going to the gym, you know, a lot of gyms are closing down, so we have to find alternative forms of exercise, whether that . . . however, you know, whatever you want to do at home, yoga or whatever that people like to do. And going for a walk again, as long as you're spread out, shouldn't be an issue.

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