Oct 19, 2020


Hey everyone, this Margaux from Bundle Of Hers. While we're on hiatus, I wanted to share with you another podcast called, Clinical, which is produced by The Scope Presents, the same network that produces Bundle Of Hers.

Clinical takes you deep into the heart of our institution and to find out what really makes a hospital... a hospital, and looking beyond the stories of just physicians, but into the entire ecosystem of our hospital and all healers that make our hospital work.

Currently, on Clinical, there's a multi-part series called Unit on the Brink: Voices from the COVID Frontline. As a resident, whose been working with COVID patients, I think it's important that we take time to listen to the narratives of the frontline workers in the COVID units. If you love the narratives we share on Bundle Of Hers, I highly recommend you check out this series.

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