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Women's health is so much more than the problems brought to the doctor's office. Every medical problem is molded by the complexities of women's lives, for better and for worse. Dr. Kirtly Parker Jones looks at women's health through the lens of physical, emotional, social, intellectual, financial, environmental, and spiritual health—the seven domains of women's health. These are conversations for all the women in your life, and we're going to have these conversations together.

Latest Episodes

7 Domains of Women's Health Returns With New Episodes in 2021

Dec 21, 2020

7 Domains of Women's Health is going to be taking a little break over the winter holidays. Thank you for joining us this year as we premiered our show—we'll be back with all-new episodes in the new year. 2020 has been quite an experience, and holidays can be especially stressful for women who try...

E7: 7 Domains of Chronotypes

Dec 14, 2020

For most of us, we know when it's time to eat and we know when it's time to sleep. We know if there are certain times in which our minds and emotions are "better" than other times. This is called our circadian rhythm, and it's set by cues from inside our bodies. Chronobiologist—and Dr. Kirtly ...

E6: 7 Domains of Fertility

Dec 7, 2020

For many people, having children and raising children is the biggest part of their life plans. But for some, infertility—not being able to get pregnant after a year of trying—can present major challenges for a woman, and affects all seven domains of her health. Dr. Douglas Fair from Huntsman ...

E5: 7 Domains of Food

Nov 30, 2020

Food touches the lives of every living being on this planet. Food can make you feel happy. Consuming certain foods over others may or may not align with a specific faith. And of course, some foods will make your body not feel so good. Clinical dietitian Kary Woodruff joins this episode of 7 Domains ...

E4: 7 Domains of Periods

Nov 23, 2020

Every woman on the planet has periods. It's not a bad thing, it might make you feel bad, but periods aren't bad. Periods are a sign of a woman's overall health—it means you are healthy. But, what does it mean when a woman doesn't have periods? Is she "normal"? What is normal, anyway? ...

E3: 7 Domains of Love

Nov 16, 2020

Love is a secondary emotion. And it is awful that in the English language, we don't have enough words that specifically guide us for the different kinds of love. When we're talking about the seven domains of love, are we talking about erotic love? Are we talking about maternal love? Are we talking ...

E2: 7 Domains of Becoming a Woman

Nov 16, 2020

When does a girl become a woman? Of course, it depends. It depends on how you define "woman" and that depends on the seven domains of a woman's health. For some, becoming a woman is when she has her first period. For others, it's when she's able to form her own judgment and thought. But, as with all...