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Top Surgery

Transmasculine reconstruction, commonly referred to as top surgery involves removing your unwanted breasts and reconstructing the skin, nipples, and areolas to create a masculine looking chest.

The techniques we use include the double incision, keyhole, or a combination of these depending on your breast size and shape. You will discuss the technique with your surgeon at the first consultation.

WPATH Standards of Care

The providers follow the WPATH Standards of Care, which recommend one letter from a qualified mental health care prior to the surgery:

Criteria for Top Surgery and Creation of A Male Chest in Transmasculine Patients

  1. Persistent, well documented gender dysphoria;
  2. Capacity to make a fully informed decision and to consent for treatment;
  3. Age of majority in a given country;
  4. If significant medical or mental health concerns are present, they must be reasonably well-controlled.

Hormone therapy is not a prerequisite.

Top Surgery Doctors

Traveling from out of State?

Are you traveling from out-of-state? Good preparation is critical to a having a good outcome. You will be required to stay in Salt Lake City for a minimum of one week after the surgery and will need someone to accompany you and assist during that time.

Jace Cowperthwaire

Hear From Our Patient

Jace was standing in the bra section of a clothing store with his mom when suddenly he began to cry. Jace hadn’t been the kind of kid who struggled with his gender identity from a young age. But when puberty hit and his body became more feminine, it didn’t feel right.