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Utah Peripartum Pelvic Floor Wellness & Recovery After Delivery Program (Upward)

Welcome To Upward — Utah Peripartum Pelvic Floor Wellness & Recovery After Delivery Program

After giving birth, it's normal to put 100 percent of your focus on your baby, which makes it easy to ignore your own health and mental well-being—especially when it comes to the part of your body called the pelvic floor.

What Is the Pelvic Floor

The pelvic floor is a group of muscles at the bottom of the pelvis that support the womb, bladder, and bowels. When these muscles become weak—due to pregnancy or childbirth—urinary leakage, stool leakage, wound complications following vaginal birth, and vaginal bulging can occur.

Many pregnant mothers have pelvic floor symptoms before and up to 12 months following birth. UPWARD offers expert care to women experiencing pelvic floor issues during a vulnerable time.

We understand it can be embarrassing to discuss these issues, leaving you feeling isolated. Don't suffer in silence. The UPWARD Clinic is here for you.

Your Continuum Of Care Before & After Birth

UPWARD Program for peripartum recovery

The team of UPWARD urogynecologists and nurses collaborate closely with specialists in pelvic floor physical therapy, physical medicine and rehabilitation, and experts from other disciplines to provide comprehensive care and education for:

  • pelvic floor anatomy,
  • wound healing, and
  • symptoms of the pelvic floor.

If necessary, we offer referrals for physical therapy and maternal mental health. Our program is open to any woman, no matter where she gave birth.

What We Treat

These services are specifically for women within one year of giving birth.

  • Infection and wound complications following vaginal birth
  • Education on perineal (vaginal) lacerations that may occur following vaginal birth
  • Stool leakage, incontinence
  • Urinary leakage, incontinence
  • Obstetrical fistulas, which occur if a connection happens between two organs (such as the bladder and vagina, or rectum and vagina) following birth
  • Difficulty emptying your bladder following delivery
  • Pain during sex after delivery
  • Vaginal bulge symptoms or pelvic pressure after delivery
  • Surgical revisions (an operation) for abnormal healing to restore normal anatomy
  • Education regarding route of future delivery based on pelvic floor symptoms, if applicable

Find An Upward Clinic Provider

Why University Of Utah Health Is Your Smart Choice

Our urogynecologists are highly-trained in pelvic floor anatomy and its symptoms during pregnancy and following delivery. We pride ourselves on providing the information you need for a full recovery.

The UPWARD program is the only clinic in the Mountain West dedicated to the care of pregnant women and new moms with pelvic floor symptoms. Our team provides patients a safe, welcoming space to discuss sensitive topics with empathy and respect.

Your First Visit: What To Expect

During your initial visit, we will:

  • Evaluate your pelvic floor symptoms: urinary, bowel, pelvic pressure, wound healing.
  • Examine your pelvis. This typically does not involve a speculum. It's a visual inspection of your healing pelvic floor. If needed, it may include a rectal exam.
  • Education on your pelvic floor anatomy.

If your delivery was not at University of Utah Hospital, please bring in your delivery note.

We Help With Referrals, Too

After your evaluation, you may need a referral to another provider. We can refer you to:

  • Pelvic floor physical therapy.
  • Lactation specialists.
  • Physical medicine and rehabilitation.
  • Psychology/psychiatry.

To make an appointment, call 801-213-2995. We look forward to seeing you.

Resources for Our Patients

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