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Apr 09, 2021

Waiting for Herd Immunity

Vaccinations for COVID-19 are becoming widely available with the goal of achieving “herd immunity”—a point at which enough people are immune to COVID-19 that the virus can no longer spread. As immunity continues to build at different rates in different places, what do we need to know as we wait for the nation and the world to reach full herd immunity?

Apr 06, 2021

Women’s Eye Health: What You Need to Know About Higher Risks

April is Women’s Eye Health & Safety Month. Why devote extra attention to the issue?

Apr 05, 2021

Pregnant in a Pandemic

Pregnancy has its own unique challenges. Throw in a COVID-19 pandemic and the situation becomes more complicated. With little information available about how coronavirus impacts pregnant and lactating women, it’s important to rely on health care professionals for advice.

Mar 29, 2021

Usted ya es elegible para la vacuna, ¿Se la deberia poner?

Todos los habitantes de Utah, de 16 años o más, ya son elegibles para recibir una vacuna Covid-19 en este Estado. University of Utah Health alienta a todos a vacunarse para ayudar a frenar la propagación del COVID-19 y poner fin a la pandemia. Todas las vacunas Covid-19 son altamente efectivas para prevenir consecuencias graves por esa enfermedad, incluidas la hospitalización y la muerte.

Mar 26, 2021

You’re Eligible for the Vaccine—Should You Get Your Shot?

All Utahns 16 years and older are now eligible to receive a COVID-19 vaccine in Utah. University of Utah Health encourages everyone to get vaccinated to help slow the spread of COVID-19 and bring an end to the pandemic. All COVID-19 vaccines are highly effective at preventing serious illness from COVID-19, including hospitalization and death.

Mar 25, 2021

Datos acerca de la vacuna

A medida que los sistemas de atención médica en todo el país trabajan para distribuir las vacunas COVID-19 de la manera más rápida y eficiente posible, hay mucha información que se comparte en las redes sociales y en línea. Parte de esta información puede crear temores sobre las vacunas e influir en la decisión de vacunarse o no.

The Scope

What You Need to Know About Fertility Treatments: After Age 40

Oct 14, 2021

For women over the age of 40 looking to get pregnant, it is important to start working with a fertility specialist sooner than later. The treatment options available become more limited as we age, so finding the right doctor to help with conception can be a crucial step in your fertility plan. Dr. Kirtly Jones speaks with fertility expert Dr. Erica Johnstone about helping women over 40 become pregnant.

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Sideshow: Battlefield Acupuncture

Oct 12, 2021

Troy shares a recent study that shows evidence that acupuncture of the ear may help treat back pain. But how does producer Mitch already know about battlefield acupuncture and how it’s practiced?

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What You Need to Know About Fertility Treatments: Between Age 35 to 40

Oct 7, 2021

What You Need to Know About Fertility Treatments: Between Age 35 to 40 If you and your partner have been tying to get pregnant between 35 and 40, you may want to speak with a fertility specialist. The fertility treatments available to you greatly rely on the age of the woman trying to have a child. In this episode, Dr. Kirtly Jones speaks with fertility expert Dr. Erica Johnstone about helping women in their late 30's to become pregnant.

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89: Checking in with Listener Scot

Oct 5, 2021

It’s been about six weeks since listener Scot spoke about wanting to improve his blood pressure and lose a few pounds. So what kind of improvements has he seen after taking Thunder Jalili and Dr. Madsen’s advice about increasing his physical activity and speaking with a nutritionist?

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