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Jul 07, 2021

Why Does the LGBTQIA+ Community Suffer from Poor Mental Health at Higher Rates?

Everyone has a sexual orientation and gender identity, but people who identify as part of the Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender, Queer, Questioning, Intersex, Asexual (LGBTQIA+) community are at higher mental health risk compared to others. According to the National Alliance on Mental Illness (NAMI), "LGB adults are more than twice as likely as heterosexual adults to experience a mental health condition. Transgender individuals are nearly four times as likely as cisgender individuals to experience a mental health condition". Many factors aside, this is because many people identifying as LGBTQIA+ face discrimination, family rejection, harassment, and fear of violence.

Jul 07, 2021

Coagulación de la sangre, Covid-19 y las vacunas

Desde el comienzo de la pandemia de Covid-19, la coagulación de la sangre se ha identificado como un efecto secundario del SARS-CoV-2 y, posteriormente, como un efecto secundario, extremadamente raro, de algunas vacunas Covid-19. El doctor Yazan Abou-Ismail, MD, hematólogo de University of Utah Health, responde preguntas sobre la asociación de los coágulos de sangre con COVID-19 y ciertas vacunas.

Jul 07, 2021

Blood Clotting, COVID-19 and Vaccines

Since the beginning of the COVID-19 pandemic, blood clotting has been identified as a side effect of SARS-CoV-2 and later as an extremely rare side effect of some COVID-19 vaccines. Yazan Abou-Ismail, MD, a hematologist at University of Utah Health, answered questions about the association of blood clots with COVID-19 and certain vaccines.

Jun 28, 2021

Recreación segura en el calor

El calor del verano ha llegado rápidamente, incentivando a las familias a disfrutar del aire libre. Antes de salir, es importante planificar con anticipación de acuerdo a la actividad en la que se está participando. Las enfermedades y los golpes de calor pueden suponer un riesgo grave y mortal para su salud.

Jun 25, 2021

Recreating Safely in the Heat

The heat of summer has quickly arrived, sending families outside to enjoy the outdoors. Before heading out, it’s important to plan ahead according to the activity you are participating in. Heat illness and heat stroke can pose a serious and life-threatening risk to your health.

Jun 25, 2021

Are You Burned Out?

So, how do you define burnout? What are the signs to look for? How do you cope? Tina Halliday, LCSW, Behavioral Sciences Manager at Huntsman Mental Health Institute, discusses burnout and offers some helpful tips and ways to combat this sense of hopelessness in the workplace.

The Scope

Dizziness in Children

Sep 24, 2021

Your teenager complains of constant dizzy spells or vertigo. Could it be a symptom of something serious? According to Dr. Cindy Gellner, dizziness is a pretty common condition—especially for adolescents. Learn more about the causes of dizziness in children and treatments that can help.

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How to Spot Dementia and Other Age-Related Cognitive Disorders

Sep 24, 2021

Consistently forgetting common words or even where you placed your keys? These could be signs of an age-related cognitive condition—or just a normal part of aging. Dr. Michelle Sorweid identifies mental difficulties that are just “senior moments” and those that are worth a look by a specialist. Learn the common symptoms to look for (in yourself and in loved ones) as well as strategies to help with cognitive disorders.

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88: Did You Call My Liver Fat?

Sep 21, 2021

Listener Brett was recently diagnosed with liver disease due to excess body fat. A fatty liver diagnosis could severely impact his quality of life, but he’s not quite sure what to do now. Dr. Susan Pohl shares her expertise to explain what causes excess fat in the liver and what you can do to improve and prevent the disease.

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Sideshow: Scot Swallows a Crown

Sep 14, 2021

Dental crowns are notoriously expensive and a hassle to have installed. Say one were to fall out and you accidentally swallowed it, what would you do? Scot, Troy, and Mitch brainstorm foreign object retrieval methods and learn when you should go to the ER if you swallow something you shouldn’t.

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