Treating Medication-Resistant Mood Disorders

The Treatment Resistant Mood Disorders (TRMD) Services at Huntsman Mental Health Institute (formerly University of Neuropsychiatric Institute) is staffed by psychiatrists who are uniquely trained to treat medication-resistant mood disorders. This referral-based clinic is the only one in Utah to provide a full range of neurostimulation treatment options for certain mental health disorders including:

  • depression,
  • bipolar disorder, and
  • schizoaffective disorders.

Our physicians provide consultations to patients being referred by their prescribers regarding alternative treatments for their treatment resistant mood disorders. Neurostimulation therapies include, electroconvulsive therapy (ECT), transcranial magnetic stimulation (TMS), and ketamine infusions. ECT can be done on an inpatient or outpatient basis. Ketamine infusions and TMS are currently available on an outpatient basis by psychiatrist referral only.

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Referral Process

Please call our office for more information about scheduling an outpatient appointment to discuss treatment options like ECT, TMS, and/or ketamine infusions. During this phone call we will gather demographic information, insurance information, and send a referral request to your physician.

If a physician is interested in referring a patient to us, they can print our referral form, and return it to our clinic. We will then follow up with the patient and schedule an appointment.

Once a treatment option has been decided upon, the patient will meet again with one of our psychiatrists to do a more in depth medical screening. This may involve a physical assessment, basic blood work, and an EKG.

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