Our Human Touch

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At Huntsman Cancer Institute, we put our patients and community first. Everything we do is driven by our compassion for people affected by cancer, and no detail is too small. Whether we’re heating blankets to warm someone chilled by chemo, running lab experiments late into the night searching for better treatments, walking someone to the right clinic, or welcoming a woman from a small town onto our screening bus for her first-ever mammogram, each of us has the same goal: to bring the Huntsman touch—the human touch—to our patients, their loved ones, and our communities.

Message from Our CEO

The Patient and Community First

Mary Beckerle speaking at groudbreaking of Kirk Center

Huntsman Cancer Institute (HCI) was founded by a man whose visionary drive and passion to make a difference enabled him to realize something extraordinary. Jon M. Huntsman saw an empty hillside and, through generosity, connections, drive, and determination, brought together a worldwide network. Today, that hillside is home to HCI.

More than just a beautiful collection of buildings, HCI builds upon the desire of our founder to bring something special—a human touch—to everything we do. Whether it’s a researcher who spends her weekend hours in the lab, a nurse who uses his time off to visit a lonely patient, or the environmental services worker who keeps our facilities beautiful and clean, we all have the same goal: to deliver compassionate, leading-edge cancer care and advance leading-edge research, and to do that with a touch that conveys we understand and we are determined to not rest until we meet the promise of our mission.

Despite this extraordinary progress and how awestruck I and many others are at the vision we now see fulfilled—an empty hillside transformed into an engine for cancer research and cures—none of us at HCI are satisfied. In 2020, we outlined a new vision:

Passionate individuals and teams
delivering a cancer-free frontier
through scientific discovery and human touch

And, as ever, we do this with our patients and our communities in the forefront of our minds.

Please join us in our work. In this report you will read just a few stories of how we are working to accelerate the pace of progress at HCI and to ensure the foundation on which we stand is here to serve our region for generations to come.

Mary Beckerle, PhD
CEO, Huntsman Cancer Institute