As we evaluated the rising COVID-19 numbers, we found it necessary to postpone the annual Huntsman Cancer Foundation Gala until fall 2022 to protect our community. While we wish we could gather in person to support cancer research, please know your support is crucial.

Even during a worldwide pandemic, Huntsman Cancer Institute (HCI) continues a relentless pursuit of discoveries that will further improve the lives of individuals facing a cancer diagnosis now and in the future. Bringing innovation to HCI is only possible because of donors and supporters like you who know the value of HCI’s mission to eradicate cancer.

We invite you to help move this critical work forward and make a gift to support the lifesaving mission of HCI.

Your support is essential to HCI’s mission to discover safer, more effective treatments, improve patients’ quality of life, and where possible, prevent cancer altogether. Make a gift, and make an impact. 

Make a gift to support cancer research.