Nov 17, 2022

Researchers, Providers, and Programs Recognized with National Cancer Community (C2) Awards

Huntsman Cancer Institute’s Doug Fair, MD, and Center for HOPE team earned 2022 Cancer Community (C2) awards for their outstanding work and contributions to cancer research and patient care. Former Huntsman Cancer Institute researcher Charles Rogers, PhD, was also honored with an award. Alana Welm, PhD, and Kathi Mooney, PhD, RN were also featured as award finalists.

Nov 15, 2022

Martin McMahon, PhD, Receives Lifetime Achievement Award from the Society for Melanoma Research

Professor Martin McMahon has dedicated his career to making an impact on cancer through research and mentoring trainees in his lab. The native Scot recently returned to his homeland to receive the 2022 Lifetime Achievement Award at the Society for Melanoma Research annual congress in Edinburgh.

Nov 14, 2022

Moderate Exercise Helps Colorectal Cancer Patients Live Longer by Reducing Inflammation and Improving Gut Bacteria, including in Patients Who Are Obese

A brisk walk for 20 minutes a day may not sound like much, but it could make a big difference for colorectal cancer patients. Regular physical activity reduces inflammation by improving the gut microbiome of patients, including patients who are obese, scientists at Huntsman Cancer Institute found. They researched the impact of exercise on the gut microbiome, the trillions of bacteria that live in our digestive system. Investigators found moderate exercise improved outcomes in colorectal cancer, the third most common cancer in the United States, excluding skin cancers. Scientists explain why their findings are so significant.

Nov 03, 2022

Letter of Hope from Michael Pulsipher, Pediatric Oncologist

Michael Allen Pulsipher, MD, chief of Pediatric Hematology and Oncology at Huntsman Cancer Institute, shares a Letter of Hope. He explains how his work, and that of other oncologists and researchers, is improving care for children and young people with cancer.

Oct 11, 2022

Scientists are One Step Closer to Stopping Drug-Resistant Tumors from Growing

Researchers at Huntsman Cancer Institute have solved a long-standing mystery about how a cancer-promoting protein causes drug-resistant tumors to grow. They hope the discovery leads to more effective cancer drugs. Ben Myers, PhD, explains how this new science is closing the gap in understanding brain and skin tumors and how to combat them.

Oct 10, 2022

Inspired By Caring Doctor, Patient Hosts Fundraiser for NET Cancer Research

Following her diagnosis with a neuroendocrine tumor (NET), Leslie Bangeter took time to grieve—then started planning a fundraiser for this rare cancer. Motivated by her doctor, Heloisa Soares, MD, PhD, Leslie's inaugural Black and White Ball raised $18,700 for NET research. She hopes this year’s event raises even more.

Oct 07, 2022

New Endowed Chair and Fellowship Holders, and Renewed Endowed Chairs

Huntsman Cancer Institute celebrates the addition of two endowed chair holders and a fellowship, as well as the renewal of two esteemed endowed chairs. CEO Mary Beckerle, PhD, congratulates distinguished scientists Amit Maity, MD, Jonathan Tward, MD, PhD, Afaf Osman, MD, Jen Doherty, MD, and Neeraj Agarwal, MD.

Oct 06, 2022

BRIDGE Study Finds Disparities in Family History Information in the Electronic Health Record

Patients from historically medically underserved groups, including patients of color and those who are Spanish-speaking, have less cancer family history information available to them. In addition, existing health records are less comprehensive, according to a study published October 4 in the Journal of the American Medical Association Network Open.