Skin Care Services

Dermatology services at University of Utah Health's Farmington Health Center treats patients with all types of skin diseases. We offer expertise in a wide variety of dermatological problems, from common skin problems to more rare conditions.

We provide treatment for:

Pediatric Dermatology

When we think of dermatology, we think about adults and teens. But children can have skin problems too. Our specialist also offers pediatric dermatology to treat your child's skin problems.

Lab Services

We also provide lab services for dermatopathology and immunopathology.


Where Are We Located Inside Farmington Health Center?

Our dermatology clinic is located on the second floor on the southwest side of the building. When you arrive at our clinic, our staff will help guide you where to go.

To make your appointment more comfortable, our clinic offers:

  • free Wi-Fi,
  • large comfy chairs, and
  • electrical outlets in the furniture so you can charge your device.

Skin Self-Check: Check Your Skin for Suspicious Moles

Dermatologists at Huntsman Cancer Institute recommend frequent self-exams of the skin to check for moles and skin abnormalities. Patients with a family or personal history of skin cancer should consult with a dermatologist for screening recommendations.