Family medicine providers at Farmington Health Center care for you and your family at all different stages of life. We provide comprehensive care for people of all ages in all health conditions—from children to the elderly.

We also recommend positive and proactive lifestyle changes so you can stay healthy at home and work.

Because family medicine providers treat patients of all ages, our family medicine providers also offer pediatric care. This means you and your child can get care from the same doctor. 


We offer the following services:

  • acute care
  • preventive care
  • routine wellness exams for adults and children
  • health-risk assessments
  • immunizations
  • screening tests
  • behavioral health services
  • personalized counseling on healthy habits

An important part of staying healthy is preventing chronic diseases like diabetes and heart disease. We help you manage chronic diseases by making changes to your diet and lifestyle.

If you need specialty care, you can access University of Utah Health’s broad range of specialty care providers.

Dermatology Services

We offer simple dermatological procedures including:

  • joint injections and
  • circumcision for newborns.

Pediatric Care

Did you know that family medicine doctors also treat children? Family physicians are board certified in pediatric care.

Some parents want a doctor who can care for their whole family. In these cases, family medicine providers are an excellent choice since they can care for both you and your child at the same location.

Our family medicine providers at Farmington Health Center care for patients of all ages. Our providers treat:

  • infants,
  • children,
  • teens, and
  • young adults.

Family medicine providers are also qualified to provide excellent care for your child. Just like pediatricians, our family medicine providers follow national standards and recommendations to make sure your child receives the best care.