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Cardiologist Services (Heart Care) at Stansbury Health Center

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220 Millpond Road 100
Stansbury Park, UT 84074

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Manage Your Heart Health: Meet With a Cardiologist

It’s important to get timely care when you need to see a heart specialist. University of Utah Health’s care team model means you’ll see the right specialist tailored to your individual needs and immediate concerns. All members of our care team work in collaboration with your cardiologist to provide you with high-quality, compassionate care at the time you need it.

U of U Health's Stansbury Health Center Cardiovascular Services offer the latest innovations in heart care and clinical therapies in Toole, Utah. We will help you manage your heart conditions and get treatment for any symptoms or concerns you have.

Heart Conditions & Treatments

Cardiologists at the clinic treat all types of cardiovascular disease, such as:

Our cardiology program is setting the pace in leading-edge patient care.

Heart Doctors & Specialists Near You

What to Expect at Your Appointment With a Heart Care Specialist

During your appointment with one of our heart care specialists, you can expect the following from our team:

  • We will review your medical history with you.
  • We will ask you questions about the symptoms you have been experiencing.
  • We will ask you about any medications you are taking.
  • We will ask about your family history.
  • We will ask about your lifestyle, such as how much you exercise, the food you eat, or your smoking and drinking habits.

Your provider may decide they would like to run blood tests to help diagnose any problems. You can get your blood work done right at the health center.

Once they have decided on a diagnosis, they will discuss this with you. Together you will come up with a management or treatment plan specific for you:

  • Changes in your lifestyle
  • Changes in diet
  • Regular monitoring with your cardiologist or vascular specialist

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