How Can I Get My Child to Stop Biting Her Nails?

Mar 19, 2019

Nail biting is a common habit, but usually not a serious one for most children. Most children who bite their nails eventually lose the habit, but some may continue well into adulthood. In more serious situations, nail biting can lead to health concerns. There is no prescription to stop nail biting, ...

When to Call 911 for Unsafe Drinking

Mar 19, 2019

If you ever find yourself with someone who has drunk so much alcohol they are not responding, what should you do? On today's Health Minute, emergency physician Dr. Troy Madsen explains how extreme drinking can be life-threatening....

Curing Sleep Apnea is More than Just Losing Weight

Mar 18, 2019

Being overweight is one factor known to cause sleep apnea— a breathing disorder that can occur during sleep. But being overweight is not the only factor. On today's Health Minute, sleep expert Dr. Milton Chua talks about some of the other factors, and what you should do if you suspect you have ...

How to Easily Stop Nausea and Vomiting

Mar 15, 2019

Nausea is a very common condition in the emergency room. But according to Dr. Troy Madsen, there's actually not much an ER doctor can do to help with the symptoms. Save yourself a trip to the ER—on today's Health Minute, learn what over-the-counter medication may ease your nausea at home....

How to Prevent Kidney Stones

Mar 14, 2019

In the past few years, doctors have seen a 30 percent increase to kidney stone cases in the United States. On this Health Minute, urologist Dr. Gary Faerber explains the cause of this increase and shares some tips to lessen your risk of forming a kidney stone. Learn more about this health topic in ...

Using the Right Words to Support a Recovering Alcoholic

Mar 13, 2019

Choosing to enter recovery for alcohol addiction is a difficult decision that requires a lot of support. Psychiatrist Dr. Jason Hunziker discusses how to support a friend or family member without accidentally causing offense....

When Should I See a Doctor About Hip Pain?

Mar 13, 2019

Sore and creaky joints are parts of getting older, but could that aching hip be signs of something more serious? On today’s Health Minute, Dr. Mattheau Eysser describes the signs of hip arthritis and when you should see a doctor about treating your joint pain....

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