growth through authenticity

A podcast on diversity and amplifying underrepresented stories and voices in medicine. Like a seed that blossoms, it takes time to grow into our true, authentic selves. The lessons we learn along the way add to our identities. Medical residents Harjit Kaur, Margaux Miller, and Leen Samha, together with medical students Lina Ghabayen, Hạ Lê, and Mariam Asadian, discuss the challenges of studying and practicing medicine, and how their diverse backgrounds influence their everyday lives in medical school and beyond. Through honest and thought-provoking conversations, BUNDLE OF HERS continues to grow and learn from their diverse experiences, and each other.

Latest Episodes

S5E19: Narratives of our Matriarchs

May 9, 2022

Discovering where you come from contributes to knowing where you're heading. We are built from the generations before us—our mothers and grandmothers before them—through their sacrifices, pain, and all they've had to endure. Each mother loves and nurtures differently, and sometimes that love and...

S5E18: Mothers in Medicine

May 2, 2022

Raising children is a community effort, but our society can make us feel we should be able to do it successfully alone. But the instincts are not always natural, and the expectations are not always met. And the advice you receive may not be the help you need. Matrescence—the physical, mental, and ...

S5E17: Dialogues of the Model Minority

Apr 11, 2022

Asian Americans are often stereotyped as educated, thriving, intelligent—"model minorities" who are perceived as achieving higher degrees of socioeconomic success to accomplish the American Dream. But stereotypes of the model minority, while seemingly positive, can cause damage and harm to the ...

S5E16: Conversations About Toxic Masculinity

Mar 21, 2022

Oxford English Dictionary defines masculinity as "Qualities or attributes regarded as characteristic of men." Societies and cultures have long built the image of what a man should say, should feel, should be, and it is often projected in a way that is opposite of what it means to be a woman. In ...

S5E15: Hip-Hop's Influence on Medicine and Health Care

Mar 11, 2022

You probably wouldn't say "hip hop" and "health care" in the same sentence. But despite their surface differences, hip hop ties into health care's disparities. Hip hop is a form of resistance, voices of the unheard—it is a culture that is so often appropriated and viewed in a lesser-than lens ...

S5E14: Elevating Black Voices

Feb 28, 2022

The Black Experience should be celebrated every day, not just during Black History Month. Through traumas and adversities, there are also successes and excellence that are worth highlighting and uplifting in our everyday conversations. But to round out this year's Black History Month, on a special ...

S5E13: The Inadequacies of Student-Run Clinics

Feb 22, 2022

Student-run clinics are one of the most comprehensive examples of experiential learning in medical school education—and in combination, are meant to provide primary care services to underserved communities. But the structure of student-run clinics can create a moral dilemma between experiential ...