They say men don't care about their health. We disagree.

This podcast is for men. Hosted by emergency physician Dr. Troy Madsen and The Scope Radio senior producer Scot Singpiel, two regular guys just trying to live a healthy life without it taking over their life. Subscribe and empower yourself to take ownership of your health and decisions that will impact your life now and in the future.

Latest Episodes

Sideshow: Battlefield Acupuncture

Oct 12, 2021

Troy shares a recent study that shows evidence that acupuncture of the ear may help treat back pain. But how does producer Mitch already know about battlefield acupuncture and how it’s practiced?...

89: Checking in with Listener Scot

Oct 5, 2021

It’s been about six weeks since listener Scot spoke about wanting to improve his blood pressure and lose a few pounds. So what kind of improvements has he seen after taking Thunder Jalili and Dr. Madsen’s advice about increasing his physical activity and speaking with a nutritionist?...

88: Did You Call My Liver Fat?

Sep 21, 2021

Listener Brett was recently diagnosed with liver disease due to excess body fat. A fatty liver diagnosis could severely impact his quality of life, but he’s not quite sure what to do now. Dr. Susan Pohl shares her expertise to explain what causes excess fat in the liver and what you can do to ...

Sideshow: Scot Swallows a Crown

Sep 14, 2021

Dental crowns are notoriously expensive and a hassle to have installed. Say one were to fall out and you accidentally swallowed it, what would you do? Scot, Troy, and Mitch brainstorm foreign object retrieval methods and learn when you should go to the ER if you swallow something you shouldn’t....

87: Man Meals Update 4: Graduation Day

Aug 31, 2021

In the final update for the Month of Man Meals, Mitch and Thunder review the unapologetically delicious - yet nutritious - ...

86: Man Meals Update 3: The Guys Get Saucy

Aug 24, 2021

Troy takes a homemade dish to a family cookout for the first time and Mitch learns that a salad can be more than just a pile of vegetables. Thunder and the guys review the Zesty Lentil Salad and nutrition coach Theresa Dvorak rounds out the Month of Man Meals with some Saucy Buddha Bowls....

85: Man Meals Update 2: Suspiciously Delicious

Aug 17, 2021

The guys review their experience with cooking Stuffed Spaghetti Squash and homemade No-bake Chewy Granola Bars. Troy is victorious, hunting down a gourd and Scot learns to not always expect perfection in the kitchen. Nutrition coach Theresa Dvorak and Thunder Jalili are back to talk through the ...