They say men don't care about their health. We disagree.

This podcast is for men. Hosted by emergency physician Dr. Troy Madsen and The Scope Radio senior producer Scot Singpiel, two regular guys just trying to live a healthy life without it taking over their life. Subscribe and empower yourself to take ownership of your health and decisions that will impact your life now and in the future.

Latest Episodes

66: Why a Few Extra Pounds Is a Big Deal

Jan 12, 2021

Thunder Jalili tells us why you should be concerned about those extra pounds around the midsection and how to get rid of them. Plus, what should you do if you get Frostbite? Troy shares his experience and what to do if it's you....

65: Reclaim Your Brain

Jan 5, 2021

Distracted? Difficulty concentrating? Mentally exhausted? Reclaim your brainpower by understanding the concept of cognitive load. Troy and Scot talk about the things that impact your ability to focus, think clearly, and keep your mind fresh and alert. Plus, nutritionist Thunder Jalili is back with ...

Bonus: Troy Gets the COVID Shot

Dec 22, 2020

Troy talks about his emotional reaction to getting the COVID-19 vaccine. Scot talks about jigsaw puzzles. Both preview the first few episodes of the upcoming 2021 season of Who Cares About Men's Health...

64: 2020 Lessons and Reflections

Dec 15, 2020

Scot sings a fitting farewell song to 2020. Troy, a history major and doctor, puts the year into perspective. Both reflect on 2020's wins, lessons learned, what they're grateful for, and what they want to accomplish in 2021....

63: Nine Gifts for Guys Who Care About Their Health

Dec 8, 2020

Unlike other health gift lists you'll find on the Internet, you don't have to be a health nut or fanatic to benefit. These nine things are for regular guys. Scot, Troy, and Mitch all use and benefit from each item. Each gift will incorporate activity, nutrition, sleep, or a mental health practice ...

62: How Much Should Men Care About Their Skin Anyway?

Dec 1, 2020

Dermatologist Dr. Luke Johnson talks about the three reasons guys should care about their skin. Troy shares nine evidence-based ways to lead a good life. Scot talks about the link between the microbiome and a healthy immune system....

61: Being Grateful is Good for Your Mental Health

Nov 24, 2020

How to tell if COVID-19 is getting you down. Psychiatrist Dr. Benjamin Chan talks about the power of a daily gratitude practice. Troy explains how to use soda to remove food stuck in your throat. Scot discloses his uncanny ability to always make the wrong choice....