They say men don't care about their health. We disagree.

This podcast is for men. Hosted by emergency physician Dr. Troy Madsen and The Scope Radio senior producer Scot Singpiel, two regular guys just trying to live a healthy life without it taking over their life. Subscribe and empower yourself to take ownership of your health and decisions that will impact your life now and in the future.

Latest Episodes

60: Coping with COVID-19

Nov 17, 2020

For Troy, COVID-19 is a part of his life every day as an emergency room doctor. Troy talks to Scot about the kinds of COVID cases he sees in the ER, how COVID is unlike any other disease he's seen before, and how, as a frontline worker, he is staying mentally healthy during the pandemic....

59: Erectile Disfunction and Your Health

Nov 3, 2020

It's a common problem that is generally easily solved. Urologist Dr. John Smith talks about how he diagnoses and treats erectile dysfunction. He also tells us why, even though men can get pills on the Internet, they should still see their doctor....

58: Kettlebell Curious

Oct 27, 2020

Kettlebells offer a different strength training experience than traditional free weights and are an excellent at-home option for resistance training. Strength and conditioning coach Caleb Meyer give Scot and Troy some tips about starting with kettlebells and using kettlebells in your activity ...

57: The Real Problem Isn't Drinking Too Much

Oct 20, 2020

Excessive drinking is often a result of bigger issues in a person’s life. Firefighter/paramedic Loren discovered his drinking was a symptom of other issues he needed to address first. Loren tells us about how he realized he needed to address his drinking, the path he took, and how it’s going ...

56: Sports Medicine Listener Questions

Oct 13, 2020

Sports medicine physician Dr. Christopher Gee answers listener questions about back pain between the shoulder blades, whether a meniscus will heal on its own, and arm care for kids who play baseball. Plus, Thunder Jalili is back to Thunder-truth or Thunder-debunk whether eating five meals a day ...

55: Perform Like a Pro

Oct 8, 2020

We all have moments in our professional or personal life we need to perform, whether it's a presentation at work or a weekend softball game. How can you avoid getting inside your head and sabotaging your performance? Mental skills coach Nick Galli shares stories of his work with the US Speedskating ...

54: Getting Active Again

Sep 29, 2020

Struggling to get back into your fitness routine since COVID started? Even strength and conditioning coach Caleb Meyer found himself unmotivated and spent a good chunk of the summer on the couch. Caleb shares his story about losing motivation and how he found it again. He has some tips from his ...