Aug 2, 2017


Announcer: The Health Minute, produced by University of Utah Health.

Interviewer: How can you prepare for your surgery so you have a better recovery? Dr. Thomas Varghese is a thoracic surgeon. What can I do?

Dr. Varghese: There are five things that you can do to get into the best shape going into surgery.

Number one, stop smoking at least three weeks before your surgical intervention.

Number two, let's improve your nutrition. Increase the amount of healthy foods. Decrease the greasy foods.

Number three, talk to your doctor about medications that could potentially increase the risk of bleeding at the time of surgery.

Number four, let's increase the amount of activity that you do. This could be as simple as walking a couple miles per day before your elective surgery.

And finally, number five, if you're a diabetic, let's get that blood sugar control optimized.

Doing these five things can not only get you into the best possible shape going into your elective surgery, but hopefully will instill any healthier habits that'll last long after your recovery from your surgical intervention.

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