Apr 1, 2021


Interviewer: When should you get stressed about being stressed? Psychiatrist Dr. Paul Thielking, when should a person become concerned?

Dr. Thielking: We all have stress. Stress is normal. We should become concerned when stress starts tipping over into what we call burnout. Burnout is associated with three things. One of them is emotional exhaustion. The other one is feeling disconnected from the work we're doing, like we're going through the motions. Then, finally, having a lack of a sense of accomplishment or meaning or purpose in the work that we're doing.

Interviewer: And if I start to recognize that I'm becoming burned out, what should I do?

Dr. Thielking: The most important thing is just to be aware of it and then you can reach out for help, for example reaching out to a supervisor, going to your EAP, or talking to your physician.

updated: April 1, 2021
originally published: May 15, 2019

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