Feb 25, 2019


Announcer: The Health Minute, produced by University of Utah Health.

Interviewer: You overcame your eating disorder. Nick Galli, what advice do you have to prevent a relapse?

Dr. Galli: Have a plan. Recognize your triggers so that you can hopefully avoid those. But if you can't, what is your functional response to those triggers going to be? I would say if there's anything to be doing more of, it's more being physically active, playing sports, you know, expanding yourself, learning to appreciate the beauty of your body not just for how it looks, but for its functionality.

Who are you surrounding yourself with? Are there people that, you know, really do tend to trigger you who are just so aesthetic-focused? You know, maybe you need to not be around those people. So, you know, certainly paying attention to what bothers you and doing more of what makes you feel good.

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