Apr 5, 2021


Interviewer: How to age successfully. Geriatrician Dr. Natalie Sanders, what do you mean by successful aging?

Dr. Sanders: Patients who age successfully generally rate their well-being much higher, they have less disease, and they also are able to stay independent for much longer periods of time.

Interviewer: Sounds pretty good. How do you do that, though?

Dr. Sanders: So there's really three things. The first thing is stay physically active, so get moving. The second one is stay cognitively engaged. So that means use your brain by reading, writing, doing puzzles. And then the third one is staying socially engaged. So you can do this by volunteering, visiting with family and friends, being involved in the community.

So it's really important to remember that no matter what age you are, take an inventory of your life and see where you need to improve with physical activity, cognitive activity, and staying socially engaged.

updated: April 5, 2021
originally published: April 4, 2019

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