Mar 17, 2021

Interviewer: When should you have your hip pain checked out by a doctor? Dr. Matheau Eysser is an orthopedic surgeon. What's your advice?

Dr. Eysser: Well, hip arthritis is a common condition that causes hip pain. Hip arthritis is characterized by wearing away of the cartilage of your hip joint. Symptoms of hip arthritis include pain in the hip joint that may include pain in the groin, outer thigh or buttocks, pain that is typically worse in the morning and lessened with activity, and some patients even have difficulty walking or walking with a limp. Sometimes the pain worsens with vigorous or extended activity and stiffness in the hip or limited range of motion. Hip arthritis symptoms tend to progress as the condition worsens. What is interesting about hip arthritis is that symptoms do not always progress steadily with time. If you are experiencing these type of hip symptoms, please see your doctor.

updated: March 17, 2021
originally published: March 13, 2019

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