Feb 8, 2021


Interviewer: Skiing can be fun, but potentially dangerous for beginners. Dr. Linda Scholl, how can new skiers prepare themselves?

Dr. Scholl: Being prepared for skiing is more than just having the gear and a pass. Get your body in shape so technique of skiing is easier. If you're a beginner skier, consider a lesson.

When skiing, it's important for every skier to keep both hands in front of you while your upper body faces the fall line. This will allow your legs to do the work while the upper body stays quiet. It makes it easier for your hips to stay above your knees, and your weight forward on the skies as you get down the slopes.

If you happen to fall, keep your joints moderately flexed or loose, pull your legs together, tuck your chin in against your chest, put your arms up and forward to protect your head, therefore preventing a serious injury.

Although there is inherent risk with skiing, preparation will increase your safety and time on the mountain.

updated: February 1, 2021
originally published: February 19, 2017

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