Jan 5, 2015

Linda Scholl: With season changing, people are often busier and tend to stay in and do less. They get so busy with fall and holidays, they forget about exercise. It's time to actually remember to not hibernate. I'm Linda Scholl, Physical Therapist, at the Orthopedic Center. This is coming up next on The Scope.

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Linda Scholl: Summertime's a lot of fun. You tend to get outdoors. The sun, the fresh air, it's exciting. We get out. We enjoy our physical activities. Then fall comes, then we have to go back to school and then we have to do more work. Then you know, winter comes and we haven't prepared. We tend to kind of hibernate. When you get up and you realize that it's dark outside, that's the perfect time to go to the gym. There's stuff happening there at the gym in the morning. You wouldn't believe it, but in the morning people are there exercising all winter long.
If you don't have access to a gym, you've got stairs. There are other things. You can do squats or lunges, heel raises. All of those are things that don't need to require any equipment. They don't need a gym pass. They just require a body and that's what we have to use, is finding different ways to use our body through different exercises.
Maybe we're going to lift a heavy box that came in. All those Christmas gifts we're going to get, we have to put them somewhere. Maybe we can take those boxes up and down stairs once or twice instead of just putting them away or waiting to do them at a later time. It's a great time to enjoy raking the leaves instead of calling in someone else to do that. Making sure that you engage your trunk and your belly muscles so that you have a solid base to work off when you're doing some of those getting ready for winter activities. It's also a good time where we can just go for a nice, brisk walk outside. It starts off cold. You might need to bundle up, but by the time you're done with your walk, you'll be taking your hat off and your gloves off and you'll really be enjoying the cold weather.
I know Utah has a difficult time with our air pollution but that does not give us the out. That gives us the chance to go to the gym on those days. We need to be careful on the cold indoor weather, or the red days for our air pollution. That's a perfect time to go to the gym and exercise.
Another thing is strength training. Strength training, like I said, is like lunges or stairs or squats. That's something that should be done three times a week to keep our muscles strong. That's arms and legs and belly and back. Just to make sure that we have the strength that when come winter and we're doing some of those crazy activities, like snow boarding or skiing or snow shoeing or maybe even just shoveling our walks, that we have the strength to do that when the time comes.
We know that winter is pretty much here. It's snowing. Leaves are falling. Wherever it is, it doesn't matter, we tend to hibernate. That's not what we need to do. Even though the world is hibernating our bodies still has to be active. You're just going to be a little more bundled up.

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