Mar 8, 2018

Interview Transcript

Announcer: The Health Minute, produced by University of Utah Health.

Interviewer: Someone gets injured and they're bleeding really badly. Emergency room physician, Dr. Troy Madsen, what should I do if that happens?

Dr. Madsen: Well, if you come across someone who's bleeding really badly, the big key here is to hold pressure at the site of the bleeding. Make the pressure very firm at that site and keep it there. A lot of people are tempted to hold pressure for, say, 30 seconds and then pull that dressing off, look to see, is it still bleeding. Hold pressure for five minutes. Check it. If it's still bleeding, hold pressure again.

It's important, when you're holding that pressure, don't have something tied around the arm. Some people think, "Well, let's put a tourniquet on this to stop the bleeding." If you put a tourniquet on, there is a decent chance that, if they're bleeding on that arm, they're going to lose the arm. So use a tourniquet only as a last resort. Otherwise, hold pressure and be consistent until help arrives.

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