Jan 22, 2019


Announcer: The Health Minute, produced by University of Utah Health.

Interviewer: Is your weight loss being sabotaged by your thyroid? Dr. Dev Abraham, what do you think?

Dr. Abraham: There's a little misconception with regards to thyroid and weight connection. If you look at how much weight patients gain when you don't take thyroid hormone for months, it's really a small amount. On an average, few pounds.

Interviewer: So how come, in the past, it seems like I heard weight gain was usually blamed on a misfunctioning thyroid? What has changed?

Dr. Abraham: In the last 15, 20 years duration, we have super accurate thyroid blood tests, so it's very easy to determine whether weight change a patient may experience is due to thyroid or not.

Interviewer: So bottom line, if you're having difficulty losing weight or have unexpected weight gain, be sure to talk to your health care professional, and they can help figure out what's going on.

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