Jan 21, 2021

Interviewer: Adult acne, it doesn't seem fair, does it? Dr. David Smart is a dermatologist. Is there something I can do about it, or do I just have to live with it?

Dr. Smart: There are many things you can do about it. Adult acne, it's important to remember that acne is a true disease. It is not always something you did. Something else that's very important is that acne can happen at any age. It isn't just a disease of teenagers. It happens to adults, too.

Now, if you've got just a pimple every now and again, that's normal. Everybody gets that. If you find yourself dealing with multiple pimples on a regular basis, then you've got adult acne. Things that you can look at in your own life are your diet, your sleeping patterns and your stress levels and trying to improve each one of those. If that doesn't work, then see your dermatologist. There are many options out there for you -- pills, creams, there are lotions, and there are even lasers that can really help clean up your skin.

updated: January 21, 2021
originally published: January 10, 2019

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