Jan 26, 2018

Interview Transcript

Announcer: "The Health Minute" produced by University of Utah Health.

Interviewer: It's flu season and you don't want to get it. What's your best defense? Dr. Tom Miller, what do you tell your patients?

Dr. Miller: Scott, first thing you need to know is the flu is highly contagious and if you have it, you ought to stay home until it resolves to protect your colleagues from picking it up.

Interviewer: All right. How do I know if it's the flu or a cold?

Dr. Miller: Flu is, unlike the common cold, sudden onset, high fever, cough and chills.

Interviewer: All right. If somebody doesn't stay home, how can I avoid catching what they've got at work?

Dr. Miller: Best bet, right off the bat, is to get an annual flu shot. You should make sure you get that as soon as it comes out in September. The next thing you ought to do is if you're at work and you spot somebody coughing, ask them to cough into a handkerchief or their sleeve to prevent those droplets from being spread around the office. Then, the final thing is to wash your hands frequently in a setting where you think other people might be ill.

Interviewer: Really? That makes a difference?

Dr. Miller: It actually makes a big difference.

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